Last Night… (Rated-R)

“Everything about last night brought me to my knees. I have never felt such an intense connection with anyone else as I do with you and when we collided last night, it felt as though my body had collapsed into itself and a flame fumed from within the depths of my soul. I felt on fire from a rebirth the way you made love to me. I can still feel your touch and the thought of it drives me wild. Will you come to me again, my love?

Story Inspired Songs:

“Fall in Love,” by Phantogram & Sound Capital│“Middle of The Night” by Emily Duke │“Rush,” by Skeler

Last night was absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t get you and us out of my thoughts. Every time I think about it, I find myself touching the areas you touched me. I can’t get flashes of images of you and I entangled in one another. Every vision of you is embedded into the fibers of my mind. You’ve tainted the depths of every fiber that exists within me. I can’t get enough of thinking about you. I’m addicted to your touch and possibly obsessed with you. I’m addicted to your scent. I’m addicted to your kiss. With every touch and with every kiss a piece of your DNA claimed another part of my body. I’m like a schoolgirl experimenting love all over again. I want you to come to me again. I need you again. I want you again, deep inside while gazing into my eyes. I want to be yours. I want you to treat me like you did last night. I want you to take control. I really love that you’re dominant and take the lead, giving me the vip treatment while making love to me.

The vision of me on my knees on my bed in red silk. The canopy blowing from the breeze coming through my large ceiling to floor doors and windows set a romantic tone for the night I had been endlessly envisioning for as long as I have known you. Naked, I bared my body as you came up behind me and pulled me into you. The feeling of the warm oil you caressed over my body and emphasized deep tissue penetration over my nipples, slowly, your hand making its way down to my vagina. Rubbing my breasts with your other hand and kissing the inside of my neck while circling my clitorous with your other hand. Teasing me as you would gently slide your middle finger into me inbetween rubbing my labia.

I let out a long settled moan, because I was thinking about you inside me while you teased my vagina. Your hand ran up my neck and you pulled my head back onto your shoulder. Massaging the inside of my thighs you would again gently touch me and tease me. I could feel your penis become erect on my back. With every moan I gave out I could feel your penis pulsating from behind me. You were excited too and this made me so very wet. I loved teasing you. Making you desire me with every passing second just showed your thirst for making love to me. I could hear your thoughts and although you were patient with me, you were imagining putting your penis in my warm and very wet vagina. I wanted that so bad too and I would sit up and lean forward just enough so that the tip of your penis would touch my labia and slid my ass cheeks down your penis. I have to admit that teasing you made me hot when I felt the tip of your hard penis touch my vagina. My thoughts raced as I imagined you slipping it in all the way and it was as if I could feel it just by imagining it.


As you ran your hand down my chest, the sensation of you pinching my nipple in between your fingers created an arousal in my breasts and I could feel the nerve endings penetrate my body, making me crave you even more. I waited so long for this moment and I wanted to live in every moment of how I imagined us together. Your nibbles on my neck indicated that inside you were going just as mad as I was, that you wanted me so bad, but were trying to hold out for me, trying to prove it was more than just sex to you, but with every rub of my vagina, my restless hips proved to you that I was ready when you were. The oil made your touch so smooth and elegant. The glide from your fingertips down my chest made me imagine that as my hair stood up and my blood rushed, it was as if I could see all the excitement happening just under my skin. We weren’t in a rush, but  we were mad for one another and the self control seemed like a tease.

You controlled the scene and I surrendered to your dominance, because I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy you leading, but I certainly enjoyed teasing you. I waited a long time to feel your touch and it was electrifying. When you felt my vagina for the first time, I heard this small masculine groan from you. I could tell you imagined me when you were alone, because you perfected every touch and every move you made on me as if we’ve been intimate before. I wanted you so bad and I was willing to fully expose my raw expressions with you. I didn’t want to hold back with you. I wanted to show you what you’ve been missing this entire time that life has kept us away from each other. I wanted to be “the one” for you. I wanted to woo you and check off all your desires you’ve ever thought about. I wanted to make it possible for you. I wanted to please you, because it turns me on so much knowing I drive you wild and I’ve been a dream come true to your desires and fantasies.

I really loved you caressing and rubbing my nipples. I’ve never felt such sensations before and you knew I would like the way you touched me. My nipples became so hard, that there was this sensation where pain meets pleasure. My hips were restless as I wanted more of the teases from the tip of your penis slightly sliding into my wet and very swollen vagina. I couldn’t help but moan. I felt the wetness of my labia and the warm oil created such a smooth contact. In my mind I had aggressive thoughts of you sliding your penis in, grabbing my hips and jolting forward into me, making me slam into you as you drove your penis hard into my vagina. I had thoughts of being wild and dirty, but I knew we would have more time to play, because I wanted you to feel more euphoric being with me, that perhaps you would want to stay.


When it was time to connect, our chemistry had surpassed euphoria and you slowly leaned me forward and guided your penis into me. Your penis was swollen, so you took your time sliding it in, because I’m small and you took that into account. Your penis felt much larger going in, because our teases excited you so much and it felt so good when you slowly slid it in. I let out a moan as if you were hurting me, but it felt so good. It was that light cry I let out in disbelief from how amazing you felt. My face must have looked troubled and amazed at the same time, but it wasn’t just me, you couldn’t hold in your vocal thoughts either. It was the excitement from the first sexual penetration we had been working up towards for so long that made the sensation heighten to an entirely different ethereal experience.

It was euphoric, as if the universe had this entire scene planned for us. Years of sexual tension. Years of wanting to elope, surrender and engulf our spirits and body into one another. Years of teasing and emotionally cheating on our karmics, that with patience and perseverance, the stars would align after all. Your touch is familiar, just as I imagined it would be. I felt you long before our physical bodies touched and this proved that our chemistry was a genetic match.

When you grabbed me to pull me in and wrapped your arms around me, I felt the sensation of raw love throughout my body. Hugging me from behind sent prickly cold chills down my spine. With one hand you squeezed my breasts and teased my nipples, then while continuing to stimulate my clitorous with your other hand, you continued to thrust your hips by sitting back on your calves then driving your hips deep into me, so that your penis would go harder into me. I’m certain my soul left my body. That little tease you did when you went just a little harder right before you were all the way in, sent my soul to an entirely different realm. It was as if my nerve endings were going ballistic and I loved that you were enjoying my body as much as I was enjoying yours. You made me feel like a Goddess…


I was so involved with us making love and how good your touch felt and how you felt inside of me, that I tried so hard to hold back on cumming, but if I’m being honest I was so excited and became so aroused by you and your touch, that within minutes I just couldn’t hold back anymore, and so when I threw my head back onto your shoulder and engulfed myself fully into my orgasm, you knew I wasn’t going to hold back. I grabbed your hand that was caressing my breasts and intertwined my fingers into yours and grabbed your hand that was teasing my labia and circling my clitoris, I used your hand as if it were my own and continued to touch myself as I gradually slipped my hand away to feel your penis thrusting inside of me.

Your moans aroused me and I rolled my eyes to the back of my head as if I were being possessed in some sort of way and then suddenly the orgasmic sensation flowed throughout my body like an ocean wave. It was then that I had arrived in utopia and blanketed my entire being in euphoria. When I whispered to you, “Cum with me baby,” your moans turned into this dominant groan and within seconds you joined me in Utopia and I turned my head to kiss you as we came together. The pulsation of your penis inside me made me cum over and over again. My euphoria expanded and soon everything began to transcend around me. In the moment touching, kissing and cumming, I wanted more, as if I were an addict looking for a fix I circled my hips and with every finished circle you would go in a little harder, making me cum again and again.

As my orgasim subsided, our love making slowed. I smiled a big smile when you wrapped your arms around me while still inside me. Engulfed into the moment, time did not exist. It was just you and I. The warm and breezy crisp air came barreling through my large French doors and the canopy that surrounded my bed flowed with the breeze. We sat still, kissing and hugging. “I love you so much. I always have, since the moment I saw you. Now I’m here, with you. It’s a dream that finally came true…” You whispered to me. My heart overflowed with emotions as I felt nothing but love for you. I’ve been waiting for you for so long and now that I’m finally here with you I am overwhelmed with emotion. All the pain we had endured, finally served its purpose and brought us together. “I love you. More than I am physically capable of showing you…” I whispered back to you. Your eyes lit up and the look reminded me that there has never been a greater euphoric feeling than now, between us.


I have never felt more whole in my life until I met you. I envisioned us together the moment we met and I’ve been waiting patiently for us to overcome the challenges in order to be able to unite again. Being with you last night reminded me that we were always meant to be, we just had to go through the challenges of life in order to be ready for each other. Our story has just begun…

I await for you again, my love. 

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use it’s authenticity in any way.

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