Before You Fall For Her…


Before you fall for her, there are some things for you to know. She’s a carefree wild child at heart and doesn’t believe in chains. Born into a world with endless possibilities, the world is her oyster and therefore she believes it is yours too.

She’s not your mother, for you already have one of those, therefore you’re free to come and go as you please. It’s important to live separate lives, but have the love power to collide on adventures together, because she’s eager to show you her world. If you should choose to leave and not return, then so be it, she’s not going to hold you back. There are no hard feelings in a world with endless opportunities and she’ll be grateful to have ever graced your presence during this lifetime, because lessons are always learned and experiences are experienced. 

She’ll love you with every ounce of her being and she hones her ability to douse you in the euphoria others cannot fathom exists, but you won’t experience the universe quite the same way when she blankets you into her world, because she’s only here on Earth for one thing, the most important thing in existence- LOVE. When her vibration is matched, reciprocated, the possibilities are absolutely endless, the cup simply stays full. You’re on her bucket list and she wouldn’t want to leave this earth without having a love so deep, that the both of you can feel it in every lifetime hereafter. 

There are no rules. There are no regulations to abide by. There’s no sacrifice. There’s only wholesome existence with someone you adore. There’s no pain, there’s no suffering, there’s no jealousy or insecurities, there’s only love and freedom and the freedom to live and love. We are individuals of infinite illusions and in her world she’s the leader of a new vision of what love should look like.

She’ll only have eyes for you and her heart will continue to pound with every thought of you that slips through her brain waves. She’s a dreamer and visionary, and she enjoys recreating from the rubbish schemes that have been set in place for far too long. She’s not like the others, she’s an entirely different breed. She’s awaiting for “the one” with an open mind and jumps to trying new things. Oh what would it be like to be unofficially official and set forth to freedom in love? Just imagine having the best of both worlds without having to choose between the two illusions set in place. As if there are only 2 choices in life, relationships or freedom, when you can have BOTH with someone who lives with love and purpose.


Her Casanova should know that time has no measurement in this immeasurable time. The only limits you see are the ones you create, and you’ve created them based on what you have grown to know. Let her tap into a part of your life you have absolutely no idea even exists. She’s different, but to an extreme. A rule breaking rebel that challenges everything. “You can’t do that,” someone would say to her. She laughs that half grin sly laugh as she replies, “Watch me.” No, she’s not for everyone, you need to have special qualifications to match the frequency she rides. 

The wild journey isn’t for the faint-hearted. This journey isn’t for fear-ridden, small minded, limitation dwellers. It’s for those who are innovators, creators, visionaries, freedom seekers and true lovers, because this pain you’ve endured with the wrong people you’ve chosen in your life, is a limitation to your greatness and your freedoms. The pyramid of love doesn’t exist, but because you believe it does and that it needs rules, orders and structure, you’ve been swallowed alive by a man-made illusion.

No my love, not in her world. She’ll show you the new way, that limitless opportunities exist in a love that is infinite and free. No titles, no obligations, no rules, just the idea that two people collide based on believing they still deserve to live their best lives with and without each other. A healthy union beyond the facade that was written by selfish people. To rewrite what has been written takes courage to try something that hasn’t been discovered or uncovered.

Before you fall for her, you should probably know that she’ll give you every piece of her heart. It’s important to extract such feelings and dive head first, because it’s all or nothing for her. Like a plant, love needs certain elements to grow and without these elements the plant will wilt and eventually die. You can’t expect a plant to bear fruit or flourish if you think you don’t have to care for it. She grows best with reciprocation, but if you neglect the plant, you’ll never see its illuminating and colorful light again…

Before you fall for her, you must have no boundaries, follow no rules and be adamant about crushing the societal pyramid. She is not interested in luxury or a house with a white picket fence. She doesn’t care about your past, your current situation or your status. She is not wooed by society and working long hours to have things you can’t take with you when you die. She’s not interested in small talk. She’s not into things that really create limitations and cause rage in competitions. She’s not into people who resemble robots and simulations. She’s feisty and free. She’s that corky plant loving hippie that enjoys earthly pleasures and mindful extractions. She’s earth’s scientist and therefore finds interest in dissecting illusions.


She’s here to eradicate the idea of what love should look like and expand into parts of the brain waves that haven’t been tapped into. An expansion that creates a frequency into existence. Something that requires brain power beyond its current capability. She wants to stretch beyond that wavelength people can’t seem to get past, like climbing Mount Everest with absolutely no gear, and by having no gear creates fear that you can’t do climb without the right kind of gear, therefore you don’t climb it at all or quit shortly into the climb. Creating a new brain wave beyond the current capability will take someone who loves challenges to see that there’s always another way to achieve such an infinite universal phenomenon.

But, before you fall for her, just know that you will be her entire world within her world. She’ll be your best friend, your greatest supporter, your greatest lover, your greatest achievement and the absolute love of your life. Two people can enjoy each other beyond the status and titles created by man. With the right elements, love does not have to have limits, but rather an endless knowing and feeling to be with each other and allow the flow within an awakened consciousness.

She will not do well with someone wanting to control her, dictate her life, be unsupportive, possessive and emotionally damaging. Don’t expect to get the universe inside a kennel. She collides well with liberators, freedom thinkers and visionaries.

Before you fall for her, know she’s fragile and frail. Her strength is impeccable, but her sensitivity keeps her at bay with her energy. She’s choosy with who she lets into her life and therefore her barriers are hard to see, but as needed she’ll shield herself from those who come without pure intentions. The space may be open and the universe infinite, but in the midst of such a vast phenomenon, she has limited capacity to hold a bond. “If it’s meant to be free, then free it, because it’s simply not meant for me.”

Before you fall for her, be prepared for one of the universe’s greatest phenomenons. She’s that oddball girl that likes to put a little pizzazz into everything she does. She’s not for the boring couch potato or someone who wants to dim her light. She’s for a visionary and adventurer. Someone who’s not afraid to be expressive, charismatic and loves love on the deepest and most intimate level. She’s for the man who sees her, who isn’t afraid to feel and who is eager to live and love.


Before you fall for her, you should know that she smiles, but when she sees you- her smile is a smile that is felt from deep within. She’s not ever going to be sick of your smile or be sick of your laugh, or sick of hearing your voice, or even sick of your energetic presence and she’s sorry you’ve been hurt by lovers that were unworthy of you and your love, that may have drove you out of your element and created a version of you that you were unfamiliar with. Know that pain and suffering does not exist with healthy conscious people. Sick people cause disease…

Before you fall for her, be sure you’re ready for the ride of your life. Be sure you’re ready for a Divine Feminine energy that changes with the seasons and keeps you on your toes. She’s not interested in “normal,” she’s interested in innovation and creation. She’s not for everyone, no, she’s only for someone who is equally as bright as she is. Someone aware and unafraid of limitless possibilities. Someone who lives beyond “normal” and lives with freedom and love. Someone who isn’t scared of love or living in the moment without rules or limitations.

And before you fall for her, be sure you’re ready to experience a wholesome kind of love in which you’re fruit bearing to reap ripe fruit from, and something that is beyond the rule book and something beyond limitations. Love will prevail and you’ll ultimately be “the one.” She’s the Goddess of love that awaits for her God of love… the yang to her yin…

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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