Humans: The Invasive Species


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Have you ever been somewhere minding your own business and suddenly you hear someone complaining to another person who seems concerned about the news they just heard about how a bug or animal is becoming invasive and how we need to put a stop to this occurrence? Yea, I’m one of those people who rolls their eyes while listening in.

It’s a wonder that bugs and animals seem to be invasive, has anyone taken a look at what we have done to their habitats? They don’t have any, or at least not much of it left! We demolish natural habitats, which push these creatures into the suburbs and into what’s left of habitats. Small wooded areas are now becoming overwhelmingly overpopulated and humans are finding that their backyards are being invaded by- get this- NATURE.

As humans continuously destroy the earth, deplete its natural resources, pollute the air, the water, kill important bugs and animals and demolish habitats and land, it’s clear that HUMANS are the real invasive species here, and not the innocent creatures that have been doing their thing for billions of years. Nature in itself uses every creature to balance out the ecosystem. I’m confident that she knows what she’s doing. Humans on the other hand? They are like infant babies and have no knowledge or care in the world.

Earth really isn’t doing as well as it probably should be doing right now. Humans are causing havoc on Earth and with every poor choice to build or grow, it’s only a matter of time before we end our own existence. I say that because humans are guilty of contributing to what’s ultimately destroying the earth. Blinded by greed, they’ll meet their fate and when they do it’ll be too late to change anything.

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As housing developments go up, demand increases, factories, manufacturers, animal agriculture habitats increase, the forestry has diminished, and every creature set in stone here on earth that was originally created to keep the balance or to force change, are now considered invasive, extinct or on the verge of extinction. Humans take no ownership of what we are doing or what we are contributing to, but rather turn a blind eye as if everything will resolve itself. At this point we may have to wash our hands of trying, because the damage that humans have caused will be irreversible as long as they still exist on Earth.

It’s incredibly disheartening to watch and hear, as little efforts from those who care are doing anything impactful enough to pull the species out from under water. And as long as people who own the companies that are behind destroying and depleting the earth of its nature are making money, there is absolutely no return. Humans cannot control their urges to build, buy and succeed. The addiction to buying and building is killing our planet and dying a slow and painful death.

Our ozone is shot and we have less protection from sun flares, our drinking water hasn’t been pure in ages and is heavily polluted, our food source is poisoned and genetically modified, habitats and animals are destroyed, humans are a walking parasite taking over the earth and nothing will stop us until something massive happens to our planet. No illness has eradicated us yet and likely won’t, given billions of years of exposure and evolution equipped into our immune system. Maybe something as large as the extinction of dinosaurs would have to happen to us as well in order for the planet to evolve and balance itself out.

I know this may sound obvious, but I truly believe humans think that nothing will happen to our planet, that they can continue to use and abuse it and it’ll figure itself out and continue providing us with everything we are greedy for. It’s mind blowing how arrogant a species humans are. People may not believe in climate change, but whether climate change or evolution, however you look at it, the human way of life is certainly NOT fruit bearing to the health of this planet and that’s a fact.

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Humans defecate in their drinking water, DRINKING WATER! People pee and poop in the one resource we actually need to survive on this planet and that is essential to all life. Without water we die, we are made up of 70% water and our blood is made up of 90%! Animal agriculture consumes about 56% of our water resources on earth. That’s an insane amount, over half! Fun fact, did you know that one burger takes about 5,000 gallons of water to produce? And that one gallon of milk takes 1,500 gallons of water to produce? 5,000 gallons of water is equivalent to about 4-5 months of showering everyday for 20 minutes, all in just ONE hamburger! How many hamburgers do you eat a week or month or year?

It’s a wonder the planet is heating up. The habitats are being demolished. The forestry provides shade for the ground and helps regulate the temperature. It’s like shaving your body, you’re not more susceptible to inadequate temperature control. Same as if you were to shave a husky in the dead of summer, their long hair is actually what helps them stay cool and now you’ve increased their chances of overheating and having irregular temperature control. You put the dog at risk just like you’re putting the planet at risk by bulldozing the trees and the forest. The planet cannot stay cool in the summer and it’ll continue to increase in temperature as long as we continue cutting its protective hair. 

As temperature rises, the water supply continues to decrease at a faster rate. The rain comes less or it doesn’t rain as long. The ground is dry and flooding occurs when it does rain. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and dwindling resources are going to be a regular occurrence one day and our kids future will without a doubt be a massive struggle for future generations to come. There simply is not enough money in the world to buy or hoard resources and people with money and power will be targets for a struggling society. You simply cannot drink money and money will not produce resource sustainment. In the United States alone, people pee and poop in about 2.3 billion gallons of water every-single-day.

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Another important resource is the coral in the ocean. Ocean life is the main essential key to life on earth. It produces the most oxygen. Scientists estimate between 50-80% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. Have you seen the condition of the ocean lately? It’s overfished, overpopulated, over polluted and there’s just not enough natural resources to sustain a healthy ecosystem in the ocean. With the fish obsession and the booming restaurant businesses world wide, it’s been estimated by scientists, ecologists and economists that the ocean has about 30 years left until it’s fishless. Scary, I will personally still be here to see that happen and so will my kids. 

Humans can’t care about anything on a conscious level as long as money is needed to survive and pay for our survival on earth. Landfills are now overflowing and are using up land that isn’t already being occupied by animal agriculture, factories and housing development. It’s incredibly alarming to the conscious human, but unfortunately most of the species is still sleeping and distracted by the pyramid scheme of material success and status. Schools are obsessed with these same schemes and the future of our planet looks more painful. The species is so blinded and driven by the ego that craves and thirsts material and success, that until their dying day they’ll continue to turn a blind eye and likely complain about the problems without contributing to any solutions.

You see, the parasite to the planet are humans, not the bugs, not the animals, not the natural state of earth continuously trying to come back from an ongoing war that humans have relentlessly tried fighting against, it’s the internal affairs Earth has been trying to overcompensate with what we see as these nuisances, but the reality is she’ll do anything to keep herself alive and in balance. If the sun burns her out, she’s done. She’ll become a lifeless rock amongst her universal ancestors and she’s the last of her kind for 4.2 light-years. It would take about 30,000 years to get to the next liveable (or so we hope) planet, Proxima Centauri, but we’ll use up all the resources needed to space travel in just the next 50-100 years, so highly unlikely to ever reach. Even if we could, we have no idea what to eat, what’s poisonous, what bacteria exists in the air, what viruses linger, what the water will do to our bodies or the amount of radiation that exists. We weren’t born there, so we are very exposed to all the unknown that exists.

The truth is, no one wants to talk about it and therefore no one is really doing anything or at least not enough about it. Covid wasn’t enough to keep us indoors and it actually caused a massive retaliation from being cooped up and humans essentially went ballistic by traveling more, getting out more, buying more, consuming more, hoarding more and polluting more, because they don’t want to experience such a traumatic situation again, they are preparing for whatever may come that may leave them struggling for survival and being confined at home again.

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Quite frankly, there are secret and not so secret organizations that play a part in what happens to our species. The species is gullible and naive, too young to have a conscious thought and completely disconnected in consciousness, that these organizations participate in programs that the population wouldn’t expect. If you suspect population control, you’re right. If you suspect poisoning or food, you’re right. If you suspect purposefully releasing chemicals and bacteria and viruses in our food, water and air, you’re absolutely right. If someone doesn’t try to control the population in a highly demanding world, from greedy and yet struggling species, we all are going down. If something is put in place to keep the population under control, the worry is less.

However, these organized projects and programs have long term effects as well. Changing genetics, codes, extinction, long term damage, health effects, species corruption, deformities and so on and so forth. All of which plays a huge role in the changes that’ll occur with everything else they are completely unaware of. These highly organized criminals (as I like to call them) contribute to mass genocide under the radar. The survivors then become lifetime health care customers. Pharmaceutical companies are multi-billion industries and health care providers get compensation and gifts for prescribing drugs and devices. 

Don’t hate on the bug that’s considered invasive to XY&Z, take a nice hard look as to why this strange phenomenon is happening in the first place. While mother nature is doing her thing and has been for hundreds of billions of years throughout evolution, it’s no doubt this occurrence with invasions is not just the fine work of the human species, but also the work of mother nature trying to take back her life from the human-succubus species. And who knew that there are organized programs for some targeted invasive species to increase stress and trauma to trigger survival tactics, increase sales and again control population by targeting our food sources.

We need more organized groups to combat these lethal and criminal organizations. With constant noise and distractions, humans aren’t capable of deciphering intuitive thoughts and so they make choices based on what they hear from external sources vs what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears, relying on the honesty of others for their best interests and truths. And sadly, this is far too much for a species that’s only capable of using 10% of its brain capacity to fathom or care. Usually this results in feeling overwhelmed and it is far easier for them not to care and continue their way of life to be happy during their short life, than to stress about real world issues. How depressing to hear that our planet is dying, perhaps a vacation and a new car will help combat depression? Makes sense to me…

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I’m not sure when or if it’ll ever happen that humans will one day wake up and realize they are the problem and finally take ownership and change their predominant destruction. Mother Earth is trying to do her best, but she’s not able to combat solutions fast enough to offset the damage that has been done and is continuously happening. Humans are far the most selfish species that walks this earth. They are corrupting and wrecking havoc all throughout the planet. They are a walking disaster and no matter how you skin a mushroom there’s just no justification for how they use and abuse the only living organism they are capable of living on.

Without a doubt, the species has proven its inability to coexist with other species on earth, or respect nature all together, the ego is just too inflated. They aren’t capable of caring beyond their wants, and their wants create greed and selfish acts and behaviors. The numbers they’ve calculated based on extinctions and depletion of resources is much less than they have estimated. The damage is so significant that it’s far easier to not make a mention of the doom, than to endure the mass panic it would cause worldwide. If the truth was spoken, hope would be lost and their infant behavior would trigger their fight or flight response and therefore creating pain and suffering. The pain and suffering will accumulate in the sense that there will be raids and even more destruction. Humans cannot know that they are headed towards their own extinction, because you’ll see a side to them that you would only see in horror movies.

The only humans that have a chance at survival are the minimalist and environmentalists. People that can make it with nothing or consume far less than the average human and can also grow their own food and are knowledgeable about nature in order to create ancient medicines using herbs and creating the basic needs by using ancient tools that don’t damage the earth. It’s hard to tell how many will be able to be independent and self-sufficient, but it won’t be many. The species is in the “gimme” and “I want” phase. There just isn’t any wiggle room to convince this species to see that the damage they cause is irreversible to many of the species on earth.

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Next time you hear about an invasive species, just remember that you are on the top of the invasive species list and there is nothing more damaging and scary than the rate at which humans continue to use and abuse the only living organism that they have to live on. Remind yourself that the reason why these phenomenons occur, is because we have led the way. The real heroes are those who wake up from their slumber and stop participating in ego driven behaviors. Those who don’t care about success, status or material will inevitably be the reason why the planet hasn’t fully plummeted into oblivion and has allowed time to buy, but there’s not enough heroes…

Every choice you make plays a huge role in the number of days that are counting down. The mindset that we can continue to do whatever we want and nothing will happen is long over. At some point ignoring the signs of communication that mother earth is trying to signal to us, is what will end the human species. Quite frankly, the Earth would do far better without them and it certainly doesn’t need an ungrateful species, leaching all the resources that she’s worked billions of years to create. Perhaps my abrupt collective thoughts will inspire you to be less dramatic and head in a more simplistic and basic lifestyle. If not, then bon voyage, see you on the other side.

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©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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