Stop Buying Crystals; Here’s Why

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Good day my Cosmic Seedlings!

You may have heard of the crystal phenomenon trending more now than ever. Every stone no longer goes overturned in a world where trends meet demand. It’s easy to get caught up in the healing powers of an earthy stone, so why am I here telling you that you should reconsider buying and supporting the crystal stone industry?

Reason #1:

  • Crystal mining is actually VERY damaging to the earth. 

Hundreds of millions of people collect crystals, not to include businesses with stored collections and vendors. With this, large companies excavate, bulldoze and use explosives on large bodies of land that harbor these trendy stones, and therefore they create massive pits in the earth which disrupts natural habitat that sustains life, and the balance of the ecosystem. It also creates toxic pools of water when it rains that are equal to dead zones. This poisons the land, the air and of course kills life.

Think about all the things we mine from this earth without thought, like fossil fuel, oil, lithium, metal, minerals, gold, water, stones, etc… And destroying habitats that are homes to animals, bugs and microbes living in the ground, and essentially contributing to throwing the planet out of whack. We overdo everything we touch and are consistently depleting resources by the day. Future generations will inevitably struggle if we continue on this path.

Humans think these resources are infinite, but the sad truth is that what took earth billions of years to form and create, took humans a few hundred modern years to deplete.


 Reason #2:

  • Slave trade is massive.

Yes, because oftentimes the stones origin isn’t often disclosed, people are forced in slave trades to work for little to nothing to bring YOU such positive energy and joy, even when they live and work in absolute misery. These massive organizations are not regulated and therefore there are no laws in labor.

When you think about it, you receive a stone that was actually dug up and touched by a very unhappy slave member or person in general. The energy transfer from them touching it to you touching it, regardless of sage, absolutely plays a role in your energetic field; it’s been fully absorbed and dispersed onto you.  Safe guarding your energy is not something people realize that they endure. 

Not to mention the level of toxicity that resides in many stones that are handles by these workers, the cutters, the dealers and then the customers. There’s little to no transparency when it comes to stones and not everything we touch is in fact healthy and can be absorbed through our pores and through our nose.

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Reason #3:

  • The properties about each stone are man-made and personal experiences.

This one may hurt, but here me out. Unfortunately, stones either work or don’t work for whatever case and idea you want it to work for. Have you ever heard of someone talking about a stone they bought and they felt nothing and it did nothing for them? Exactly. Firstly, every single stone and thing on this planet holds energy, that’s a fact. A tree has more energy than a stone does, but we label each and every pretty stone and give it a fancy name with a fancy purpose.

Have you ever bought anything new or looked at things you are thinking of buying? You know that excited feeling you get when you are about to buy something, see something you like or have it in your possession? Yes, that feeling is the same feeling in the stones that you obsessively buy. It excites you when you’re browsing through stones to pick your next one, hoping that one will pop out at you. Do you ever see really “ugly” uncut brown stones in someone’s house or pick them out yourself? Of course not, you only see all these really pretty, shiny and sparkly ones. You don’t really collect real raw rocks that have been weathered and worn, you collect the ones that mostly satisfy your visual preference. Some will even argue they feel a stones energy that helps them pick it. I can assure you it’s more of your energy than the stones energy. How often do you pick ugly colored stones vs the pretty shiny ones? Exactly what I’m trying to express to you.

It’s not the energy of the stone more than it’s your own energy of the feeling you feel when you see something you like or buy something you really want.

The idea of the properties behind each Crystal really comes from someone else’s idea of excitement over it and therefore it was labeled as such. “Oh wow! Look at this really pretty stone I found! I really love it! It would look great in my zen area. I just love it! It makes me feel happy!” You create the energy that is generated. A quartz Crystal or any crystal has no effect on people as it seemingly does on others.

The feeling you get from a stone really comes from within you, not the stone itself. You want to believe the fancy purpose it was given, you are raising your own vibrations in that belief, therefore you will feel a certain way. Your thoughts are more powerful than you even know, but if you were truly spiritual you would already know that and know that stones aren’t the driving point to your energetic vibration.


Reason #4:

  • It’s wasteful.

Yes, real stones are raw at their purest form. They truly don’t come straight out of the ground shaped and molded into a glossy Angel figurine. A lot of material is wasted to be shaped into figurines and molded. If anything, a rock has more value being raw, rather than smoothed and shaped. Perfectly good pieces of stone are wasted as they are shaped into a visually pleasing piece in order for you to be drawn to it and buy it.

Not to mention, the stone goes under a tremendous amount of trauma from being excavated from the depths of the earth, in which it formed for millions and even billions of years, then humans split it, crush it, cut it, mold it, shape and sell it. If that were a flower, it would surely die. Imagine the negative energy these stones absorb on impact and endure through the process and journey of exposure. Releasing and exposing the earth AND the rocks is like playing Russian roulette, only we don’t care about the outcome (EGO).

To add to that, crystals are a non-renewable resource, so once they are gone, that’s it forever.

Reason #5:

  • It’s a scam.

I know. This is hard to swallow, but if you look at the marketing and demand for crystals, you can see through the veil that you are being scammed into buying a slave ran, molded stone with a fancy said purpose. You fall for it every time though, don’t you?

Yes, they look so pretty and luring. They shine, glow, sparkle and we are visual creatures, so we are attracted to such beauty. Take a look at the diamond, another stone outrageously marketed and over priced, but people are obsessed. We are vulnerable and naive to a world of greed and fall victim to these scams. Funny how the diamond originally had no special energetic property for the longest time and as crystals started to boom, a property was invented for the diamond.

To add to that, crystals are priced by the way they look and not for their supposed healing benefits. You can buy a generic brown rock for much cheaper than a rose quartz Crystal or another really beautiful looking crystal.


Reason #6:

  • It doesn’t make you anymore spiritual.

We are our very own visionaries, but we will often place it on a materialistic object being the source of healing or good luck. The spiritual collective certainly isn’t giving you any extra brownie points for contributing to the destruction of natural habitats to reach the divine and excel into your spirituality. Spirituality isn’t about material things at all actually, it’s about what is within. Collecting stones while contributing to earth’s destruction and mining billions of years worth of natural formations, isn’t at all the way to reach the divine or evolve in your spiritual growth.

Remember, we cannot take any of this when we die, so what would the purpose be in destroying habitats, creating massive slave trades and contributing to the depletion of natural formations, all to feel closer to the spiritual world buying stones?

Think again my friends…

What can you do to step out of the illusion you’ve been led to follow?

  • Collect loose stones on the surface of the earth.

When you’re at a beach or going for a walk and you come upon a loose stone that’s appealing to your eye, you can pluck it if you must take it in the first place. There is no need to pay for a stone mined from a slave trade and molded into an unnatural shape, when you have an infinite amount of stones at your fingertips, literally. 

  • Grow your own.

These days, thanks to science, you can grow a few different types of your own crystals. I know it takes up other resources and your time, but they aren’t non-renewable resources and you can sit in the driver seat of your creation. Just think of all the limitless ideas you can create.

  • Stop following crystal businesses and enthusiasts on social media.

Following these pages and vibing with what you see is the last thing you want to subject yourself to. You want to dodge these crystal enthusiasts and businesses at all costs or you will inevitably be stuck in the same circle they are in. You see? It’s like a carousel and it’s going in a circle so fast, that you aren’t able to get off or control the ride. At some point you were made to believe that crystals were the key to the spiritual doorway you’ve been looking to get into, but the truth of the matter is that you fell for a scam and have lived every moment believing everything you hear about crystals are real and are of the truth. It is easy to manipulate someone that is in constant search for truth, help and understanding. Spirituality doesn’t cost anything, it is free and it resides within you.


Now, personally? I started to collect crystals for every ailment I was going through. I wanted to heal. I wanted answers to my prayers. I would buy stones and then give them to people. I wanted to get closer to the divine, so I created an unhealthy version of myself as I carelessly collected them and I even had the audacity to justify my actions and defend my rock buying. We are constantly in defense mode and ready to justify our actions to continue being OK with our habits and what we are doing. I really believed this hoax and followed hundreds of fellow crystal lovers on my social media.

It hit me one day. I wanted to open up a crystal shop with all sorts of “spiritual” materialistic items. Crystals would be my main focal point. I envisioned exactly what my shop would look like, what I would do to sell, the marketing and advertising, and I was looking up vendors, etc… Then, not too long after I had these ideas, these thoughts and even conversations with close friends and family, it suddenly dawned on me one day. I was given an URGENT collective message That read, “NO.” I was then given direct orders from the collective to look further into the crystal facade and was given these little snippet visions of destruction to the earth from crystal mining.


You see, I had no idea myself. I was clueless. I find myself to be a very intuitive person, but this moment challenged that. I was of course very grateful for having an open line of communication just then to receive such a message, so when I tell you I was shook, I was borderline flustered at the same time, because I was dead set on making this dream come true. I thought I was going to be a part of a spiritual solution, but then as if a hand came out of nowhere, I was quite literally slapped into a 3D reality from a higher collective message. 

It was then that I spent a lot of time over the course of a month or so, just researching crystal mining. It’s something I was oblivious to and I know most people are oblivious to too, but worse than that, is the lack of transparency in the industry. My mind had been blown. Every image I had received from the collective was in fact reality as I read through many articles and documents about crystal mining. I never realized this before, but I was stuck in a trance for a while with my crystal fetish and it was not only unhealthy for me, but VERY unhealthy for the earth.

Imagine the irony in that? Humans collect crystals, because they believe that it brings positive outcomes to issues, problems and whatever have you, and gets you closer to spirit, but never thought about the mass destruction it does to our planet and the amount of negative energy associated with mining these natural phenomenons. They contradict each other and we remain absolutely clueless. Which is really embarrassing now that I wrote this out in detail.

I had been new to crystal collecting, with only a year under my belt. I acquired crystals here and there throughout many years of my life, but the drive happened suddenly as I was going through stages and phases of my spiritual awakening, which hit hard in 2020 & 2021 for my crystal collecting frenzy. I am relieved of this force that kept me continuously subjecting myself to contribute to collecting and destroying.


Immediately after these thoughts, I vowed to never collect crystals again and of course my dream shifted into another spectacular dream. I now continue to enjoy plucking a loose stone from the bay where I live, here and there. No need to dig anything up and it feels good to detach myself from that lifestyle of wanting the next best crystal for personal gratification and spiritual justification.

Truthfully, It’s never been about the stone. The ego however, will tell you otherwise and many, many years of the same driven facade will surely create the foundation of belief. 

Everything you are searching for is essentially already within you. You are the energetic force you’ve been looking for and you don’t need to search for purpose in earth’s stones. The healing and belief power is built within the depths of your being. You could go for a stroll barefoot in the grass and ground yourself to receive an energetic surge of energy. Being out in nature will do you more wonders for your spiritual growth than a few crystals stored on your shelf indoors. Even house plants hold more energetic power than a crystal.

Yes, I understand you want to believe the stones have been your staple to mental health and your inner awareness, but in the “spiritual” world everything is energy and all that exists with us will give you a different feeling and outcome, but more so because your thoughts are energy and you’re the visionary. Your energy is more powerful than you give it credit for and you don’t need to believe a stone will enhance or advance your growth.


Perhaps instead of looking outward for energy in material things you focus on in these material objects you want to believe heal and bring you joy, you could look within yourself and hone the energetic force that’s been within you all along. Being out in nature is the purest form of energy, because everything is touching each other and is connected. The grass in the soil, the roots in the soil from the trees, the bugs, the waterways, everything touches and creates energy.

When you buy a crystal, it has been stripped away from the connectedness of the earth where it once rested and now sits on your shelf. You and future generations will continue to deplete these natural phenomenons until there is nothing left to strip from the earth. Billions of humans after you will certainly deprive the lands of their natural state of connectedness.

Remember, nothing is ours. You can be a part of solutions or be a part of problems during your short visit on earth. 

This is a direct Collective Message. You are being called upon from the Divine to awaken from another slumber…

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©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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