Dating Actors, Are They Acting?

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The dawning question that never seems to have been fulfilled long enough to figure out.

Some of the most memorable times are “Played” on set. So many people all over the world come together and share the same passions. It’s rather hard to not get along with someone, unless it’s truly an argument for agreeance about the same damn thing.

The actors are cute, the actresses are pretty, the productions crews are smart and everyone has a job they are usually constantly doing and are very passionate about.

The makeup department gets one on one time and is probably the one spot where actors get to know the MUA’s more than anyone else on set. They spend a lot of time together and at the least, the MUA’s come to know your face better than those around you.

MUA for Celebrity Stylist, Philippe Bevan “Paris” 

There is always usually on set love. It is bound to happen between the actors and or production crew and all honestly the sets crew and film are all apart of making that fire burn between two on set love birds. The good times shared, the laughs, the late nights of shooting, the hard friendships bonded together. When you leave, you are certain you would all keep in touch, no matter what…

Attraction is an unusual thing, but when it’s towards another actor, it can actually become worrisome. Why you ask? The thoughts of “Are they just acting,” almost always worries a person and steers them from getting involved, because how can you tell they are just “Acting” like they like you? They tell you all the things you want to hear, they lead you on and tell you they love you, make you feel like you are the absolutely only person on this planet that they want to be with. They make you feel like you are living out a fairy tale that is has been played over and over again in movies.

You become immensely inspired, you are on fire and everything you touch is like the clouds. You are on the same page, you inspire each other, and you have dreams that give you the extra fuel to keep that fire going. It seems as though the short spurts of onset love can really motivate a person!

It’s hard telling what to believe. Your mind and heart are leaning towards this fairy tale you so strongly feel is true. You yearn to feel the endless heart throbs and have your prayers answered. You don’t care about anything else but living out this fantasy and you will do anything to feel like a princess, even if it’s for a short time.


Although I have personally dated only one actor in my 10 years in the industry, this is exactly my thought process and exact situation many years ago now. I just couldn’t grasp whether I was being used like a role in a film or if it was truly a mutual genuine feeling.

You long to believe that the actors will keep their word long after production is over, but the truth is, some separate and never look back again. Then you are left wilting, trying to gather yourself up once again, pick up the re-shattered pieces of your broken heart and mend it back together.

But all honestly, you know it gets harder to let anyone into your heart once it’s been broken. You automatically assume all actors are the same and all those around you. You eventually throw your heart in someone’s lap and beg for reconstruction in hopes someone can forever mend the broken pieces and remind you why you went through what you did, to be with them.

Celebrities are barely making through an eternity of marriage when they have met their loved ones on set. If a relationship isn’t based on fairy tales like the movies we play in, then are they the nightmares we dread when we fall asleep at night?

I would strongly recommend if you are interested in dating someone in the same field of work you are, to take your time and don’t jump in with everything you have. It will un-doubtfully make or break your relationship and friendship with not only the actor, but those involved in the production.

I say this because I personally did not realize the affect it would play on those I worked with.

As it was, the actor was more of a well-known actor than myself, I went from being loved to overly adored when this actor and I made it “Official.” Everyone, including strangers, treated me differently, treated me better, as if I were someone special…

MUA & Actress for Star Trek Phase II
MUA & Actress for Star Trek Phase II


MUA & Actress for Star Trek Phase II

I have never felt more accepted and loved by those around me before, but as soon as we split, it all ended…

I stopped receiving adoring messages, adoring comments, people stopped posting on my Facebook wall and eventually it broke me down.

For one, I went from feeling like someone in the industry, to feeling even less than I had felt about myself prior to production. The devastation brought much of my inspiration to shambles and everything dive-bombed and collapsed for me mentally with the industry.

I stopped writing, I stopped singing, I stopped caring about my passions, because I was honestly drained, my endorphin’s that kept me going for months on end as the actor and I talked prior to shooting were what put my inspirations into overdrive, I was fueled by excitement and after the loss, it completely changed my personal being.


Now, I am married to someone who is NOT at all in the industry what-so-ever, and with children. I often wonder if my husband thinks the same way about me? “Is she acting?”


You often wonder yourself, because you want to play that role that everyone adores. You want to reel your audience in and feed them what they want. You want to believe you are who you are acting as, because that person is far more exciting than your true self?

But, doubtfully, your flaws peak through if you aren’t an  actor and eventually you live a lie or you have grown unhappy and the darkest part of your true self comes out of hiding.

You never get any of your questions answered, you may never feel the same amount of love in a relationship as you did on that very first day and those first few years.


So truthfully, it is almost guaranteed the actor will be acting, after all, it is what we are all good at, right?!


To avoid the “What if’s,” on set, free that circus tiger before you get trapped.IMGP0763-Editwc

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