Known You Before (Poem)

Poem Inspired Songs!

“Known You Before,” by Jason Ross & Seven Lions | “Running To You,” (Feat. Caden) by VINAI, Moonshine & Madism | “Lost Without You,” by Freya Ridings

It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before,

To feel something that’s forbidden,

Meeting you had opened a door,

I knew from a dream that I was deep within.

To meet someone that equates to illumination,

I felt charged in areas that I thought were dead,

From the nothing in space this most beautiful creation,

And so this feeling was better off felt than said.

In all that exists it’s like I only know you,

A familiar charge that keeps me alive,

Confused by what exactly I should do,

It’s out of space and time, that you would arrive.

I can’t stop this feeling,

For I have tried,

I begged for emotional healing,

But I hung my head and cried.

I never asked for this love,

Something I wasn’t prepared for,

A blessing or curse from above, 

But I can’t seem to find the key to lock this door.

Please forgive me if spirit says you’re the one,

My imagination won’t seem to stop creating,

But if I scare you, then it’s best that you run,

Because this connection just doesn’t seem to be fading.

I know you from a place I haven’t seen,

To known you before just seems like deja vu,

And to let you go, I’m just not too keen,

Please forgive my soul that finds a great love in you.

I’m not tidy, for my mind there’s a mess,

For I am restless inside,

But thoughts of you are hardly less,

But it’s to myself that I have lied.

My hearts not tame,

When I see you,

But am I to blame,

Or do you feel the way I do?

A world of wonders and you’re always on my mind,

To feel your touch is something I can only dream,

To feel something alive is so hard to find,

This ethereal space is all I’ll ever need.

Forgive my illusions as I penetrate this connection,

I can’t seem to shake myself free,

I stand vulnerable before you and give you my confession,

This connection is enlightening, so please forgive me.

You’ll never know what I think of you, 

But I wish I could say,

Instead, there may not be much I can do,

But how I wish that in my life you could stay.

Perhaps past lives brought us here,

Selected to find each other,

Perhaps the separation is fear,

Destiny may just be us being friends with one another.

I hold you in my thoughts,

Where I know they can be free,

A place I can’t be caught,

Where it’s just you and me.

My love is like a vine,

That continues to grow,

Without water it’s been fine,

But I’m just going with the flow.

To have met you is a wonder,

Oh how you’re charming and fine,

My heart roars like thunder,

Oh how I wish you were mine.

I love you like a fairytale,

Something that’s not believed to be true

But without you my heart grows frail,

Mediocre love is something I outgrew.

One day I dream that we could be together, 

And that you’ll remember that there’s this girl,

Who would love you beyond the infinite forever,

And give us a chance to give us a whirl.

Come find me my love,

I’ll be awaiting your arrival,

There’s nothing about you I can’t unlove,

For you’re written in my final.

No one compares to you,

For they are plain and dry,

With every option I already knew,

I can’t find you in them, even if I try.

I’ve known you before,

But kept ignoring the signs,

The universe tells me there’s more,

I want to hit fast forward and rewind.

Love is like a stream of water, 

It constantly flows,

Because it flows, I grow fonder,

And follow the path in which the water goes.

My lucid thoughts fight against the logic,

And so my spirit says to embrace the feeling,

This connection for me is far from platonic,

This experience has actually been quite healing.

All the stars in space are aligned to be true,

That this Illusion is not by mistake,

And in this short life I seem to have found you,

So let’s throw it all in and see what we can make… 

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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