The Societal Pyramid

Read time: 15 minutes! Have you ever wondered how you came about living the life you're currently living right this very moment or wonder why you're living this specific life the way you are? Have you ever questioned its authenticity in any way? Have any thoughts crossed your mind that the life you live was... Continue Reading →

The Psilocybin Mushroom Trip

Allow me to slip into a state of consciousness deemed forbidden by those on the lower level frequency field. A world unseen by those who don't understand that exists. Nature is truth. Nothing is forbidden. Psilocybin mushrooms have taken the internet by storm these past few years and people from lower to upper class have... Continue Reading →

In-Love With a Libra

My thoughts aroused by ideas of you, I’m captivated by your nature. My energy dances with yours and I surrender to your Divine stature. The universe magnetized by our state of energetic consciousness and seizes in awe as I woo over you. I adore you my grace, but you’re out of reach. SONGS that Inspired... Continue Reading →

Glass House

Not everything you see is what it appears to be. In a glass house everything is exposed. Your pain, your fear, the tears shed, the laughter that gets you by. If you lived in a glass house, what would be exposed? Songs to listen to:"Safe" Petit Biscuit."Turn The World Into A Dancefloor" Armin Van Buuren."Dream"... Continue Reading →

Fight for Her ( Twin Illumination )

Chapter 5 ( 5 of 5 ) Final Chapter... "If your gut can't sleep at night thinking about the one. If your heart sinks at the thought or sight of the one. If your body becomes undeniably uncontrollable, then this is when you'll know that you've stumbled upon the REAL one." -MissRiva “Astara. The moment... Continue Reading →

Fight for Her (Lucid Dream)

Chapter 3 (3 of 5) "Your heart beats forward for a reason, follow it." -MissRiva Astara awakened to the details she had been overlooking until her sudden recollection. She grew excited with anxiousness to putting these small bread crumbs together. It was that exact moment that opened her eyes to an in depth investigation. Skylar... Continue Reading →

Fight for Her (Intense Intuition)

Chapter 2 (2 of 5) When nothing makes sense in such a small glimpse of what matters... Divine love... As the week came and went, Astara physically suffered as she couldn't stop her thoughts about Skylar. She became overwhelmed with these thoughts and visions. “What do they mean?” she thought to herself. Every day that... Continue Reading →

That’s All She Wrote…

The wind is blowing through my hair as I sit by the ocean shore. The sounds of the waves crashing against the sand brought me to my quiet place. A place where only I existed. A place where I felt comfortable and a place of peace. The sun was shining, almost in reminder that there... Continue Reading →

Dream Lover

You finally came to me in my dreams last night. It was a surreal experience that I tried to convince myself wasn't real, but it was one of those dreams where you try to wake yourself up and can't, therefore believing your dream is real and accepting your fate. We instantly appeared together. We were... Continue Reading →

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