Society & Caffeine Expectations


Society has been very demanding of us and its expectations are only going to increase. So how do we keep up with the demands of a fast evolving society? The only logical answer is caffeine.

The one thing I really want to talk about is my frustrations with society AND caffeine use. It’s not OK to be a normal human anymore, running at an average speed. My work is being compared to someone who drinks 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day and or a few energy drinks. How is my human body supposed to operate at the speed and even have the accuracy as someone hyped up on caffeine everyday?

The truth is, humans want MORE, so the demand for MORE requires us to take or drink something that will amplify and enhance our abilities. When our abilities are enhanced by substances, then society thinks that we can do more and push for more, and then it requires more from us and that is the expectation that is set for our future abilities.

Should we be running ourselves to that extreme everyday? Would we even take substances that make us a faster, better and more efficient human for society? 

By operating this way, then those who don’t take any caffeine or substances to tap into this superhuman power of destruction, we are subjected to harsh criticism that can cost us our jobs. “Well Joe is excelling and achieving greatness with this company, but you’re slacking, what’s wrong with you?”

Well Joe drinks 3 cups of coffee, takes pre-workout for the gym and drinks 2 energy drinks a day. How do I tap into this superhuman ability when I don’t take anything? 

Our society and work structure was developed on “whatever it takes to get the job done,” instead of saying NO to extra work. Afraid to lose our jobs or underperform than that guy we are in competition with for promotion. The entire work pyramid scheme is overworking and pushing ourselves into an impractical physical, mental and emotional state of destruction. Then, we normalize it and harshly judge and treat people who are running on natural “human” substances.

The issue is not just society and their way of construction, but also the people who are driven to have more in life. This mentality has us racing to gain more education and more knowledge to make ourselves competitive to someone who is happy with not taking anything to outperform Joe at work. But, we can be a superhuman without a drug or substance, so a vast majority of society are addicts one way or another. They HAVE to rely on some sort of energetic substance in order to perform at work, at home and in public. 

Sadly, while other countries have a less work week and demand more of their people, America can’t break away from the ego from wanting more, better and bigger. Society needs a system where cheating is acceptable to reach new heights in the human capabilities and abilities, so they resort to whatever they have to, deem it normal and press on as if we shouldn’t talk about the issue with this is. 

So what’s wrong? The fact that we can’t tame our ego or find our voice. And let’s say that we could, will it be receptive? Likely not, but it would be a start to being treated better at work, home and the public. A vast majority of us are stressed to our max and have to operate on feeling like that every single day, and the only time we get or feel any slight relief is on our day off, but even a day off is demanding so we turn to another substance to get through it. 

The solution? Stop treating people like slaves. That’s the simplest solution, right? Too bad inflated egos can’t see past those dollar signs while they are in Tahiti with virtually no stress and making all the dough while their employees slave over their inflated expectations of them. As long as people are making money, no one cares about how it’s being made. Our empathy switch has been completely turned off and this mindset has been around for many thousands of years.

I don’t think anyone has told these folks that no matter how educated they are or how much money they make, they take nothing when they die, which essentially puts them in the very same boat as everyone else, they too are slaves to the material world. Lol.

Truth is, there’s not enough movement to change the outcome of this pyramid scheme. There’s not enough manpower to make changes, and to be honest, people just can’t spare the time to work on a better system.  We are too deep. Even when we make headway and try to keep our head above the water, something else pulls us back down into the darkest parts of the sea. As long as they overwork us, we don’t have extra time to spare to care.

It’s not normal to take in substances that enhance your mood and capabilities, we all know that, but it’s worse when you know you must have it now in order to function and keep up with the demands of society. I for one am a pure human, and I operate normally. It’s competitive to be compared to someone who has to consume garbage all day to achieve their goals or keep up. No one should be subjected to this sort of experience.

Lastly, to add to this, have you ever conversed with someone strung out on a caffeinated substance or other mood altering substances? It’s stressful, dreadful and exhausting. People are high strung and can easily obliterate your anxiety button. People who rely on this daily are usually short tempered and have irregular behavioral patterns, due to the consistent consumption of these substances. Their body is unable to regulate their internal elements. A lot of people are hard to be around, work for or live with and if you’re an empath like myself, you can feel the high rise in their blood pressure.

To add to that, being around people who crash on this stuff and are miserable without it are unpleasant as well, or they drink too much and are borderline lunatics.

I’m not saying every single person is unpleasant, there’s the very rare breed of people who can sip on a coffee and present a normal persona, but I can tell the difference between someone sober vs someone on a substance, vs someone who doesn’t drink or take anything at all. I’m so sensitive, that if I know you and you take your first sip on your substance (and even alcohol) I can sense a change right away. People who are on any substances, I find that I need my space and to meditate by the days end. It’s like being around hyper and grumpy people mixed together. The amount of split personalities to be around can be exhausting. 

Open for discussion:

What do you think? Are you someone that relies on a caffeinated substance to get through your day? Do you or those around you find that your moods are irregular? Do you know someone who’s like this? A boss? Co-worker? Friend? Family members? How does it make you feel? Do you find that the demands of society have made you rely on a substance to function? How does that make you feel? What would you do to change this about yourself or change how society demands more from its people? Are you the rare person who enjoys one cup or another booster substance and it doesn’t change you at all? What’s your secret? Do you feel like you’re always in competition with your co-workers for promotion, or that soccer mom who excels at multitasking?

©️ 2023 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.


2 thoughts on “Society & Caffeine Expectations

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  1. I think that a true, honest and genuine cup of coffee is one of life’s finest and simplest pleasures and even if everything else is going awry, the solid reliance of a single cup of coffee is enough to inspire me to get out of bed and get out of my head it would relentlessly begin to tackle what will begin the day’s experiences of hoping and wishing endlessly recklessly and pointlessly for true love, living life by the edge and by the balls. Without coffee I would be a raging lunatic and mess, yes, but I will be there anyway totally fed up with today’s society so I might as well enjoy it and enjoy the decline of the entire world in all of its culture by drinking coffee in the process.
    Don’t deny your need for coffee. At least it’s natural. There are worse things for your kids to be doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Silentsisterofficial,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 🙂

      I bet a cup of coffee does a lot for a person, but I do hope that the expectations of competing with a caffeine driven society subsides one day.
      It is rather exhausting to keep up with the Jone’s, haha.


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