Kissing in The Rain…

“Crash Into Me,” by Dave Matthews Band │ “Here With Me,” by Dido │”Love Has No Limits,” by Fleurie │“Hurricanes,” by Dido │“You Were Meant For Me,” by Jewel

You are my ecstasy, a beautiful phenomenon in a theoretical world.
I am lured in by your euphoria, and when I stand close, I feel a pulsating vortex within my heart.
Captivated by your unique aura, I find myself mesmerized by your beauty.

I stand here before you, begging for you to take me.
I await for you, I await for your love, I await for your touch, I want you to touch me.
So hold me and kiss me in the rain…

My mind wanders about what it would be like to be yours.
It wanders to what it would be like if I could touch you.
What it would feel like If I could kiss your lips and touch your body…

I can sense it now,
The sound of the pouring rain.
Us standing within it- a tropical terrain.
Soaking wet and unphased.
The beauty in your definition as your wet clothes hug your body.
My white dress exposing my naked canvas underneath.

My hands on your chest.
My eyes gazing up into yours.
My- you’re incredibly handsome and I’m silly in-love with you.
Your arms wrapped around me as we slow- dance to a song playing through the large opened glass bay doors to our home.
A sense of euphoria engulfs our bodies, we can’t seem to get enough.

You gently caress my face and slowly lift my chin to kiss me.
Your kiss is arousing and the wetness from the rain creates a gentle flow.
I run my hands under your shirt and up your chest before pulling your shirt off.
Your bare, wet chest still drives me wild and my hands have no mercy feeling every inch before kissing you again.

You slowly pull my straps down off my shoulders and my wet dress collapses to my waist, exposing my wet breasts.
I can hear you groan, signs I know you want me and it excites me.
You love what you see and whisper, “My- you’re so beautiful…”
I wrap my arms around your neck and you scoop me up and lead us to our covered overhang.
There’s a cozy place to lay where we usually read together.
It’s romantic with all the plants I’ve collected and the aroma of lilacs in the distance.

You’re so gentle with me, still, and I admire you for it.
As we lay facing each other on the Japanese bed, I caress your chest and whisper “I’m not wearing any underwear…”
My words excite you and as we embrace kissing, you slowly slide your hand in between my thighs and up my dress.

When you touch me, it’s electrifying and my body convulses.
And my- I’m not shy touching you, because pleasing you excites me too.
As my hand runs up your chest I can feel your heart pound.
I help you with your pants and lead you on top of me.
I want you so bad and you know it…
You pull my dress up and we exchange a passionate kiss as you slowly enter me.
We both are vocal and let out a pleasurable moan.
Feeling you inside me is like being blanketed in euphoria, you send me there every-single-time.
And it doesn’t take me long before I moan in pleasure as I reach my peak.
Hearing my pleasure brings you pleasure and we indulge in passionate peaking together…

Love making with you is ethereal and as we lay together, we aren’t short of kisses and love bombing, because our space is filled with love and only you and I can experience this highest vibration of love- with each other…

Kissing you in the rain is right where I want to be… forever…

Mi amor…

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.


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