Last Night… (Rated-R)

"Everything about last night brought me to my knees. I have never felt such an intense connection with anyone else as I do with you and when we collided last night, it felt as though my body had collapsed into itself and a flame fumed from within the depths of my soul. I felt on... Continue Reading →

Falling Hard On A Full Moon

A breathless moment holds my lungs hostage as you enter the room. A sudden lost of vocabulary as the unspoken words squeeze my throat closed. My heart palpitations have me faint when you're near and I burst into star dust when we chemically collide. I dream to feel your soul, touch your body and penetrate... Continue Reading →

The One…

SONGS that Inspired this story: Craig Connelly “No One Like You” | Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen “Obsessed" | Lucky Luke & Ema “Drug" | Craig Connelly & Jessica Lawrence “Stay” | Jan Blomqvist & Elina Pitoulis “More” | Jan Blomqvist & Brn Bohmer “The Space Between Us" | Aviarask & TRNFN feat. Siadou “Whiskey” |... Continue Reading →

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