The Vagina: Let’s Talk

Yes, I’m about to go there! I think it’s important to talk about a woman’s vagina, because it’s been apparent on multiple occasions that the phenomenon behind how the vagina works is baffling to men whom never been properly taught about its phenomenon.

The subject I’m talking about today is the amount of fluids that a vagina produces that seems to be alarming to men who have found it to be disgusting without any background knowledge on why the vagina produces a variety of fluids, so I’m speaking up about it to better explain it to men, in hopes that they can rest easy and not think that something must be wrong with his woman.

Oh, the vagina… what a mystery in itself. Haha. Did you know that the vagina produces 1-4 milliliters of fluid a day? Yep! And if your girl doesn’t wear panty liners to absorb that daily fluid, it’s likely her undies are slightly or really wet at all times.

To add to that, the vagina is always cleansing itself. A healthy vagina is a wet vagina. Often a woman’s pH balance can be thrown off when she uses soaps, lubricants, lotions, douches, even laundry detergents and toilet paper, types of texil underwear, tampons, pads, etc… because all of these contain chemicals and fragrances and can cause vaginal problems, causing additional unpleasant problems, wetness, irritations, rashes, and smells both internally and outside the vagina.

To add a small note, having a sexual partner that uses any of the above can also cause a woman’s vagina to undergo an imbalance. If the guy uses a heavy body wash, for example, he can transfer the chemicals that are in the soap and on his penis and cause internal disruption when having unprotected sex with his girl. Are you trying to have a baby? I would advise not using anything with chemicals for a while before conception.

In reality, no one should be washing their intimate parts with anything but water and washcloth. I know this doesn’t sound clean, but it’s actually one of the most natural and best ways to keep your intimate parts clean and healthy! Anytime you use products to “clean” your area, it actually throws off your own body’s ability to keep itself clean, therefore you actually increase the chances of infections, imbalances and smells the more you use these products.

The vagina produces thinner wet like fluids, thick mucus, sticky mucus, and stringy mucus. all of which are healthy and are targeted to take care of the vagina. The vagina in itself has a subtle odor because it’s an internal canal and when these liquids gather in the underwear it can look alarming to someone taking care of your laundry and they may even be like OMG what is this?! Guys have been known to accuse women of cheating, because oftentimes it can look like cum! 

I’m 37 and my body still ceases to amaze me, especially as I get older. 😊 

Vaginas have a natural scent that, around certain times of the month, men can find alluring, attractive, and arousing.

The only time you should worry about it is if there is a stomach turning awful and foul smell coming from your girl’s vag and women should worry if it’s significantly different in color other than white, clear and off white color. Smells and irregular colors are noticeable, and you certainly won’t be able to stomach it if something is wrong. 

To add a note. What makes up vaginal fluids? Well, salt (sodium chloride, phosphate, calcium), water (90%), old cells (lining of the vagina, shedding of cervix, uterus), organic compounds (amino acids, glycogen, lipids) and antibodies.

You see, a wet vagina is a working vagina.

  • Arousal increases vaginal wetness/lubrication and mucus thickness.
  • Hormonal changes increase and can decrease vaginal discharge.
  • Ovulation increases the thickness,  stickiness, and texture of vaginal fluids so that sperm can make it up the fallopian tube with ease.
  • Masterbating can look very similar to most of these listed and can increase fluids.
  • Pre-period increases or even decreases vagina fluids.
  • Post-period creates a different fluid, and browning can last days after a period and doesn’t look appealing.
  • Pre-menopause
  • Post-menopause
  • Pregnancy is going to increase so much fluids and increase arousal.
  • Post-pregnancy you are going to see some weird stuff for a while. 
  • Age in general changes everything, our vag is always evolving as we grow older, working 24/7/365.
  • Chemicals from detergents, soaps, lotions, shaving creams, etc… can disrupt the vag and can increase the chances of infections, which cause the vag to undergo changes in the fluids.
  • Diet can throw off imbalances, and yes, there are foods out there that can change the smell and taste of a vagina. A clean diet proves far fewer issues and increases healthy viginal flora.
  • Type of textil can trap moisture and inhibit the vagina to breathe.
  • Activity like sweating can increase wetness and odor.
  • Douches will disrupt proper internal healthy flora and lubrication.
  • Pads/Tampons can increase (trapped) moisture and the chemicals in these products can increase an overdrive of vaginal discharge, and yeast infections, which can also lead to urinary tract infections, bladder infections and even kidney infections. These chemicals are absorbed into your body.
  • Latex Condoms/Lubrication can cause a serious disruption to the canal of the vag. Especially if allergic to latex.
  • Toilet Paper/ Wipes can actually flake off when wiping, and those particles can enter the vagina and gather outside of the vagina and cause disruptions, infections, and increased abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Foreplay/ Oral & Fingering can cause issues if the man’s hands are dirty or contain lotions, and the mouth is a place where bacteria exists and that can throw off the balance of viginal flora and also cause infections and weird discharges. The same goes for women, and giving blow jobs or hands jobs with a dirty mouth or hands with unprotected afterward can cause these same issues.
  • Birth control pills/ Drugs/ Steroids/ Antibiotics/ Pills can also play a significant role in a woman’s vaginal flora and flow. 
  • STD’s are an entirely different breed of vaginal issues. 
  • Cancers can also disrupt vaginal flora.
  • Diseases/ Viruses will disrupt vaginal flora.
  • New Sexual Partners can cause changes in vaginal flora, but these should subside after a few months once the body is used to a new partner.

The point of this blog was to rest the minds of uneducated men. I know mothers and fathers don’t sit down with their sons and talk about the various different stages of a woman’s vagina. They don’t talk about periods, cramps, discharge, or none of it, so men have no idea if their woman is broken, cheating, or maybe has an STD.

The vagina is working around the clock, so don’t be alarmed with your boo’s undies. Your boo will likely catch something unusual before you do, so if she’s unbothered, you should be too.

However, if you suspect something, have yourself checked. I recommend that women and men have a yearly checkup and test done. It can take upwards of 10 years for something that was dormant to present itself suddenly. 

Whelp, there you have it! It’s on a smaller scale as to the mystery behind the vagina, but hopefully, you can leave here with a better understanding of how a vagina operates around the clock. I also hope that you feel less disgusted now, even though that was a lot of detailed information.

I can only hope you don’t make her feel bad for being a woman due to her mechanical engineering and if anything learn to ignore what’s likely already slightly an embarrassing experience she deals with everyday for roughly her entire life. 

If you’re a bit more curious than this blog, there’s plenty of really detailed information on the web these days. It takes no time at all to learn about all the fluids, colors, and changes in a woman’s vag. Research at your own discretion.

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate, or use its authenticity in any way.

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