Why Racism?

Before I begin, I would like to give everyone a friendly reminder that yes, we are all internally the same beings. Aside the color of our skin in which we were born with and have no control over, we are all the same exact beings inside. We come equipped with the same colored bones and internal organs that make up some of our dastardly souls.

Humans for many, many years, have never seem to quite grasp that everyone is exactly the same inside. As if it were the person of any color’s fault that he or she was born the way they were.

I have never been able to fully understand the pure hate between any colored individual. I have met amazing and maybe not so amazing folks in my life, but that has never given me a real honest reason to hate someone based on the color of their skin.


My Latin/German mother and Italian father.

Why think so negative and think that every African-American, every Mexican, every white person and everyone in-between, why think that they are ALL the same? Of course they are all not the same that’s narrow minded thinking. Just because you hear of or see someone with color committing a crime or maybe you don’t like the way they walk and talk and or whatever other reasons you can possibly convince yourself to believe, none of which I mentioned is a legitimate reason to hate an ENTIRE race based on a few bad apples. EVERY race has their flaws, we are all corrupt and imperfect, just take a swift look into your own kind, go ahead, I’ll wait…


My Puerto Rican/Taino Indian Grandmother in the dress and Great Grandmother in the back.

There are many great and wonderful colored people on this planet that we all happen to share and many are very intelligent, loving and giving. Not everyone is perfect, I got it, I understand that, but I accept it. We are all the creation of some mad genius and I think it’s rather unfortunate that life’s greatest creations could be so cold towards each other, it blows my mind.

the 19th film 026

We all share similar passions and in this photo it’s filming! On set of the, “19th.”

People, you really don’t have a long time on this planet. If you aren’t doing something good in your life and you want to hold grudges that everyone is the same, you are what is wrong with this life. You want to spit out uneducated remarks at any colored person walking by, but deep down inside, it’s you that is the sick and deranged individual that this planet does not need. People like you will get this planet nowhere and if anything, you’ll cause more hate, more pain and more sorrow within life on this planet and that is very selfish and unfair to everyone else that is trying to make something of their lives and getting along with no issues, you are the parasite. People of every race were put here on this planet and there in no proof that one was here before the other, so as far as I see it, we were all born onto this planet because we were meant to be here. Diversity is a thing you know and having a wide range of races working together coming from different backgrounds, is actually beneficial to every living being on this planet and we should embrace that and be grateful, not hateful.


Fierce ladies on set of, “The Inevitable!”

We need to unite, we need to work together, we need to learn to love, to give, to understand and help one another. If everyone in the world could do what I mentioned, the world may actually have some hope and the beings on it may actually have a chance at living a much needed happier life in the future.


We all share the same passions. On set of, “Crime Stoppers.”

A vast majority of this earths people are suffering from racism and quite frankly I don’t give a rats ass if you are white, black, tan, blue, pink with purple polka dots, you were born into a skin that is just the protection for all your organs, it does not and should never separate you from the person next to you, because every race is unique and special and everyone plays an important role on this planet.


On set of, “Vampires in Virginia.”

As my Puerto Rican Great Grandfather used to say, “You see this (as he grabbed at his skin), this is just garbage, it’s only garbage.” He was right, your skin is garbage and when you die, it rots off, so ask yourself this, what can you do to make a difference in the world, what can you do differently that all those around you convince you to do wrong, what you can do to stand up and unite. Maybe if there wasn’t so much poverty and pain on this planet, you would see less of hate and crimes and see more of happiness and unity.


On set of “Waters not Enough.”

I come from a family of many races from all over the world and quite frankly I think I am just as amazing as the “pure innocent blooded” person next to me. We are all unique and wonderful.

Wake up humans, you are doing this wrong, we are all in this together.


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