Kissing in The Rain…

"Crash Into Me," by Dave Matthews Band โ”‚ "Here With Me," by Dido โ”‚"Love Has No Limits," by Fleurie โ”‚"Hurricanes," by Dido โ”‚"You Were Meant For Me," by Jewel You are my ecstasy, a beautiful phenomenon in a theoretical world.I am lured in by your euphoria, and when I stand close, I feel a pulsating... Continue Reading →

Last Night… (Rated-R)

"Everything about last night brought me to my knees. I have never felt such an intense connection with anyone else as I do with you and when we collided last night, it felt as though my body had collapsed into itself and a flame fumed from within the depths of my soul. I felt on... Continue Reading →

Falling Hard On A Full Moon

A breathless moment holds my lungs hostage as you enter the room. A sudden lost of vocabulary as the unspoken words squeeze my throat closed. My heart palpitations have me faint when you're near and I burst into star dust when we chemically collide. I dream to feel your soul, touch your body and penetrate... Continue Reading →

The One…

SONGS that Inspired this story: Craig Connelly โ€œNo One Like Youโ€ | Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen โ€œObsessed" | Lucky Luke & Ema โ€œDrug" | Craig Connelly & Jessica Lawrence โ€œStayโ€ | Jan Blomqvist & Elina Pitoulis โ€œMoreโ€ | Jan Blomqvist & Brn Bohmer โ€œThe Space Between Us" | Aviarask & TRNFN feat. Siadou โ€œWhiskeyโ€ |... Continue Reading →

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