The Societal Pyramid

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Have you ever wondered how you came about living the life you’re currently living right this very moment or wonder why you’re living this specific life the way you are? Have you ever questioned its authenticity in any way? Have any thoughts crossed your mind that the life you live was already planned and orchestrated for you and it’s not YOUR life you’re living, but rather the life created for you?

I know it may seem hard to understand, accept or process, but to dissect it properly we must take a few steps back in order to grasp onto the idea of the current construction we are a part of.

Our lives are not ours at all. It’s a mockup of what it should be based on societal standards and the agendas that need to be met. You know, these limits we are given with boundaries, following the herd and doing as you are told. You know this life very well, but you’re not living YOUR life.

Humans are peculiar creatures. Have you ever seen the movie “Finding Nemo,” where there’s a scene where seagulls try and eat the fish while saying “mine, mine, mine,” repeatedly? That is very similar to how the human brain operates. We are creatures of status and greed, not creatures of nature. What started off as good intentioned eventually veered off over the years to ill intentioned and there’s just not enough woke humans to hit the brakes on the monstrosity of a lifestyle we currently live.

Starting with the need for both parents to work full time jobs and have to be away from their children whom they brought into this world, to pay for a stranger to watch them all day, so that the parents can pay their bills. All this to the school system taking up about 15 years of your life that you’re lucky to land a less paying job at McDonald’s. Then to accumulate debt to go to a college for an additional 2-6 years after already spending 15 years in school, so taking up roughly 20-ish years of your life in total. All to land a better paying job, while paying college debt AND bills, and while raising a family. As if 15 years wasn’t already enough to grow and learn and should suffice to land a job somewhere. Ironically enough, before there was college, there was hands-on learning.

At some point when we are told we need to be successful and in order to land a great job you must continue education. The higher archy society molded these now “privileges” in order to sustain and live up to the standards of this mass construction. It’s without a doubt strenuous on what you want to do or be in life without considering the boundaries you must live by.

There is no mercy in this life and that is a reality we created for ourselves. The hunger you see, the homeless, the war, the financial struggle, all these things we created. Not only did we create and manifest this great struggle, we believe real can’t change it, don’t want to change it, and even frown upon those who don’t share high financial success and status than those who are considered less fortunate. 

Sadly, even as change occurs, there always seems to be a catch. For example; minimum wage finally goes up, but lo and behold gas prices sky rocket or housing costs go up. People more often than not cannot get by on just one income, they must rely on a spouse or roommate, or move back home. Single parents and parents on a low income need assistance, which they can apply for but it’s not much. Then these people are degraded and frowned upon for needing help and the amount of paperwork that goes into it is without a doubt unlawful. 

But what about those who just want a  simpler life? What about those who don’t care about financial success or status? What about those who are content with living minimally, so that they have a greater opportunity to enjoy freedom and nature? In the U.S alone, even health care is tremendously expensive for many people, especially worse for those who can’t afford health care or simply don’t have it. All costs have been consistently going up, yet there’s more depression, anxiety and overall a massive increase in decline of mental health.

Are you living your dream job, or have you settled for something just so you could sustain a comfortable financial living? Are you happy? Are you overworked? Do you work for toxic people? Can you afford all your bills? If you can, are you happy? Do you feel humble?

What about marriages these days? Have you thoroughly thought about its origin? What made someone wakeup one day and said, “I need to find a way to make this other human MY human only?” A man created marriage, so that he could keep the woman he loved and it would keep all other men away. That is why women take the last name of men and the children that they bare also take their name. It was a way that men could own women and hold them accountable to be theirs for the rest of their lives. Ownership. In many cultures women were owned by men and were often married out into rich families back in the day. Today, marriage has developed a different meaning, but it is often pushed onto us, and if you have had a failed marriage or haven’t been married yet, you’re seen as a failure in the scheme of this ideal societal pyramid. 

The sheer pressure to not only marry someone until “death do you part,” but to feel obligated to endure toxicity in an abusive or toxic relationship until death is a narcissistic expectation at its finest. The control someone has over you with that simple phrase “until death,” is the gateway as to why you are pressured to stay in a relationship you’re completely unhappy in, or even advised to go to therapy to make it work.

This is why a lot of people are choosing to stay single. Even those who are a serious couple have chosen not to marry. It’s less of a strain and there’s no obligation. You can be madly in-love with someone without a piece of paper binding you for life. You also can be madly in-love with someone and 10 years later outgrow them and move on, without obligation.

Nowadays, marriage provides health insurance and a package bundle in this struggling world. It’s no wonder people are getting hitched. For one, too many people need financial help and benefits. We are sold this idea and then make decisions based on a moment we thought for sure would last forever, but doesn’t. Why doesn’t it last forever? Well, that’s because people change, grow and evolve in life. If change occurs, how can we gamble or entire life away?

Perhaps a private union is created amongst a loving couple without the paper and unrealistic expectations of what a marriage should look like, hot it should perform and the benefits tied into eloping. The government shouldn’t have their hands in your cookie jar anyway. 

How about the pressure to graduate from grade school, go to a good college, land a good paying job, get married, buy a house and start a family, is a life chosen for us. A lot of people have no idea that this idea of life was created for them, and although they can pick and choose their schools, their houses, their cars and their spouses, that it is actually the version of a white-picket fence life. Everyone is essentially doing the exact same thing, only they all choose a different option (or version) of what their life will have in it. 

Doesn’t this strike you as unusual as to why you’re doing the exact thing you’re currently doing at this very moment? You likely live in a house you don’t spend half the day in. You likely drive a nice car or car in general that you only drive to and from work and occasional errands. You pay for these things because they either make you “feel” successful and create that status quota that only exists in those who believe it exists (gotta love energy, right?). It also gives authority over the “care” option. You know, when someone makes a relatively handsome living and suddenly no problems around them exists and they become too superior to want to help where it’s severely needed in the world? I’m not downplaying someone’s want for success, I’m saying it’s backwards that it’s considered worthy, superior and successful. Life should never be about climbing the ladder and achieving material things, but we feed this entirely unrealistic idea of what a humans life on Earth should look like. Society has dictated every move and choice. Imagine that. Floating out in the middle of no where in space and all humans can manage to do is find success in jobs and gain material items that either of which they can’t take with them when they die. All the schooling, all the success, all the achievements, all in which completely dissipates when you die. You’ll be lucky that your assets make it to your second generation family tree. A lot of successful family assets don’t make it past a few generations.

Doesn’t this behavior astound you? When you dissect the thought process, you’re really living a life these was created by those who were also very likely to suffer from feeling whole when they were kids. Maybe they grew up in abusive homes or homes that struggled financially. It’s quite possible that every single one of us are byproducts of someone else’s childhood struggle. What about the kids that get bullied in school, but then grow up to become cops? We either get revenge on each other or get our revenge from feeling LESS than, in life. But who really suffers? That’s right, because everything rolls downhill and I don’t have to be a scientist to understand the law of gravity. There simply is no cure for hunger in terms of the constant need to fill voids, achieve, succeed, gain a status and accumulate material items that eventually sees themselves in a landfill at some point, which is a whole other problem on its own.

Which brings me to my next point. All of this chasing in life has created a catastrophic trash epidemic all in its own. Our need to feed the wants of our ego is restless and damaging to our earth. Totally oblivious that everything we do and accumulate was another resource depleted. But, that’s not important. No, having fresh water to drink isn’t important. Having clean air isn’t important. Having solved world hunger and poverty isn’t important. What’s important is that you have a status quota to live by and nothing else matters in the world, although all of this exists beyond what you choose to believe and see. It exists and is going to continue to exist and even grow into a massive cancerous tumor that we won’t be able to hide much longer.

And those who are downsizing, minimizing and living the nomad lifestyle are frowned upon. It’s so easy to upset someone you won’t have any memories of when you die, because you won’t even have memory of your own existence. It’s entirely laughable that people laugh at the easy going nomadic lifestyle who get by on very little and are some of the most happiest people on this earth. Work, success and materialistic achievements are not priority in these types of people lives. They know life is short and half of it is spent growing old. 

People are taking their life back and hitting the road for world travel. A lot of nomadic folks today are working remotely. They have the freedom to visit multiple locations or live somewhere for awhile at the ease of their own pace.

On, there are over 500,000 remote jobs available right now in the U.S. why work in an office the size of a prison cell, when you can have the freedom of the open road and work remotely. Money comes and goes, but life experiences are what is hard to come by. You’ll be lucky to have vacation time at your job for you to get out of town for a week. Imagine that, having to work a whole year just to vacation for a week or 2 somewhere exhilarating when you could be living your dream everyday, working remotely.

What if you woke up tomorrow and it was just you on this earth. What if no other human was here with you and you had to live the rest of your life with just you and nature. There would be no one to compete with. There would be no reason to go to school, because you would do everything hands-on. There would be no one to show any of your fancy material stuff to. There would be no wars, no waste, no depletion of resources, no poison or pollution and no reason to become “successful,” because success is determined by what others think about your level of success and grade your accomplishments. There would be silence. No expectations. No debt. Money would be irrelevant. You would live life just living. It might be a stress free life, if you could shut off the “Well i can’t live without…” mindset. 

Have you ever considered the mental health issues you endure in your very own work space? Imagine having to stay stuck working only 1 job for 40 years, so that you can collect retirement. Remember when I mentioned earlier about changing as a person when you evolve throughout your life? Same concept. When someone has to soldier it up and work at a job they likely and wholeheartedly dislike for 40 years, is damaging to someone’s mental health. Not to mention the level of toxicity that dwells and harbors in work environments, due to someone’s childhood trauma and struggle. Mental health is serious and most providers haven’t fully dissected the truth behind mental health issues. The world suffers from mental illness and people often work for other sick people. Then they have to endure irregular behavior patterns from folks who came from trauma and therefore create trauma for other people.

People have no idea what healthy looks like, because they’ve been made to believe poor treatment is a part of business. Sick people believe that there’s nothing wrong with how they treat others, that maybe society is too “sensitive.”

The consistent emotional and mental abuse spreads like wild flower, and because people are subjected to live a certain way in life in order to collect retirement, there’s no freedom. So, if you spend an X amount of years going to school for something you may eventually hate, to work at a place you can’t stand until retirement, then to add a journey of pain and suffering in your relationships at home, is a concoction for mental and emotional destruction.

If you could create your own world and start with a clean slate, what would it look like? Would success matter? Would climbing the corporate ladder matter? Would there even be jobs? What would your communities look like? Would you want “control” or create freedom of expression and unity? Would you want to pollute your world or poison the drinking water and destroy habitats for farming and businesses? Would there be any pain and suffering? Would you want to be sure that your people are being taken care of and that the planet wasn’t being used and abused? Would you want the best for EVERYONE? Would you even live in a house or construct something fascinating to live in? Would work exist or would it be volunteering to help each other out? What magnificent world would you create?

You see, everyone has a part of this pyramid we live in. It’s based on common perception. If the majority wants it a certain way, then that’s the way it’ll be. One sized shoe must fit all and if you even think about going barefoot you’ll be bullied, ridiculed, judged, shunned and damned for not following the structure. This is not YOUR life, this is the blueprint designed and orchestrated specifically for you to live. Everything else is someone else’s perception of what it should be.

As the world awakens to these new day changes quickly arising from within the ashes, people are becoming exhausted chasing these unrealistic expectations. Time is something humans aren’t given much of and everyday is not a guarantee. As a society we should be more adamant about change, evolution, prosperity, love and unity. What you want, shouldn’t dictate or triumph over what other people want. Life may be short, but it shouldn’t be dragged on in spite of.

If you’re happy following this scheme and it works for you and you’re a humble person who generously helps others, this is simply not for you. This is merely the seed I’m trying to grow in the rubble of society. To help expand and blossom the blueprint to the pyramid. Perhaps one day the pyramid will dissipate and we’ll all relearn to get in touch with our roots and unite. There is no better than. There is no “more” successful than. There is no status quota, only the one that’s been created by someone else. 

If you want true happiness, you must break free from the chains. There is definitely going to be resilience in terms of wanting to break down the borders that block you from reaching limitless opportunities on the other side. What we are doing now, isn’t what is, but rather what isn’t. We grow better when we grow together. 

Now ask yourself, is what you’re doing right now a part of what you thought your short journey on earth would be? Perhaps you could find a path through the brush that will lead you to YOUR ideal life and stop living in the expectations of others. Perhaps the pyramid is a distraction for the infinite possibilities that exist at your fingertips, but you’ll never know until you start to break free from these orders you’ve been made to follow. Earth is a peculiar planet and we are within a space with infinite possibilities. You do not need to follow the herd, because the herd needs a better leader.

What are your thoughts about how our lives are constructed? Please, entertain me with your ideal planet. I would love to hear what your world would look like and what you think about how we live ours.

I know there was much I did not cover, but I would like to add more to this topic at a later time perhaps.

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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