For You… (Poem)

Songs to listen to:

“Found Us” by Last Heroes (feat. Luma) | “How Do I Sleep Now,” (Feat. Olive) by Dallerium | “Between,” (Feat. Eli Teplin) by Seven Lions | “Miss You,” (Feat. GG Magree) by Seven Lions

Your smile is the light in all that’s dark.

Your laugh is the frequency of the universe.

Your voice has this sound of a soothing wave and when I think of a time I feel safe, it’s with you.

You are made up of all the beautiful elements the universe has to offer.

Sculpted in perfection and witty.

Your heart beats to a drum I am familiar with and I get lost in my thoughts when you arrive.

I wonder what it would be like if I could kiss you under the rain as I inhale the aroma of the sweet drops gathering on your lips.

Your gaze is mesmerizing and hard to look away, because when my eyes meet yours, the inner invisible twine between us reels me into your mystery.

I laugh at how foolish of a school girl I am, but it’s sure addicting to play the fool.

Your scent is luring, like a spring kiss morning that I would sip tea to.

My heart palpitates with excitement when I get to see your face, it’s the feeling of a sunset on the ocean’s horizon.

I imagine a first kiss, like two people falling in love right before our lips touch, and the electromagnetic frequencies pulsating through my sensory system.

A kiss so addicting, that there’s nothing else in the world more beautiful to experience than two people sharing this electrifying moment.

My knees give out when my imagination leads to our kiss.

Please lure me in, for I will be at your service.

Your ethereal vibrance engulfs my being like a warm blanket.

You radiate with grace and glory and I’ve fallen.

I’m falling free into the oblivion I find comforting when I imagine us.

This wave of butterflies penetrates my inner being and I am giddy beyond happiness.

Like a mountaintop, my view of you is clear.

I know what you mean to me and how I feel since your arrival.

I feel free from the chains that bound my body to my reality.

You’re the keys to a door I locked so long ago.

I may be in-love with you, for you’re everything I imagined in the greatest story I’ve ever written.

A wonderous world with you in it surely makes for a sensational life experience.

Your presence radiates the energetic field that surrounds you and I find that I’m addicted to the ethereal experience you provide.

Allow me to love you from here, as my heart will always beat forward for you.

I come to you with my shields down, hoping you’ll trust I’m not here to hurt you.

My vibration has been matched with yours and when I see you my heart caves in.

I grab my chest to breathe, because you simply take my breath away.

My door is open, and I await for you to come home.

I’ll attend to the wounds of your reality.

Our lives have collided in this life and all the others. 

Certain my illusions can be imagined with you. 

Oh how I crave a union with you.

Sweet dreams my grace, as it’s the one place I have you all to myself…

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.


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