Dear Romeo

Read for 12 minutes! With what seemed to be every wrong turn in my life, beaten, battered, abused, I never lost sight that my one and only true love really did indeed exist. The man I feel that's within me, my familiar, would show up at my doorstep one day to sweep me off my... Continue Reading →

In-Love with a Scorpio

Time became irrelevant when you entered the gates of heaven. I felt weak in your presence, like a child unworthy of a toy I couldn't afford. My heart ransacked my chest cavity and without speaking a single word, I was yours... I raised the bar high tonight at a casino I like to gamble at.... Continue Reading →

In-Love With a Libra

My thoughts aroused by ideas of you, I’m captivated by your nature. My energy dances with yours and I surrender to your Divine stature. The universe magnetized by our state of energetic consciousness and seizes in awe as I woo over you. I adore you my grace, but you’re out of reach. SONGS that Inspired... Continue Reading →

Falling Hard On A Full Moon

A breathless moment holds my lungs hostage as you enter the room. A sudden lost of vocabulary as the unspoken words squeeze my throat closed. My heart palpitations have me faint when you're near and I burst into star dust when we chemically collide. I dream to feel your soul, touch your body and penetrate... Continue Reading →

Familiar Encounter

Have you ever met someone you know for an absolute fact you already know, but yet you just met them? Have you ever gone through life and felt as though you've already done this? We believe we have all the answers, but in reality we haven't scratched the surface of the phenomenon that is deep... Continue Reading →

Glass House

Not everything you see is what it appears to be. In a glass house everything is exposed. Your pain, your fear, the tears shed, the laughter that gets you by. If you lived in a glass house, what would be exposed? Songs to listen to:"Safe" Petit Biscuit."Turn The World Into A Dancefloor" Armin Van Buuren."Dream"... Continue Reading →

The One…

SONGS that Inspired this story: Craig Connelly “No One Like You” | Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen “Obsessed" | Lucky Luke & Ema “Drug" | Craig Connelly & Jessica Lawrence “Stay” | Jan Blomqvist & Elina Pitoulis “More” | Jan Blomqvist & Brn Bohmer “The Space Between Us" | Aviarask & TRNFN feat. Siadou “Whiskey” |... Continue Reading →

Our Little Secret…

Our Little Secret... SONGS that Inspired this story:CamelPhat “Easier” | Avoure “Aura" | Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski “Heart of Darkness" | Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski “The Power of One” | Zack Hemsey, “Vengeance” | Dua Lipa “Want To" | INZO “I'm Dreaming” | SYML, "The War” I cannot bear the intense feelings I... Continue Reading →

Come with Me ( a song by MissRiva )

"You are the energy that grows one with this universe." -MissRiva There's nothing like expressing your inner depths to the universe. Every unique thing about you can be heard and seen far beyond what we could ever imagine. The best part is knowing we came from the depths of the universe and everything unique about... Continue Reading →

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