My Archangel…

Songs for your euphoria:

“Falling Free,” by Eivor.

My body bound to the ground in which I’ve succumbed to in an endless war.
Cold and shackled and left to beg for mercy.
I’ve been wounded but have bared the pain that would numb over time, causing a misery of rage to engulf the beauty I once was.
Internally drowning as I gasp for the air that has been poisoned.
I scream in rage in a madness I do not know, but my pain built a shield of solitude I repaired myself under.
Every day, fighting between what’s reality and what’s a dream, I found I just wanted to wake up from both.
Silent cries await a silent death as the ravens hover over my body.
I begged for my freedom but had no idea what it even looked like.

As time evolved, I found my inner warrior.
She rose from a place unknown to me and brought me strength to awaken from this illusion.
I rose from the ground that harbored a part of silence and submission and grabbed the chains that held me down and as I wrapped them around my hands I forced my arms up into the air, letting out a raging scream from the depths of a warrior.
The chains broke free and shattered around me, and it was then that I realized I had the key the entire time that I was the key.

Freedom comes at a cost, and I have spent every coin to ensure my freedom is a right.
Rising from the ashes I was sure to parish in, a light peered from the dark clouds forming above.
A light so bright, I had to shade my eyes with my hand.
The light grew brighter as it traveled closer.
I couldn’t see what it was, but yet I wasn’t scared.
I could feel this warming sensation penetrate my cold outer vessel, and I could see the color reappear in my skin.

It took some time for the light to reach me, but when the day arrived and it had, I was swept off my feet by a being within it.
I fell into a slumber as it carried me away from the darkness I nearly drowned in.
When I had awakened, there I was, laying in his arms.
I dare not move because the sensation of being with him overwhelmed my entire being.
I was paralyzed, but in the sense that I was being healed.
To feel at ease was foreign to me, and I had no desire to run.
As I looked upon him and afraid to make eye contact, I noticed his battle wounds.
I sensed that wherever he came from, that he had been through painful battles, too.
He caressed my arm to assure me that I’m OK with him and I felt it to be true.

I nestled myself further into his side because it felt so good to feel his warmth.
Not bounded by riddles and freed from the burden of chaos, it was effortless to be here with him, and I had no idea why.
But I soon realized he was on a mission to find me, and that he had to fight his way to find me, that we were destined, and that we have lived many lives as soulmates.
And in every life, he has found me…
Every life is like amnesia for me until I awaken to us, and it’s always him that brings us together.
He’s been through the gates of hell and back to find me, and his journey challenged as he awakened to us too.
To know he was here for me, that he was here to find me and that he succeeded, made me cave the moment I came to this realization.
The ease of feeling at home is in his arms.
The ease of feeling safe is in his arms.
The ease of feeling love is in his arms.
The process of healing took him finding me and completing me.
And to feel at ease and love was the most comforting feeling of all.
It didn’t take much to surrender, and I could hear “I’m here now” played over and over in my head like a telepathic message.

The pain in the journey we took was to unite our souls together.
How he found me shackled and hidden from the outside world, I’ll just never know, but perhaps he felt my vibrations, heard my cries, and followed the “invisible red string” attached to us.

I’m not bound by what is not, but rather what is.
The reality of the inner webs of this ethereal experience that is beyond us, is to simply know that I’m here, right this moment in all that exists, with him…
A timeless life with my one true love…
He is my protector, my healer, my Archangel, and my greatest love…
Eloped in this energetic aura, I have agreed to succumb to this experience of eternal love.
He is my light, and I can see all too clearly now that I’ve emerged from the dark clouds that promised to swallow me whole.
If anything made sense at all, it was the challenges of our journey that united us back together.

I want to spend the rest of eternity free falling in his space.
I want to battle distraction and eradicate time with him.
I don’t want to lose him this time, I don’t want to say goodbye until our next life.
I want to remain present and so help me- I would slay the ethereal engineer who designed time, just so that I could live the rest of my life with the purpose of only loving him for eternity…
Now that I have him, I’m reminded of all the reasons why I can’t let him go.
I don’t want to wait for what feels like a lifetime to find him again.
How cruel to tease me with a beautiful phenomenon, just to tear it free from my battered hands.
I want to encapsulate our love and keep us safe.

My Archangel traveled a great journey to find and free me from worldly battles.
I don’t want to sleep, for it’s time wasted that I can’t think of him.
I don’t want to move, for it’s time wasted without him.
I don’t want to die, for it’s time wasted to experience him again…

When I am with him, I know that love has no limits, and no matter what our journey presents us, we will prevail and find each other again…
The beauty of our ancient love is that it is kind, it is peaceful, it is humble, and vibrates on the highest frequency in a state of bliss.
In this unique paradigm is the paradise I’ve been searching for, deep within the cosmos that blanket our euphoria.

Mi amor, solo estás tú…

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate, or use its authenticity in any way.

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