My Safe Haven


“Where Do We Go From Here,” by Ruelle

There’s no place like it in the world,
There’s no feeling that can compare,
There’s no sensation that can explain it,
There are no words.

The feeling is euphoric,
The feeling is reassuring,
The feeling is comforting,
The feeling is safe.

I can’t quite understand it,
I can’t figure it out,
I can’t unfeel it,
I can’t pull myself away.

It’s as though I’m free,
It’s as though I’m OK,
It’s as though I’m understood,
It’s as though I’m loved.

The tranquility of unity,
The tranquility of understanding,
The tranquility of ease,
The tranquility of joy.

That maybe fairytales do exist,
That maybe there is true love,
That maybe there’s no pain,
That maybe we can be happy.

I don’t feel lonely,
I don’t feel tired,
I don’t feel pain,
I don’t feel scared.

I wonder why it doesn’t hurt,
I wonder why I don’t cry,
I wonder why I’m not scared,
I wonder why it feels so good.

There’s no screaming,
There’s no yelling,
There’s no fear,
There’s no anger.

With you I’m free,
With you I feel protected,
With you I feel loved,
With you I feel safe.

The tension- released,
The anxiety- calmed,
The pain- at ease,
The feeling of home- is with you.

I want to cry with joy,
As time gets lost,
To be patient,
Is to just know…

As these profound feelings overwhelm me I seem to have lost myself in the bliss of this beautiful phenomenon.
Saved by an energetic match, the universe orchestrated the calls for love in our vibrations.
This place is safe and I feel as though I’m being guided home.
I await to lose myself in this arranged phenomenon and I trust that you know what to do as I hand my heart over and surrender to your grace…

My Safe Haven…

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.


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