The Way He Looks At Me


“Your Secrets,” Ranji, Ghost Rider & Reality Test / “Immunity,” Kasablanca / “I Love You,” Kavon

There’s no other kind of love, but this.

The kind that when he looks at me, it says “I’m so in-love with you.” 

The look that I look forward to seeing every-single-day.

The kind that makes me feel giddy and light inside.

The kind that makes me feel free and heals wounds.

The way he looks at me as though he thinks the world of me, that he’s so incredibly happy to see me.

The way he lights up when he sees me, is the most rewarding feeling in all that exists in a love story, something you only read in a fairytale.

I cave when I see the look of infinite love on his face.

The kind where pain would never exist. 

He looks at me like I’m the only one he wants and the only one he craves…

No matter what, the way he looks at me is the reason why I believe true love exists.

There is no one else, there will be no one else, because it’ll always be him.

His smile, his smirk, his witty spirit illuminates my internal being.

Call me selfish, but I cannot live without his fuel.

Love isn’t for everyone, for everyone creates their own idea of what love looks like, but his love is not of this world.

When he looks at me, I feel such warmth, such love, such sincerity.

The look, that understands the beat.

When he looks at me, the flow of energy is like riding a smooth wave on a boogie board, there’s no indecisiveness, there’s just the flow, certainty, and joy.

The way he looks at me is as though he’s unafraid to look, his masculine energy knows what it likes. 

His look reminds me that I’m desired and worthy.

The look of sincerity, the look of love.

The kind that sends chills down my spine, like how could he love me this much?

He looks at me as though he only sees me, like he’s the luckiest man in all the world to have me.

He’s happy when he sees me, it’s an ethereal experience.

He looks into my soul and cradles my heart. 

His look is not of this world and he brings me peace.

I love the look he gives me, he makes me smirk and my heart runs wild.

He’s not afraid to let it be known how much he loves me.

He’s unphased by distraction and his eyes remain on me, I’m what he wants most.

The look that says I’ll always be enough for him. 

The look where he keeps looking at me as if I may disappear.

The look where words are lost.

The look where he keeps looking, because he can’t get enough of what he sees.

There is no time when he looks at me, for it simply doesn’t exist. 

The way he looks at me reminds me that love exists and that love is more beautiful than the early sunrise we get to see every morning…

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate, or use its authenticity in any way.


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