The Way He Looks At Me

Songs: "Your Secrets," Ranji, Ghost Rider & Reality Test / "Immunity," Kasablanca / "I Love You," Kavon There's no other kind of love, but this. The kind that when he looks at me, it says "I'm so in-love with you."  The look that I look forward to seeing every-single-day. The kind that makes me feel... Continue Reading →

He’s Perfect

He'll never know just how perfect he is, And how I secretly wish to be his. His eyes, they gleam with this love and light, Something I've never seen in men that I thought for me- were right. I been around the world, but yet no one like him, I wasn't exactly looking, it just... Continue Reading →

Before You Fall For Her…

A TEN MINUTE READ! Before you fall for her, there are some things for you to know. She's a carefree wild child at heart and doesn't believe in chains. Born into a world with endless possibilities, the world is her oyster and therefore she believes it is yours too. She's not your mother, for you... Continue Reading →

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