My Covid-19 & Vegan Experience

“It is what we make of it…”

After nearly two years of dodging Covid and the vaccine, I was finally hit with it around the same time the Omicron variant was spreading. It was the first week of October, 2021. I’m fully vegan and have been vegan for over 7 years. I wanted to share my experience with covid while being vegan, because there are questions about our ability to overcome the virus and I wanted to share from my own personal experience. 

At 11pm, October 2nd 2021, I woke up to severe cold shivers. My body uncontrollably shook. Although it was rather cold outside here in Maryland, I assumed I was just cold. I bundled up in a sweatshirt, sweat pants, long socks and wrapped myself rather tight in an additional blanket. I thought for sure this would work, as it has any other time I’ve ever been cold. However, it didn’t and if anything I felt colder by the minute.

About an hour went by and my cold chills just wouldn’t subside, so I decided I needed a hot shower. Surely a hot shower would be the cure. I turned up the heat a tad and jumped into the shower. It felt amazing and right before my hot water ran out, I thought I felt like I was finally warming up. I bundled up and went back to bed again.

Another hour went by and STILL no relief with my uncontrollable shaking, but what was worse, was that at 2am I had sudden severe body aches and my head started to hurt. Now, because I’m homeopathic and practice Buddhism, I do not take any man-made drugs or supplements. I do not take pain medication for headaches and I wouldn’t take anything for my body aches or chills, so I took on every bit of pain and experienced it naturally and head on.

For 2 days I suffered with cold chills, body aches and a headache. On that second day I learned that coffee was the cure to my headaches. I don’t drink coffee, ever. I had a craving for coffee (listening to my body) and went with it. I’m also caffeine sensitive, so I cannot drink coffee, energy drinks or anything that contains caffeine, nor do I honestly want to take part in consuming things that have an addiction string attached. Coming from a family of functional addicts, I’m hyper sensitive to anything that is mood altering.


I felt so annoyed and figured after that first day of not feeling well, I thought for sure I had Covid. I went to get tested at a local “Patient First” clinic and waited about 3 hours to be seen. Honestly, the worst part about this was waiting with a headache. I could have cared less with the chills and even the body aches, but the waiting that long in a bright room with a headache made me feel worse. I kept taking deep breaths and drinking water. Sadly, my test came back negative. I took a rapid test and a test they sent out, but negative.

I drove myself back home and continued to eat healthy while I felt like a train wreck. This entire time my body only wanted fresh fruits, fresh veggies, smoothies and homemade soups. I was well taken care of during this time. I didn’t have much of an appetite of course, but I did try to eat small bits of fresh and healthy foods only. Natural foods hold a lot of elements your body needs to fight viruses and stay healthy.

The next day, I decided to try and take another Covid test (day 3). During this time, my young kids caught covid, but were over it in two days. Their only complaints were that their muscles hurt for a little bit and they had a fever for a little while too, but by day two they were running amuck in the house, since they couldn’t go back to school for 2 weeks. I went to a military clinic and got tested this time. My rapid test came back positive and the test they sent out came back positive as well. Go figure. I’m sure glad I got tested again. I can’t imagine all the people who’ve tested negative and still continued to go to work claiming they tested negative, when they were highly likely positive. Then again, people simply cannot afford to stay home when they are sick, so of course the virus keeps spreading.

By day three (the same day I ended up testing again), I woke up at 3am without any of those symptoms, but with a severe sore throat instead. It was hard to swallow and was very painful. I immediately got up and made tea. I lived in Germany from 2015-2018, so I still had some real German herbs I held onto for times like this. I made tea and added agave to it to give it a sweet taste. I also drank elderberry tea. I made the tea from dried elderberries. I did not add anything to it at first and it tasted really disgusting to be honest, but I knew I had to drink it, because elderberries are high in antioxidants and they were going to help kick Covid’s ass. About an hour after drinking my tea and my elderberry, my throat felt amazing and I no longer had any pain.

Later that day after testing, I hung up a shelf in my room. I live in a 44 foot RV, so isolation is rather hard, but I found ways to entertain myself, since I was feeling relatively better and grew bored, since I felt normal again.


The next morning the same thing occurred. I had another sore throat, so I repeated what I did from the day before and I ended up with the same results. After feeling better, I went outside to spray my RV with a eco-friendly bug repellent, because it would figure that it was stink bug season and they were trying to get in my RV. I spent time outside and spraying the RV. Since my sore throat started, there would be sporadic needle-like pains throughout my joints and muscles, and on this day i started a runny nose and lost taste and smell.

By the 7th day I had just a little lurking sore throat. On the 8th of October I was good, but then Mother Nature paid a visit in another way. I got my menstrual. Perfect timing, right? I am happy that it didn’t come during covid and I took it as a good sign that my body is still functioning properly, even after all that hard stress of being sick and it even came a day early. Yay me!

The first few days of having covid were painful, but tolerable. My breathing was NOT impaired and I had NO coughing. I do not have any health issues and I have my blood tested every year for safe measures. I used to have asthma when I was a kid, but I seem to have outgrown it as an adult. I’m in the gym seven days a week doing various physical exercises and I eat relatively healthy.

I do not take any medications or prescription drugs. I do not take any supplements or vitamins. I do not consume any liquid that is not water and drink at least 1,500-3,000 milliliters of water a day. Yes, this means I do not drink juice, soda, energy drinks, protein drinks, coffee, tea, etc… I do not consume anything for my physical fitness and goals.

I have allowed my body to take care of itself. Our body’s have been designed to take care of itself for over a hundred million years. It has seen trillions of bacteria and viruses since the dawn of our existence. We are here today, because of these viruses and bacteria we’ve endured throughout human history. I believe in allowing my body to do what it was designed to do. With so much information and marketing these days telling us what we should do, eat and take in, it’s a wonder we are STILL ill and or our immune system fails us all together.


During this time I was sick, I had watched a documentary on the Gaia Channel called, “Heal.” Now, I can’t be a hundred percent sure this was the one I watched, because I’ve watched so many of their shows, but the one I watched talked about how powerful your mind really is. It brought you through steps and elaborated on a better understanding how you can heal your body using your mind and positive thoughts. I applied these same principles and thoughts while I was sick and imagined my white blood cells and healing energy kicking Covid’s ass in my body. I imagined my body healing and becoming stronger. I imagined my white blood cells as guardian angelic like soldiers grabbing ahold of this virus and beating them into smithereens. I would then imagine them creating new cells and retreating back to their origin throughout my body so that those achy areas could heal.

I was very tuned into my body and listened to it, something I’ve never done in the past before, or at least not to THIS extent.

As a vegan and having covid, AND tuning into mind over matter healing, I have done well for myself. Oftentimes, humans don’t like to “feel” pain or want to get “sick” and we disable the ability for our body to do what it’s meant to do and endure these foreign viruses to overcome and strengthen our natural immunity. Just in the past 100 years, our dynamic has changed drastically just by what we eat. It’s actually making us sick and keeping us sick, and in return we’ve received nothing other than taking meds as a solution to our problems, which then create more problems. All these new substances we put into our body hinders our ability to function, process and heal at its fullest potential, so when our body is hit with a virus or bacteria, our immune system shuts down. It’s incapable of fighting anything off, because of what you’re putting into your body on the regular.

Now, there are health gurus out there that eat healthy, but still firmly believe in consuming stuff that their body was never designed to process and digest, therefore putting stress onto our liver and digestive system, etc… These are not natural substances and elements, so when your body’s working overtime to process these foreign substances, it absolutely takes a toll on your body, and your immune system will be subjected to failure or not work at its fullest potential.

It’s important to know that getting back to your roots will inevitably determine whether or not your body is even capable of defending itself up against the unknown. Now, your body was originally designed to take care of itself, it’s how we have been able to survive throughout our entire evolution. Now, unfortunately not everyone eats or lives this way, so they are more likely to succumb to an illness and or virus. Also, there will without a doubt be many more viruses as we continue to live and evolve on this earth. However, what you’re doing for yourself right now, will determine your future and your kids future, etc…


With that being said, I felt like I had the flu and I haven’t had the flu since I was a child. I do not vaccinate, because I believe in the closest to the natural order of things. I also practice natural immunity and encourage homeopathic remedies.

Now, I have an immune compromised best friend that caught covid this past month. She also eats relatively healthy and overcame covid. She has ileostomy/ostomy, so she doesn’t have her small intestine anymore and has to wear a bag for her bowels for the rest of her life. She’s in pain every single day, she doesn’t feel well most often and although she had the same symptoms of Covid, her and her 2 kids and husband all overcame Covid. Her and her two kids are not vaccinated, but her husband who is military is fully vaccinated. Again, they eat rather healthy in comparison to a lot of humans. They are not fully vegan, but eat clean homemade meals.

For myself, I stayed home when I wasn’t feeling well. I know this world we live in does not allow us to stay home when we are sick, so it’s hard to live with or without the vaccine. Humans need to work to pay bills, they have no choice but to go to work sick, those are facts. Covid will not be the last virus, because for millions of years we’ve endured countless viruses throughout human evolution. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

My conclusion;

My idea of being healthy is different. I work on my health every single day. I choose to live healthy, where many people who get sick or die are consuming candy, soda, juice, processed foods, supplements, vitamins, medications, smoking, drinking, drugging, and eating way too much foods containing cholesterol, etc…

And don’t think for a minute that a vegan couldn’t die of Covid, because it also determines what they consume too. I know of a few junk food vegans who enjoy candy, sugar, sodas, chips, processed foods, drinking alcohol, energy drinks, taking in daily supplements, etc… It’s less heard of with vegans dying of covid, but we aren’t untouchable, because it REALLY depends on what you’re putting into your organic living organism (your body). I say it like that, because I imagine the human body as a garbage disposal today, with what people put into their body’s and think it’s good or normal or even ok. 

In all, this is my experience and what I did while I was sick with covid. If I was giving advice, I would recommend tuning into your body and feeding it nothing but healthy foods. Eliminate all the processed foods and drinks. Focus on healing your body and picture healing. Everyone has a different experience with Covid, but this is what I went through and what I did to help recover.

What to eat that helped me and easily processed and digested:

Dark fruits (fresh or frozen)

Elderberries (fresh or dehydrated)

Dark veggies (fresh)

Homemade soups

Drink plenty of water

Fruit and or veggie smoothies, homemade (raw or frozen)

Coffee for headaches

Organic Herbal teas

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved.

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