Change your vibe and attract a positive tribe! What you put out in the universe is what you’ll attract. Good intentions comes with higher vibrations.

They say when you actually meet the one, you’ll realize just then why no one else ever worked out. It’s a phenomenon no one else can understand, only you, the person going through it. It’s a perpetual bliss, where every man-made lifestyle no longer applies to the realism of a situation you have absolutely no control over. What is meant for you is part of your destiny and growth and it’ll happen, because the universe is the one in charge, not necessarily you.

Humans live their entire lives with man-made rules and regulations. This is not truth nor facts of the universal law. We become brainwashed that we must continue to pursue things that no longer make us happy, even if we without a doubt made a promise to commit. We make commitments based on our current vibrations in life, but humans are absolutely supposed to grow, therefore we outgrow what is no longer contributing to our growth. The downfall is that we are so prideful, we continue to endure habits that make us unhappy and sick, because we value our word and promise beyond what we are capable then.

Because humans choose to live this way of life, the planet actually suffers. Our vibrations continue to plummet and many will fall to a lower level frequency and even spend the rest of their lives surfing through this frequency. Humans truly believe that once a choice is made, that we actually have to live it forever and this is simply not true and if anything not fair to the person deserving of happiness, you and your partner.

Humans use this excuse oftentimes to get what they want from others. “You promised me!” “You told me I was your only and forever!” Is often used against someone who’s simply wilting in their potential growth, therefore they continue living a life that’s not true to their growing vibrations just to make someone else happy in life while they continue to suffer.

Pride is ego. Ego makes all your choices and decisions, however we believe in freewill and that’s not always the case either. Everyday proves that we aren’t always in control. If everyone’s freewill was granted, the world would be far more chaotic than how it’s going right this very moment in our existence. Our choices can and will affect people, places and things, however not all wishes can be granted.


What if you could start aligning yourself with what makes you happy? What would be the hurt in it? Everyone has the power to seek happiness, big or small. But what separates what’s actually contributing to our growth can mean an entirely different meaning. Oftentimes when we are sad, depressed, lonely, etc… our vibrations lower. When we come across something or someone, we often actually attract our current vibration, so essentially you’re attracting what’s already on your level and it’s not going to contribute to healthy growth and it’s highly likely that with time you’re going to end up in the exact same position you’re already in or worse, go lower.

Now, you can absolutely come across healers. They are very high vibing entities that lower vibrational people are drawn to without even realizing it. These people are often awakened and often spiritual people, people whom make a conscious effort to seek higher vibrations as their way of life. These humans draw people needing healing in some way shape or form. Without people with good and healthy contributions to your growth, it’s likely you are drawn to someone on your exact level or even lower. It’s rare to come across humans who are virtually healthy, respectful, responsible and awakened.

Life is short, this we know, but if people don’t know how to heal, they’ll endure the same behaviors in different forms over and over again until lessons are learned and that person seeks something better than their current state of mind or something higher than their 3D selves. Now, as much as we should grow, some people simply will not and it’s part of their destiny to vibe at a certain frequency because they are contributing to what’s needed of the universe. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t flip a switch and change, but for those that don’t are like bottom feeders that essentially contribute to things no one else would even volunteer for.

When we experience a pure and innocent light, it can be so alluring and euphoric that we can be healed of the negative vibration we are on. However, people who are on the lower vibe tribe can find such a pure light repulsive and these people create more negative energy within themselves, but what if we picked our friendships and relationships based on our healthy vibration? In desperation we settle, because our patience is thin and we believe if we don’t jump on every opportunity, we may never get another.

The sad truth is, not a single human honestly cares about what you’re doing vs what you’re not doing. They may judge you, but if you remember and remind yourself just how short life actually is, you’ll have learned that it’s not impossible to do better, be better and attract better. As we grow older, a lot of us will have experienced life, learned a lot about people, learned a lot about ourselves, our worth and have gained knowledge and experience, but we are starving creatures. Hungry for love, attention, affection and success. We are often driven by things we aren’t aware of or realize that we attract things that aren’t serving a healthy purpose in our lives. 


To have a healthy relationship is like finding a needle in a haystack. Healthy means someone who’s conscious, awakened, self aware, humble, supportive, contributes to your mind, body and soul in a positive way, these attract positive outcomes in life and higher vibrational people, and not someone who’s toxic, unsupportive, sneaky, liar, manipulator, controller, cheater, gaslighting, narcissistic and so on that attracts negativity and toxicity into your life, and attract people who are doing the exact same thing.

To find this balance with good and evil, you must be willing to fight to stay within the good or you’ll eventually succumb to the negative parts of life. Oftentimes, we are completely disconnected from our actions, we will often justify our actions to continue indulging in these negative activities that keeps us vibrating on a lower frequency. 

When we want happiness, we actually have to believe we are worthy of a healthy relationship that will contribute to our growth in a positive way. You have to believe you are worthy of achieving healthy friends and relationships. You have to see the outcome and live it. Be honest with yourself, so that you can find ways to better who you are everyday, so that you can manifest positive outcomes into your life. The moment you disconnect yourself from seeking positive outcomes, is the moment you fall beneath a frequency. I look at it like a credit score, you keep working towards a goal to keep your credit score high and in good standing, the better your life will be when you want to do something that requires having good credit. If you have bad credit, you don’t get anything, because no one one trusts you,  not even you can’t trust you when you’re on the lower vibrational wave. Be honest here. 

I’m speechless for the people who indulge in temporary behaviors that set them back spiritually. A lot of people don’t believe that they have choices or they believe they have to keep pursuing what they promised and these same people fall below a level of vibrations and are often unable to resurface properly after living in the red zone for so long. It can take a force of extreme discipline to distance yourself from pursuing behaviors that aren’t aligned with truth, honesty and positive vibrations. No matter what your choices are in life, be sure to do what toy do with an honest intention. Like leaving a spouse before cheating vs participating in inappropriate behavior with someone else.

Humans don’t live a truthful aligned life and it causes chaos amongst the vibrations in the world and causes much chaos within humans. Toxic behaviors are addicting and like all addictions they are really hard to kick to the curb. You have to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically strong enough to separate yourself from wanting to indulge in behaviors that are damaging to our growth.


I encourage you to know how to heal, so that you can attract higher vibrational and positive outcomes and people in your life. Don’t become a victim, learn and grow with the best intentions and you’ll attract good positive outcomes into your life. Be mindful of what you’re willing to reach towards and ask yourself the honest question and ask if you’re doing what you’re doing with the best positive intentions? Are you indulging in behavior that’s hurting people or could hurt people? Set your positive intentions in life and it’ll actually get better.

So, when you meet that special person in your life, you’ll know with every 3D and 5D experience, that this is without a doubt a real soul connection with someone. It’ll be pure, it’ll be healthy and it’ll align with the purists of good. Intentions will speak of truth and authenticity and no matter what your magnetic person will heal wounds, inspire you, motivate you and care about your relationship. Healthy relationships create a positive outcome in your life, in your partner’s life and in the lives of those around you. Inevitably, your choices affect those around you, so it’s best to know your intentions and set them with the best intent. A healthy love life will take work from you. You must endure levels of frequency to accomplish an ultimate partner.

There will be without a doubt tests. Tests that push your sanity beyond the limits, tests that bend time and space, tests that will test your patience, but know if you keep pursuing positive intentions, nothing will ever be able to stop you and pull you down to a lower frequency again which you would inevitably fall for. What ISN’T meant for you can actually seem MORE desirable and you may even find that you don’t really have to work for it. Negative and positive energy compete against each other for, well, energy. Often, weak spirits will give in and take what’s easiest to feel those temporary feelings and experience temporary experiences, and feel that temporary high that brings in temporary excitement. However, that snack that was being used to tease you into collapsing and settling for less, will wear off and you’ll find yourself having to start all over again. The cycle repeats in different stages in life and only the strong survive (easily put).

 You cannot achieve such power if you’re not willing to learn, grow, discipline yourself and allow patience to remind yourself that what you seek is coming, but you must believe it will happen, that it will come for you and that with patience and mindfulness you will attract what was truly meant for you. Life is the greatest lesson to learn and a very unique experience, so do not fall for the crumbs that will inevitably temporarily satisfy you, while constantly leaving you hungry for more and willing to do anything for more of those breadcrumbs.

When you’re vibing higher, you’re going to attract higher vibrational people into your lives. Yes, you’ll have that sneaky manipulative energy form that’s disguised as a pure intentional energy when they are not, trying to get you to settle for less, but just know that the more in-tuned you become, the more protected you are by this higher vibration and therefore you’ll be able to know who’s pure intentioned and who’s not. You must actually want healthy results in your life and actually believe you’re worthy of them.

Happy vibrations my loves and may you heal and attract such a beautiful guiding light into your life age may you be a light in someone else’s life. 

©️ 2022 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved.

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