Fight for Her ( Twin Illumination )

Chapter 5 ( 5 of 5 ) Final Chapter…

“If your gut can’t sleep at night thinking about the one. If your heart sinks at the thought or sight of the one. If your body becomes undeniably uncontrollable, then this is when you’ll know that you’ve stumbled upon the REAL one.” -MissRiva

“Astara. The moment my eyes landed on you, I couldn’t explain this instantaneous and magnified attraction to you. Everyday I come into the book store and see your cheerful personality, I get the sensation of warmth and love just being around you. At first I was confused by my feelings, because I didn’t think it was true. I often read stories on its existence, but never really thought it was real. After meeting you I became fearful of how I felt for you, because I’ve never felt the way I do around you ever in my current life. I’ve known for a little while now, that I must move forward to connect with you. I’m certain you’re my Twinflame. A love so rare it’s becoming rather hard to find that connection with someone. Now, I’ve loved before, but this has me sleepless at night. I can’t stop thinking about you. I become sick to my stomach when I think about you. My soul is yearning to connect with yours. We have an ancient past together.

I have visions of our past lives together.
Astara, I know you’re in pain, but I’m here now. You no longer have to feel this way. You no longer have to be scared or fearful of your relationship. You’ll no longer have uncertainty in life. I’m here for you. I’ll support your dreams. I’ll love you like you truly deserve. I’ll provide you with all your hopes and dreams. I’ll provide for you. You’ll live comfortably with me. I’ve spent an eternity searching for you. Our bond cannot be denied. I know you feel the chemistry between us. I know you feel the intense connection. I know you feel the instant bond between us. Intuition is the closest thing to the truth. You are beyond perfect. You’re a Goddess. You’re an enchantress. You are so kind, loving and beautiful…

I’ve seen for many months what your relationship with Chandler has done to you. I can feel your energy weaken, because he’s sucking the life out of you. He’s taken everything you are and burnt it in the fire right before your very eyes. He’s belittled you. He’s criticized you. He finds your joys ridiculous. His ego clouds your very existence. While he empowers his great successes, he laughs at yours. You’re not good enough for him, because he’s not good enough for himself, therefore he needs to feed off a helpless creature to gain confidence, because he doesn’t have any. He’s recreating you. He’s remolding his idea of what you should be, because he cannot accept himself. You’re not good enough for him, because he’s too busy trying to show off how great HE is. He’s embarrassed to talk about you and what you love to do or enjoy, but he talks about you when it’s convenient for him and makes him look good.

Astara, you truly are a magnificent creature. You were once incredibly vibrant, happy, smiley, devoted, adventurous and talented. You cannot help or hand feed the hand that keeps biting you. Some creatures need other trainers in their lives to help them throughout their next phases of life. You’re done, Astara. It’s time for you to move on. It’s OK. I know you have deep battle wounds. What he does to you and how he treats you is NOT normal. He doesn’t love you, he loves the idea of you. You make him look good, because he’s self conscious about himself and he needs a crutch.

Your purpose is calling for you now. The universe is sending you messages, clues, hints and it’s doing the same for me too. I envision us being together. We have fought universal wars together, side by side. We’ve lived many lives and we’ve accomplished a lot together. We are here now as prime examples of our destiny to be together. I can’t shake this intensity anymore. I’ve tried to avoid you. I’ve tried walking the other way. I’ve tried not coming into the book store, but I can’t control this incredible urge to see you and be in your aura, even for a short moment.

When we locked eyes for the first time, it was as if I was instantly bonded until death to you. I couldn’t look away right away. You kept eye contact and I had to force myself to look away, but I couldn’t help but smile, because I couldn’t believe our connection was THAT intense. I can’t help but steal glances at you when you’re not looking. I imagine my life with you. I imagine what it would look like in this life time. I imagine us hand in hand in this life time. We have so much potential and ever since I met you, my life seems like a dream. I don’t seem to exist without you. Nothing makes sense anymore. It’s as though life will continue to feel inadequate until our bond is finalized.

Astara, I have so many things to tell you and I want to share with you. Please trust me. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to remind you that you’re worth everything to me. More than any human could make you feel or see, I promise you. If you would allow me to show you how I feel about you, I promise you’ll never regret making a choice to be with me. You’re the Ying to my Yang. Think about it. Think about the universal signals you’ve been getting, but have been denying. Think about our encounters, our similarities, but in opposite. Can you put the puzzle together now? Can you see? Can you see us? Do we make sense now?

Astara, my love. Please. Please come to me. I have so much to tell you. I have so much to accomplish with you. I have so much love for you. It is my destiny to spend my life making and keeping you happy. Please, call me when you’re ready. For now I’m going to give you the space you need until you believe you’re truly ready for a unique and beautiful experience of a life time, or many in this case.
Astara, will you join my light in life?

With a tremendous amount of love,


Astara couldn’t help but to release tears of joy. She had never heard such beautiful words such as the ones coming from Skylar. She thought a love like this couldn’t exist. She was always taught that love was painful and you had to work through it no matter how incredibly unhappy you were. It seemed to be forbidden that you leave your relationship because you’re unhappy. What was this façade we were told to live? How do you know if happiness exists if you can’t move past the very thing from keeping you from reaching happiness? What defines happiness in a relationship? Is it financial stability? Is it the intense and equal love for one another? Is it doing nice things occasionally? Cleaning the toilet? What defines happiness? Astara couldn’t help but have this realization that she was ultimately living a lie. Living a façade to please weary and judging eyes. Dealing with the pain, because she was told to. Only she knew she was incredibly unhappy inside and it was this very moment she realized she was worth so much more to someone else, just as she was.

Astara tucked the note away in her purse and wiped her tears away. She quickly exited her car and entered the police station to file a report on intruder. As she entered, there was already a policeman standing at the desk. He was about to change shifts. “Sir! SIR!” Astara said frantically as she ran up to the policeman. “Excuse me, Sir! I would like to file a report right now! I believe someone tried to harm me!” The policeman looked at her with confusion. “Really? And what would make to believe someone was out to harm you?” The officer said with suspension in his voice. Astara told the officer about her story in the parking lot. “Do you suspect it could be someone you know?” Asked the officer. Do you think it was your boyfriend?” He asked. “I’m not really sure who it was. They were wearing all black, medium height and build.” Astara tried to give the best details she could remember during that tense intrusive interaction. “OK, well we will send out a patrol to have a look around. We’ll also be requesting any surveillance videos in that area that could potentially help us track the suspect down. In the meantime, would you like an officer to follow you home to your residence?” The officer seemed genuinely helpful as he gathered the statement and requested Astara receive an officer to escort her back home.

As Astara headed home, she couldn’t help but think about her unusual day. It was safe to say that there were certainly low, high and euphoric emotional moments. She laughed out loud to herself. She became overwhelmed with confusion. She became fearful about her strange mystery encounter and fearful about going back to her house to face Chandler. So many thoughts swirled in her mind. She knew she needed to pack her things and get away right away. She was determined to leave and start over with her life. Astara had no idea where she was going to go. She really had no place she knew she could stay. Her parents weren’t really close, they lived a few hours away and they also weren’t good at handling personal matters. They were judgmental and they disapprove anything that doesn’t align with their beliefs. In their eyes, there is absolutely no reason to leave any relationship. With their philosophy unfortunately humans cannot learn from their mistakes or allow themselves to find their happiness.

Astara pulled into her long driveway. Her house sat up in a hill overlooking a lake. There were massive windows throughout the log cabin house with three hundred and sixty degree views Chandler had built the house for her. He wanted the house to be everything she ever wanted and dreamed. He really seemed to have the entire package as a partner, but Astara knew she couldn’t base her entire future believing she had to stay for the sake of what other humans thought determined what should be tolerated in a relationship and deemed as worth staying in what others don’t seem toxic when she finally did. After looking at the house now, there’s so many things she wished she would of done differently to the house.

When she parked the car, the police officer pulled in right behind her. “Ma’am, would you like for me to come in or would you like me to wait outside?” The officer said with genuine kindness and concern. “Um, I think you waiting outside should be OK. If you hear anything though, I give you permission to come inside.” Astara said in a shaky voice. Although she didn’t see Chandlers Maserati outside, she figured he parked it in the garage. The lights were on throughout the house. She entered through the front door and could see that Chandler was home and busy packing her things for her. Suitcases by the door and a few smashed things here and there. “I gave you everything!” Chandler yelled from the upstairs balcony. As he walked down the one of two sets of stairs on each side of the entryway, he spouted on about how great he was and that Astara had made a really bad choice. “Astara, please don’t leave me.” Chandler then started to cry. “I’m nothing without you. You’re everything to me and I know I could be a better person to you and be a better partner, but I’ve been terrible at showing you what you deserve. Please, I love you more than life itself. I’m in love with you, please don’t leave me.” Chandler grabbed Astara’s hand. “Please, let me show you I can change.” Astara looked around the house. It was in much dismay. “No, no, no, no, don’t look around, look at me. That was the old me before I realized I was the problem. It took me doing all of this to figure out what was going on with this up here.” As Chandler point to his head. “I’m embarrassed about all of this. I let my emotions get the best of me and I realize I need to learn to control them.”

Astara knew if she fell into his trap again, she’d never get to the light she had been seeing at the end of the tunnel. She couldn’t let him win. “Is this really worth it?” She thought to herself. Is the house, the money, the gifts, the travel or the luxury, is it all worth the emotional distress I feel while being in this relationship with Chandler?” Astara couldn’t help convince herself that she knew this façade was only temporary. Chandler would live his best life with Astara by treating her how she’s always dreamed of. He’ll show her affection and attention and do nice things for her to reel her back in. Chandler competes with himself often. Like a game of cat and mouse. The thought of losing Astara just challenged him to win her back. All so that he could gain the satisfaction of winning again.

“Why is there a cop here, Astara?” Chandler said nervously looking out the window to the lights still beaming through. “Well Chandler, you never gave me the chance to tell you what happened to me before you let loose to yell at me! So I hope I have your attention now, Chandler!” Astara raised her voice with much frustration. “Someone tried to jump me, rob me, I really still have no idea what they were trying to accomplish, but they tried preventing me from getting into my car and then tried to get into my car before I kicked them and drove off and straight to the police station!” Astara was furious retelling the story. For all she knew, Chandler was a suspect and or maybe he sent someone to harm her after their confrontation.

“Really, Astara?!” Chandler said with much shock and surprise in his voice. “Maybe it was your boy toy! “ Chandler snarled still staring out the window at the cop and giving him a little wave with a grin when the cop noticed him standing in the window staring at him. Astara saw the 360 in Chandler. His bi-polar personality really exhausted her emotions. He didn’t show any empathy towards her. Maybe he thought it was pay back for her locking lips with Skylar. Astara just sighed and walked away to grab her things up. “Where are to going to go, Astara?” Chandler pestered her for answers she couldn’t answer. “How long has this thing been going on between you and this chump?” Chandler just let loose on questions and Astara slowly started to shut down. She just couldn’t fight anymore. She couldn’t provide Chandler with the right answers, because she already knew he’d be argumentative and Astara knew it was done with them. She was waving the white flag. “I’m grabbing a few things and I’ll leave.” Astara said with an exhaustion in her voice as she headed up the stairs.

When she Entered the bedroom, it was ripped apart. Looks like Chandler had done a mighty good job trying pack her things or more like unpacking her things. She huffed as she snatched the things that were distributed throughout the bedroom. As she made her way around the room, she entered the master bathroom to gather her personal items. She opened up the closet to retrieve her dirty laundry. Astara didn’t have too many clothes, even though it seemed like she had everything else, she was growing conscious about her material consumption and was taking strides towards decreasing her footprint on Earth. As she reached for the dirty laundry she noticed something very familiar about the clothes in the laundry, but in an unsettling way. As she examined the familiar clothing, she became weak in the knees and her ears began to tingle. A hot sensation ran through her body as if she had teleported into a sauna. “Oh no!” Astara sprung up and spun around to leave, she was met face to face with Chandler. “Did you find what you were looking for?” Chandler had already been waiting for her to turn around.

Chandler grabbed Astara by the hair and dragged her to the bed and threw her on it. “Ya know, you’re lucky to have gotten away then, because I really just wanted to scare the wits out of you and hoped you’d come running back to me as your savor. Chandler chanted like a priest. Astara had never seen this side of Chandler and became incredibly frightened for her life. She began to scream for help, hoping the cop could hear her, but Chandler jumped onto Astara and covered her mouth. “You know, everyone knows me. Everyone likes me. No one will believe any of this happened.” Chandler started to rip her shirt apart exposing her breast. As he aggressively squeezed her breast, Astara knew she was in trouble. Chandler reached for her pants to pull them down, but Astara made it hard for him. She tried to twist her body and hit him, but her adrenaline had already started to deplete. “If I can’t have you, no one can.” Chandler ripped her pants down just far enough for him to be able to force himself into her. Chandler started to pull his pants down and Astara just cried. Her mouth was still covered as she trembled with fear. “This can’t be it… Skylar, I need you…” Astara thought to herself as she reminisced their special encounter together. She wanted her last memory to be that moment she shared with Skylar and flash backs of their encounter filled her mind and she zoned out.

Suddenly, just as Chandler was about to push himself into her, all the lights went out in the entire house. “What the heck? Damn it!” Chandler said with frustration. Just as he finished his sentence a huge light filled the enormous A-frame window in the bedroom. “What the…” Chandler couldn’t get the rest of his words out before the bright light came crashing into the window. Astara had gone into shock again and tried to look at what was in the light. In the near distance she could hear choking. As she squinted to focus her eyes, she could see this this mystical creature in what seemed to be far of into the distance. It had massive black wings. It’s body was nearly as bright as the light that surrounded it. It was wearing an unusual suit from another place or maybe another time era. As Astara focused more, she felt a tremendous relief. Her body became warm and fuzzy. She felt a tingling sensation throughout her body. When she focused there was something incredibly familiar about this being. She could see it. She could see it now. She saw him. She saw Skylar. He was slowly flapping his wings and he had his hands up and positioned in a way in which he was causing pain to Chandler. Chandler was in the air grabbing his at his neck like he was choking. “Mmmmm…” Astara tried to moan. She saw Skylar look over at her in with a blink off an eye both Skylar and Chandler were gone.

Astara gasped for air as if she had been awakened from her trance. She was in the dark again. Alone. “Hello?” She could hear a tiny voice say. “Astara?” The voice said. “Ma’am? Can hear me?” The voice grew louder. By then she knew it must have been the police officer that awaited for her outside. He must of saw the blackout throughout the house. Suddenly the light came back. As it came through the opening in the window, it seemed to die down some. “Skylar?” Astara whispered. Skylar scooped Astara up into his arms. He wrapped his large wings around her. “Your Winscals are beautiful, just like my dream.” She whispered. Just then, she felt her warming sensation increase in her back. It became itchy and tickled her. “What’s, what’s happening?” She whispered softly to Skylar. As she looked up to him, he was grinning at her, but said nothing.

Skylar began to open his wings and walked over to the enormous broken window. When he uncovered Astara, there was a massive shimmer that impaled the entire room. Astara looked around in awe. “What is this?” She thought to herself. “It’s you, Astara. Look.” The voice of Skylar answered back. Confused, she looked down and saw massive shimmery white winscals of her own. She gasped with awe. “They are beautiful.” She thought. “Just like you.” Said Skylar in her thoughts. They both gazed into each other’s eyes. The energy shared between them as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes caused the things around them to rise and float in the air. “I remember now.” Astara whispered to Skylar. “That’s really good… Astara, are you ready to go home?” Skylar whispered back to Astara. “We have much work to do. We are needed now.” Skylar held Astara closer to him. They nudged their heads together. As he held her he leaned in for a very passionate kiss. Astara held the side of his face with her right hand. Their winscals fluttered and it created a vibrational sound that echoed throughout the room. “I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, Astara.” Skylar whispered to Astara as a tear rolled down his face. “Astara…” Skylar took a deep breath. “Yes, Skylar?” Astara said softly. Skylar sighed with relief, “I love you…” Skylar whispered softly to Astara. Astara caressed Skylars face. “And I love you so very much, Skylar…” Astara dozed off into his arms. Skylar looked up toward the sky and spread his enormous winscals, bent his knees a bit and power jumped into the sky.

With a blink of an eye the bright light they had created faded amongst the stars deep within space to a journey unknown. To a time that did not exist. To embrace a kind of love that only existed with the purest and most truest twin flames ever to be recorded in human and nonhuman existence. A destiny to fulfill, as every destiny has been fulfilled. To remember a lost love. To live only to love. To remember the feeling of home. An unconditional experience not shared with anything or anyone else. When it seems unreal, the truth is is that it’s far more real than the life you are living right this very moment in time. Something so tremendously lucid, you only believe exist in your dreams. The dreams in which you believe aren’t true or real, but the experience opens your subconsciousness into an entirely different perspective and merely bends or splits it completely allowing YOU to choose which one to take. You are inevitably your own creator of your story as every story unveils pieces of the energy that you’ve allowed yourself to become.

Water your ideas, thoughts and creativity. Expand what doesn’t make sense. Dabble into the inner depths of yourself to find yourself. Allow yourself to be open and conscious. Create the healthy space you were always meant to have, internally. Don’t stop loving until you have met the Ying to your Yang. They are out there, wondering about you too. Don’t give up. Learn from your current situation and when the universe believes you’re ready, be prepared to receive the messages, hints and clues that will lead you to your destiny.

Your true Twin Flame is out there, waiting for your return. You must heal yourself of your wounds and be open to healing the wounds of your loved ones. Battles come at a cost, but not when it comes to each other. Love conquers all. True love is equal and the most kind in its purest form. Love is in everything, embrace everything, every creature and everyone. The more you share, the more you’ll receive. Stories are merely inner realities. A love so profound, that without love there is no life. Quite literally never give up…

Songs that Inspired this story;

Lane 8: “And We Knew It Was Our Time”
Klankarussell & GIVVEN “Ghostkeeper”
Camelphat & Artbat “For a Feeling”
The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt”
Winona Ark “SHE”
Avoure “Ray”
Halsey “Closed Eyes”
Zack Hemsey “The Way”
DJ Goja “Cause “I’m Crazy”
Colossal Trailer Music “Submersive”
Colossal Trailer Music “In Too Deep” Colossal Trailer Music “Endless Drifter”

Copyright ©️ 2020 Lifewithmissriva

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