Go to Her…

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She’s not like the rest of the women you’ve stumbled upon throughout your life. She’s not just different, she’s unique. She makes you feel comfortable, a place you have yet to have felt at ease. She’s euphoric and pulls you into the cosmos with her ethereal presence. She makes you smile, something you haven’t done organically in a long while. 

She makes you wonder about life and broadens your perspective. She’s absolutely stunning and her looks match her energy. She’s perfect in the most imperfect ways and checks at the least, most of your boxes. She can be funny and not afraid to expose her vulnerabilities.

She looks at you, hoping you’ll get her telepathic message. Her gaze is of a woman madly in love with you, but she patiently awaits your courtship to choose her. Her aroma is arousing and you find that she can get you excited, something you thought you weren’t capable of anymore. She’s not like the other women, she won’t hurt you like the others have in the past. She’s attentive and nurturing, and provides a love that you’re not sure you’re deserving of. She’s fond of you, an unbreakable connection. 

But you’re uncertain, which has created an invisible barrier around your heart. Perhaps your standards are too high. Perhaps you have too many boxes to check off. Perhaps you don’t want to settle. Perhaps you’re in a situation that you’re unhappy in, but can’t navigate through. Perhaps you’re scared to be vulnerable with someone again.

She senses this, she feels your energy as you enter the room. She wants to hug you, to hold you and to tell you that you’re safe with her, that there’s nothing in this world that could ever make you feel unloved and inadequate ever again. She senses your pain and suffering, she’s sensitive to it. She tries to provide a safe place for your energy to come to when you’re unknowingly going on about your business.

You’re not who you thought you were and you’re always evolving into who you become everyday. You are not your past, not the man you once were and the things you’ve experienced are temporary experiences to mold you into who you decide to be everyday. Your choices aren’t permanent. You have every opportunity to change something everyday and who you were and are today are still very much loved by her.

She’ll be your best friend, someone who isn’t set out to be combative or unsupportive. She loves everything about you and there’s nothing about you she would want to change, because everything you are is what makes you, you.

She’s happiest when you’re around too. She brightens up when you catch her by surprise. She smiles a smile of deep love in the most shy and kid-like way. You catch her smiling back at you and when the two of you lock eyes, there’s an unspoken love language that your physical bodies are incapable of communicating. She loves you more than anything in all the universe and she wants nothing more than to share all her quirky passions with you. She wants to heal you from the pain you’ve been suffering in. She’s not here to hurt you, she wants to love you beyond comprehension. She wants to take you away with her to a place she’s been quietly waiting for you to arrive in one day. 

You’re safe with her. Let your guard down. Look up, look into her eyes and allow her to guide you home to her. You’ll have a wonderful life with her. You’ll laugh again, you’ll love again, and you’ll feel as though you are truly living again. It’s OK, what you’ve been through in life. It’s OK that you didn’t make the best choices for yourself. It’s OK that things didn’t workout as planned or that you think you’re unworthy. You are everything to her, so when you’re ready to let your guard down and let her in, be gentle. She’s one of a kind and she’s not for everyone, but one things for certain, she’s the one for you…

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.


3 thoughts on “Go to Her…

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    1. Silentsisterofficial,

      I do hope that your hurt would not impact your ability to attract your mate. Sometimes, we can get caught up in our wrongs, that we don’t allow ourselves to truly heal from the wounds we’ve been exposed to.
      Oftentimes, traits could roll into a new relationship.

      I have no doubts you’ll find your vibrational match, but try not looking too hard, or you’ll overlook an opportunity. 🙂

      Also, in the meantime, while you’re in the waiting room on this journey, you should give “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman a read. I highly recommend this book to everyone now. It’s an easy read and very informative about our love Languages and how we know what’s ours and how we learn to provide love to our loved ones. 🙂


  1. I would imagine that my ideal mate or vibrational match, if such a thing truly exists, would have the same degree of hurt or trauma or perhaps realness or authenticity to the same degree. I’ve always found this concept that one must be totally and completely healed to be a fair amount of bullshit. At what point do we become “healed enough” to then meet our perfect partner? At what point does the pain and loneliness of this path begin to ease, feeling like a stranger in a strange Land that has been eradicated of magic, it seems like after a lifetime of Shadow work I no longer think that I am somehow ill-prepared. What will it take to finally meet and manifest her?

    Is it some sort of vibrational shift that is required that will then retroactively and chant the reality around me in a quantum sense and bring her right to my door? Or is it a matter of physical and locational proximity? Divine timing?

    I’ve certainly done my fair share of looking for too hard. It seems I make that mistake again and again more often than not. I certainly don’t overlook anything.

    Interesting that you recommend this book as it is something I have been thinking about lately but I firmly believe that the love language concept is nonsense… As I prefer to embody all of them!

    Being a giver of many different types of love I often expect to receive in many different ways and naturally as an all-encompassing seer in a relationship I feel like this would be natural to someone who truly loves another. I think if we are sticking to one love language then we are blind to other areas where maybe we are not as comfortable or open.

    Things like physical love and physical touch for example, for someone who has been sexually traumatized in their youth I think it may be more difficult to accept or receive or give this type of love. Admittedly I have not read the book. Perhaps you have piqued my interest enough to give it a try.

    Lastly though I will say that I do believe it is the “job” of “vibrational matches” to love one another and their wounds and their hurt and give one another their pain to the point where this can bring about the true healing that is required. As you suggest, you can’t wait to find someone who makes the suffering go away when you are in their presence. I don’t know how other spiritual gurus seem to pretend that they are totally okay, although I do notice they are always surrounded by people, seemingly untouched by a penetrating sense of eternal loneliness.

    Perhaps this is only something that plagues certain seekers. This, to me, is the most difficult part of the journey.


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