When You Open Her Door

Inspired Songs:

“Good For Me,” (ALPHA 9 Extended Mix) (feat. Zoe Johnston), by Above & Beyond │“Beyond The Comfort Zone,” by Elysian │“It’s OK,” (slowed) by Edith Whiskers │ “Feeling You,” (Mahogany Session) by Harrison Storm

She’ll laugh at your joke, 

And you’ll watch her smile,

From the first word spoke,

You might stay awhile. 

Her eyes they gleam, 

When they look at you, 

Lost for words is though it may seem,

But can’t deny that it’s true.

She’s different, I know, 

But don’t push too hard,

Her wounds, they show,

She doesn’t feel safe to let down her guard.

She may be the one,

But patience may be needed,

For it’s not her heart to be won,

But rather what can be seeded.

For when you open her door, 

You may see many things,

Things you’ve never seen before,

And all that her life brings.

She’s weary and stands her guard,

For she doesn’t believe thee to be true,

To be a kind man is hard, 

You have no idea what she’s been through.

Now how to tame a wild heart,

And let us not pretend,

Low settled sparks from the start,

Stoking the fire you must tend.

A moment in silence,

When words don’t make sense,

Perhaps Divine guidance,

As chemistry becomes intense.

Her lucid thoughts stray,

As she gazes in disbelief,

For her wish became a pray,

When seeing you is her relief.

She sings a specific tune,

That only you responded to,

A divine child of the moon,

But is it something you can get through?

A warrior needed,

As she fights these wars,

Wounds rooted and seeded

Swimming against the ocean’s shores.

You remind her that she can let go,

From hiding behind her tension,

Because with you the energies flow,

As you carry her back to Ascension.

She doesn’t need additional pain,

But with you there’s a cure,

Your energy is the sound of rain,

Soothing, kind and pure.




Don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist,

The energy that transcends between us,

It’s not something you can miss,

Because what we have is infectious.

In all that exists here and out there,

Is just a glimpse of what we feel,

To find true love is extremely rare,

And to find something so real.

Your energy is euphoric and brings me peace,

And it’s with you I feel at ease,

I daydream about the birds and the bees,

And I’m begging you to just take me, please. 

They say that love dies over time, 

But I find that hard to be true,

The difference is their idea vs mine,

Because I know how I feel with you.

Kiss me slowly so I can embrace the feeling,

To be with you is a dream,

Your touch is incredibly healing,

But I’m more nervous than I seem.

Undress my slowly, so this moment will last,

I want to take it slow,

I don’t want to go too fast,

Just to let our energy flow. 

My heart feels like it might give out,

Every time you’re near,

I feel as though I might pass out, 

But I’m craving to have you here.

But being with you reminds me,

How much I feel alive, 

That love is more than what the eye can see,

Of how much I’ve been deprived.

I want this love,

Where pain doesn’t exist, 

I want to stay in-love,

That doesn’t die in the midst.

You bring the calm I crave so much,

And a love I never knew to be true,

I daydream about your touch,

And all the things that we would do.

So hold me close and don’t let go,

I want to hug your soul,

With you there’s life where we can grow,

And together we’ll be whole…

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way

4 thoughts on “When You Open Her Door

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  1. This hurts because it describes exactly what I wish to experience. Your words are my own words. This is precisely what I have wished for a lifetime to manifest. The fact you seem to have found it is what has brought me to your blog. I KNEW I couldn’t the only human being on earth seeming to desire and true and authentic twin flame sort of love–“divine sexuality” as you say. I have tasted it and can never, ever go back. You must have surely experienced it and are perhaps experiencing it now. This is the hope I needed in the storm. I was starting to believe it was all a fantasy. But now I have new and renewed faith that this is real. Thank you for your existence and for writing what you do. I don’t know how or if or when or how in the hell I am going to find Her, but I must and won’t doubt this powerful kind of love anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Silentsisterofficial,

      I do believe we attract our current state of mental and emotional being. We cannot ask for something wonderful if there is still work or shadow work that needs to be done on our end.
      Healing is a full-time job, but the closer you get to understanding your past and present, the sooner you’ll align with the one you’re wishing for.

      I like to manifest things now by not only writing them down but also saying it out loud to the universe. I have found this to be very effective. And when doing so, you must be very specific as to what you want. Not a certain person you may be interested in, but what are the qualities in someone you want, what do they look like, what are their hobbies going to look like, what are their passions or success going to look like to you. Write it all down and say it aloud to the Divine. Then, release the idea, and the rest will work itself out.


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