I Once Knew What Love Was

A 10 Minute Read! I once knew what love was. Before he took advantage of me. Before he verbally made me feel less of myself. Before he thought I could be better than who I am, but only on his terms. I used to love him. I caved when I saw him. He made my... Continue Reading →


Of all the pain in the world to endure, a child relives wounds with every encounter. A neglected and abused child lives trauma as if it is normal. A moment of rebirth occurs when this child's higher self is recognized as her protector and she is finally liberated of her pain and suffering... I will... Continue Reading →

Come with Me ( a song by MissRiva )

"You are the energy that grows one with this universe." -MissRiva There's nothing like expressing your inner depths to the universe. Every unique thing about you can be heard and seen far beyond what we could ever imagine. The best part is knowing we came from the depths of the universe and everything unique about... Continue Reading →

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