The Perfect Distraction

๐““๐“ธ๐“ท’๐“ฝ ๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ฟ๐“ฎ ๐“ฝ๐“ฒ๐“ถ๐“ฎ ๐“ฝ๐“ธ ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“ญ? ๐“ฃ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ๐“ท ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ฎ๐“ท! โ˜๏ธ

They don’t want us to unite. We are a powerhouse. A universal phenomenon. An important piece to the missing puzzle. They will do all they can to distract us from uniting. We will need to fight against all odds. We are the most important parts of the universe in two separate bodies here. We will need to battle for our love. You’re the light in the darkness. I’m coming for you my love. Please don’t give up on us…

SONGS that Inspired this story:
โ€œCome Closeโ€ Vini Vici, Neelix, MKLA | โ€œFor The One You Loveโ€ Roger Shah | โ€œInvisibleโ€ Craig Connelly | โ€œRain” Craig Connelly | โ€œKori-Safe At Lastโ€ Fludified (feat. Ellle Chante) | โ€œLet Me Inโ€ Rezz & Fknsyd  | โ€œStayโ€ Craig Connelly (extended version) | โ€œWe Are The Rulersโ€ Rayelle & Hidden Citizens | โ€œAlter Egoโ€ NTO | โ€œRoslynโ€ Ben Pellow | โ€œExperienceโ€ Ludovico Einaudi & Daniel Hope

“Sir, we need someone to fill in this role.”

“Hhmm. There’s no one else?”

“No sir, there’s no one else. It’s going to have to be him. We can use him temporarily. It could be beneficial, but we’ll have to be very cautious and very watchful.”

“But what ifโ€ฆ This may be too risky. We’ll need a backup plan.”

“Alright then. Call him in and give him a briefing.”

I hate it here. I’m so unhappy. I have fought and fought, but I just don’t understand. I feel as though the world is against me. I don’t feel free. I’m tired of my relationship. I’m ready for something else, but I have no idea what I’m waiting for. I often have these thoughts lately. An emotionally abused daughter and emotionally abused by my previous relationships. I always felt that there was more to me and my life, something I could feel deep down inside. This energy is pent up, but I have no idea how to release it, so I hold it in me, because my life choices don’t allow me to express myself the way I want.

It’s nothing short of an ordinary day. My life consists of super highs and super lows. When I’m doing good and expanding my thoughts, vibrations and energy, there always seems to be something thrown at me to keep me from achieving what I feel inside. I’ll never forget the universal phenomenons that have occurred throughout my life. My journey has led me to this very moment, but sometimes I feel like everything is orchestrated.

I work at a cute coffee shop during the week and on the weekends I volunteer at humanitarian organizations and spend time with my kids. I like being out of the house as much as possible, but I seemingly find myself trapped there often. After work I spend about an hour at the gym everyday. It’s soothing and motivating. I enjoy building my body, mind and soul. It keeps me aligned and disciplined.

It would be the one day where I thought I knew everything there was to know about life and my life in general. I was at the coffee shop as I am everyday. I see mostly the same faces everyday. I grow bonds with my customers and we respect each other. Nothing was ever out of the ordinary and my tasks are repetitive and focused daily. This day in particular took me by complete surprise. It seemed like an ordinary day, but it would end up to be the most unusual phenomenon I wouldn’t be able to explain without sounding crazy. I would go home that day and have a full on fight with my boyfriend. We argued over things that had me really flabbergasted. We argued over the fact that men on my social media pages express their love for my posts. Yep, just one of the many things I’m apparently doing wrong in my life. There’s many things my boyfriend doesn’t like that I do and sometimes it causes him to break things, yell, scream and say incredibly hurtful things that would break anyone’s soul and push them into feeling insecure and inadequate in life. I lived live my life trying to stay out of his radar and ultimately stopped living a life all together that brought me joy. 


After my seemingly normal day ended with nearly ending my relationship, I went to bed really evaluating my life and my life’s purpose. I was emotionally abused by my own family growing up and my parents were physically and emotionally abusive to each other. It’s no surprise that I seem to have inherited their toxic ways of life by picking men who resemble their behavior in some way. My parents deemed their toxic behavior as normal and that they work through it because and I quote, “That’s just what you do. You work on it no matter what. That’s what a relationship is.” I took notes and realized on this very day fighting with my boyfriend, that I was living a complete lie. A lie created by my own parents whom also lived a facade and believed this was true.

I’ll never forget the feeling after that day. Like the song, “The Sounds of Silence,” by Disturbed. It would be this very fight that pushed me way out into left field. My ears rang so loud I couldn’t hear anything else. All the noise was muffled as my boyfriend screamed at me. I thought to myself that this just couldn’t be. There’s no way that this is considered normal. Who defines normal in a relationship? Who gets to be the judge? Who knows the honest answers to relationships or are people just filling the minds of other innocent people with their own opinions and rubbish ideas of what a functional relationship is supposed to look like?

I laid in bed for what seemed like an eternity that night. I broke down crying myself to sleep. I looked back at my relationship and realized I was no longer the person I once was. Everything that brought me joy was destroyed by the person who claimed to love me unconditionally. I grew to become miserable, insecure, emotionally fragile and depressed. I felt unloved and unaccepted. I ultimately grew into the person HE wanted me to be, which eventually he would grow to dislike even more. I continued this facade of a life I’ve had to recreate to “make things work” between us. I realized as I cried myself to sleep, that I deserved someone who would bring me nothing but love and support in my life and not someone who projected his insecurities onto me and controlled my every being to make himself feel better about himself.

That night I had a dream of a random man in my coffee shop. A man I didn’t really get to know. A simple, but quiet man. Our interactions weren’t much. I’ve noticed him around, but never thought anything more about him. I had no attraction and no interest. He was simply just a guy that was a regular at my coffee shop. He showed up in my dream that night. He and I were in a relationship together there. He came to me with great concern for me. He was upset, but for what reasons I do not know. I believe he was upset with the way my boyfriend was treating me and upset with himself that he couldn’t do anything to help me. There was a strong pull of something that caused this argument. I felt he wanted to tell me something important, but couldn’t. We were in love in my dream. There was so much pain felt from whatever situation had been brought to his attention, but so much love flowed through our hearts. What was he trying to communicate to me?

The following morning I felt an intense amount of butterflies for this random customer. I felt as though I was completely in love with a complete stranger. How could this even happen and why out of any phenomenon in the world that could happen to me, this happened and it left me completely flabbergasted. I eagerly got ready for work and was excited to see him for the very first time and I had no idea why either. As the morning went on, my butterflies were so strong they made me nervous and if I am being honest I felt like a new person. I felt motivated and inspired. I felt like a new door had been opened. I had a tremendous amount of new energy seep through my body. I wanted more of this feeling, because it felt so good.

As I arrived at work, my dream was all I could think about. Why did this stranger appear in my dreams? Was it a sign? Was it the universe trying to tell me something? I have had countless dreams of other people and many people I have encountered my entire life, but this strange phenomenon would certainly catch my attention and I just couldnโ€™t shake the WHY? Am I going crazy? Can you just wake up one day and love a complete stranger, who by the way you were never interested in before? How is this phenomenon even possible? I donโ€™t know this guy. A casual โ€œHello, enjoy your coffee,โ€ is all that was ever usually exchanged between us.

When I arrived at work, my heart was going a million miles an hour. I was so nervous to see him as if he knew I had a dream about him. Did he know? What if he had a similar dream as I did, because well you know we are both strangers and he happened to pop up in my dream out of complete randomness. I sweated and I definitely over thought this dream. I am a person who thinks incredibly deep. I like to analyze everything and with deep knowing that everything happens for a reason, I was convinced that this was a sign from something, but what?

As I worked, it was as if my body was in limbo. I had tunnel vision. Customers came and went, but although my body was physically present my soul was not. Then it happened, He came in and I instantly greeted him. Oh my goodness my ears had become warm and I felt rather flushed and distressed. Even seeing him in person was exhilarating. I thought maybe things would change once I saw him in person again, that maybe I would be reminded of why I had no interest in the first place, but no, it intensified my feelings 3 fold and I just wanted to jump over the counter and kiss him so badly.

I noticed every detail about him while he ordered coffee. I was hearing his voice as he ordered his coffee, but I wasnโ€™t listening. I noticed his bright blue eyes and how tall he was. He towered over me and I felt a sense of deep pleasure in his presence. I tried to play it off, but I felt like it was noticeable that I was acting unusually this day. The energy was intense. I have never felt such intense energy in anyone’s presence in my entire life. I was in complete awe and utter shock as to what was even happening in this very moment. His voice sounded beautiful. I just envisioned him and I talking for hours. It was comforting. When he smiled, it was as if the entire room lit up in an aura Iโ€™ve never seen on this planet until this very moment. I was seeing him in an entirely different light and I wanted so badly to be his everything. I wanted more of him. In that instant he became a drug I wanted to overdose on.
As he sat down to have his coffee, I just admired him. I went about finding things to do that would bring me closer to him. I cleaned tables, swept the floor by him and checked the napkins and condiments on all the tables. Anything that would get me closer to his presence. I slowly walked over to him and asked him if he would mind if I checked the napkins on his table and before I even walked over to him I noticed he looked over at me from the corner of his eye. When I approached him to ask him, he gave me the ok to check. His side eye got my mind thinking again, but I’m overlooking every detail.
As he was leaving, he had set his bag he brought in on an empty table by the door next to the counter I was working at. It seemed he needed to grab his keys and glasses before leaving the cafe. I never thought of what he did before this day or if he usually did this. He grabbed his things and as he walked out he said good-bye to me and I said good bye back to him.

I went about my days excited to see him. For every passing day I repeated my actions by checking napkins just to get closer to him. With every passing day, I noticed that before he left the cafe he would always stop right before the door and gather his keys and glasses at the table closest to my counter before exiting. Why wouldn’t he gather them at his own table? That table was usually empty, because being that close to the door was desperation. During the seasons the cold air or hot air would take your breath away sitting by that door. Every day I seemed to only look forward to seeing him and it was really killing me.

I couldn’t sleep well. My mind was inspired and motivated as if I was a new person and after being in an emotionally draining relationship, I finally felt alive again. I wanted him so bad. This new profound love for a complete stranger certainly pushed me off my high horse and redirected me onto an entirely new path I had no idea even existed. For a few weeks he was all I could think about and I felt as though I was on cloud 9 or experiencing a unique parallel experience that just couldn’t be explained, and everyday I recorded every bit about him in my memory. I wanted to know more about him, but my physical body was incapable of expressing my feelings to him. I would just freeze in his presence.

Low and behold I went to the local gym after work and as I was bench pressing I sat up to grab more weight and there he was. Anxiously shaking his leg, looking right at me, but our eyes met instantly and he nodded his head towards me in a hello motion. I awkwardly waved back with my fingers, because I was taken by surprise and my body stopped functioning.
Ironically enough, I have seen him here before every now and then, but I never thought twice about him. I was in my own world and just not interested. I slightly panicked when I saw him, but awkwardly played it off as I started to lay down on the bench. My heart pounded. I could feel my blood fuel the energy that swept through my veins. I felt as though I had this new power within me.


“Sir, are you seeing this? This isn’t a good idea. We’ve come too far, we can’t let anything ruin what we’ve been building here!”

“I see it. We have to be cautious. We need this though. Just look at everything that we’ve been able to create!”

“We can’t let things get too far out of hand, we need a diversion for a while. Initiate the next plan.”

“Roger sir!”

Then it happened. A virus came through and swept the world by storm and the entire world went on lock down. Everything shut down and everyone was forced to stay home against their own will. The virus was said to be killing people. It was a very devastating time and I went into complete depression. My life had been turned upside down. I wasn’t going to see him again and my heart shattered. I was worried as the nation painted trauma and tragedies throughout the world. Our country seemed to crumble. I couldn’t believe that something so abrupt could happen this way. I knew for a lot of people it was going to ruin their lives and for a lot of people this was going to be the best thing to happen to them. For me, I was devastated in a different way.

This man came to my dreams for months during lockdown. I’ve been in relationships before where I thought I was in love and put a decent amount of time into thinking about that person and never dreamed of them or only dreamed of them a few times with no significance in my dream. This stranger dipped into my dreams like a warlock. It was as if he honed lucid dreaming and would visit me. Oftentimes he lingered in the background watching over me without actually watching over me. Like, making sure I was OK. He made physical contact with me in multiple dreams asking me to not give up on him and another where I was waiting in a waiting room in the universe where I had fallen asleep at a desk waiting for something and he came for me. He grabbed my hand after he sighed and led us into the Abyss.

After months of lockdown things started to open back up and I was so eager to see him in person again. Every passing day I tried to convince myself that I was going to talk to him more when I saw him. I had months to convince myself that I would gain the courage to talk to him and engage in a conversation. I felt ready, but all would shatter when I saw him again at the coffee shop one day. I froze. All I could muster up was, “hello! Nice to see you again!” We did engage in a short recap conversation from the lockdown, but I didn’t feel like I could pursue a longer conversation and left it at that. With every passing day we didn’t say much to each other, but I noticed he’d look over at me more often than before.

I couldn’t shake the energy I was feeling for him. It was as if I had known him my entire life and the more I engulfed myself into this connection, I started to have visions of him as if we had lived many past lives together. I started to have flashbacks from multiple different lives lived here and lives lived elsewhere within the universe. This started to scare me. This man started to haunt every part of my life day and night. I couldn’t see anything or anyone else. My energy longed for his energy and every time he came around, I felt my energy become stronger. I felt awakened, alive and stronger than I could have imagined. I felt invincible.

Months passed, but he always seemed to keep his distance and I could never muster up the courage to start a conversation. When we would see each other we would make eye contact that seemed to stop time. Seconds would go by before we realized we got lost before waking up and breaking eye contact. The energy remained intense and little things would happen here and there, but I was convincing myself I was the crazy one with interest and that he clearly wasn’t interested. I held onto every encounter too long, dissecting it and trying to decode it as if he was feeling unusual about me too. Some days it seemed like we were vibing high and an occasional short conversation would happen, then I wouldn’t see him for a while or when I did we wouldn’t speak. 

“Sir, it’s time. The requests are being ignored and if we wait any longer to take action, this entire operation will be sabotaged and we’ll all die. He’s not obeying orders. We have reason to believe he’s trying to use telepathy. He’s unable to control himself.”

“I see. We are going to need to launch the next plan then. This plan should work and buy us more time.”

“Do you really think this will work? The energy is really strong. That’s not something that can be broken from their kind.”

“There’s one thing a man cannot resist and you’re about to find out what that is. Plus, our subject is too shy and subtle, she is unlikely to ever reach that level of self confidence to pursue anything. She’ll mentally and emotionally torture herself long before she ever makes a move. We’ll be fine with this next plan.”

Give him a final briefing, a warning and then without his knowing launch the plan. This stays in this room.”

“Roger that sir.”


I continued to see him at the gym, but I noticed things started to change. His energy seemed off and he was no longer looking my way anymore. It’s as if I had done something wrong to him or maybe this entire time he found someone who was more confident with conversations with him and he wasn’t going to wait around for a shy girl to ask him out. Could I blame him? No, of course not. He hadn’t asked about me either, so out of the fog I’ve been drowning in I figured there must have been someone else. I must be projecting because these bread crumbs weren’t enough for me to follow through anymore. Why the sudden halt to whatever we had going on, to nothing at all. I felt confused and so I spiraled downhill again.

I’m not a bad looking girl. I’m charismatic, charming and energetic. I love animals and people. Socializing is something I enjoy, but not as much as I enjoy being by myself. I don’t have a wild life, even though I am a wild child and a rebel at heart. I have heard multiple times that I could have any man I wanted and men literally throw themselves at me, but here I was, stuck in the cross fires of an illusion I’m pretty sure I created within my own mind. There’s no way this stranger was ever into me. He’s only been nice to me out of respect and I over analyzed everything in hopes of something that may be nothing.

Weeks went by and I tried not to wonder about him anymore. I could feel my energy leaving my body after such a long time of holding on and now finally letting go. He would still visit my dreams, convincing me there was something there, but when I awoke I felt pain and anguish. At some point seeing him at the gym gave me courage to meet him at the lockers as we both left, just so I could tell him to have a great day before we left. These short interactions kept me hanging on, but it would all change.

The coffee shop closed again. They were struggling to come back from the lockdown, so I would only see him at the gym and at some point he was coming in quite often during the times I was there. It wasn’t until one day when things died down that it hit me. He came in one day after me and as he was leaving, it was my time to leave as usual and there I saw this incredibly young woman walking him out. It didn’t dawn on me then, but every day that he came in after that, the same thing happened. I’d see him about ready to leave and I’d be leaving as well and then again this young girl meets him at the lockers and they walk out together.

Every day I had to see this and every day a piece of my heart shattered. I knew that once I let go, there was no coming back. He wasn’t interested in me, it was clear. I’d been emotionally scammed and robbed. I watched this same girl come in every day he did and then meet him at the lockers as I did and leave when he left. She watched him like a hawk. The only time I really had any time to say a few words to him was ripped away from me. I felt like a child throwing a tantrum inside. I cried and cried. I just didn’t want to care anymore like before my very first dream. I wanted my life back, even if it was unhappy and toxic. I’m not sure what’s worse, longing for someone I can’t have or living a toxic lifeโ€ฆ

He would have the audacity to show up in my dreams on multiple occasions after experiencing a new woman interested in him and her inevitably taking over my happy habits. My dreams are so vivid and real. I feel like his higher self is one way towards me, but his 3D self is another. His messages in my dreams are that he wants me and is choosing me, but can’t pursue me for some reasons he never discloses in my dreams. However, I have failed to keep his attention. Someone else walks in my steps now and I’m already exhausted from the emotional chase and the time spent thinking about him and trying to align our schedules so that Icould see him more.

“Sir, the diversion seems to be working. He has no idea and she’s falling back.”
“Fantastic news. She’s hard to resist as I knew she would be.”
“I’m worried it’s not going to last sir. The energy and connection is undeniable. It’s their destiny to collide and I think this was a terrible idea putting him in there!”
“Calm down. We’ll cross that bridge when we need to.”

Years went by. I broke up with my toxic boyfriend and tried to function everyday in the nothing I felt inside. I was just empty and felt pathetic about it, but still I was haunted by thoughts of the mystery coffee man. He would come to mind every now and then. I tried to distract myself from thoughts of him and I had become good at letting him go. I felt nothing once again. It was as though I was back before I had even met him. I had been completely content with the disconnection and moved on with my life. 

You have no idea how hard it can be to forget someone whom you swore you were destined to be together with. I never felt the same about people and I never felt the same about life again. Everything and everyone seemed fake to me. Nothing was real anymore. I had lived in the connection for so long, that when I finally let go, life just wasn’t the same. It felt as though I just didn’t exist. That I was floating through life and invisible to the world. I had stopped going to the gym during the times he went. Anything to avoid seeing him and her.
I had been working so hard on disconnecting, but the harder I tried, the more intense the energy would get. I felt disconnected with everything around me. I longed to feel a connection like that again. 

Then, one night while I was completely submerged into my dream. He came to me, but this time there was something wrong. He invaded one of my dreams and he was really upset. He said to me, “This is all a setup. Nothing is as it seems. We are meant to be together. They ordered me to be in your life so that we would generate enough energy if we were close enough, so that they could use it for power purposes. We are incredibly powerful together and they are scared of us. So much so, that we have the ability to destroy this false reality they’ve created for us. Don’t you see? We have lived many past lives together. We aren’t from this planet. It’s all a facade. I love you so much and it’s been hard to stay away from you. I want us to be together. I’ve been watching you long before I was ordered to play scenes in your life. I need you to remember us. They forced a distraction onto me. The young girl. I don’t want her, but they are insisting I leave you alone or there will be consequences to pay and I don’t want to lose you.”

When I awoke I was in sheer panic mode. I am at a point where nothing is real to me anymore, so why would my dream be any different? Clearly I need help. I felt this intense energy surge through my veins. Suddenly I had flashbacks of a life with him. His eyes, him trying to connect with me. I can see him clear as day. Then another flashback. Pain and suffering as we forged through lands I’ve never seen before, fighting wars with creatures unheard of. I am lost. What do these messages mean? I have convinced myself I may quite literally be going insane. There’s just no way any of this means anything and never has.

I was a zombie the rest of the day. I lagged on every task. I was trapped in a daze. I couldn’t find a way out. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat well, I’ve been begging the universe to help me erase this man from my memory. I’ve been trying to tap out, but then this happens. Why? Why do I have this incredibly strong urge and desire? Why this abrupt disruption in my life? What does it all mean? I need help. I am caught in limbo and am desperate to break free. How much longer can this possibly go on for? I just want it all to end, it’s making me sick.

I continued on with my day, running incredibly far behind. This included going to the gym late as well. After my tasks were over from what seemed to be such a long and dragged out day, I thought to myself that once I get to the gym I can relax by lifting weights. When I arrived at the gym it was relatively dead. I personally enjoy this, it brings me peace of mind. I continued on with an intense workout while jamming out to my favorite music. I sat down during my rest time to catch a break. I just wasn’t feeling myself and it was hard to get motivated when my emotional health deteriorated right before my eyes.
When I stood up to rack more weight, I looked ahead into the mirror in front of me and there he was, looking straight over at me. My heart felt as though I was on a roller coaster ride when the coaster would dive bomb and quickly ascend towards the sky. When we locked eyes I froze. He was nervous, staring at me with deep worry like he had something to say to me or something in general, I couldn’t gather that right away. I just know I couldn’t look away. I was stuck, but it strangely didn’t feel awkward when it should have.


“Can you hear me?”

Scared now, my heart started to palpitate. Am I thinking of this voice inside my head? Why can’t I take my eyes off of him? Why is he staring back at me? What is going on right now?

“Please nod your head if you can hear me.”

I see him tapping the side of his temple, signaling to me. Yep, he’s in my head. This is just great! If I didn’t already feel insane, this certainly wasn’t helping.

“Yes? I can hear you? How is this possible?”

“Auria, we are being watched. They are onto me. My name is Azahriq (Au-zah-rick). I know this is confusing to you.
They suspect a telepathic ability between us, so I’m going to make this quick. Listen to me very closely, all of your dreams and visions are real. We have an ancient bond together. We weren’t born here on this planet, but we’re made to believe we were. Our energy is being used by these people watching our every move. If we gain too much power we could destroy their operation and leave. They want our power. They can use it for mass destruction and create technology they’d never be able to create without our energy. We can’t leave without each other though. We have to sustain enough power to leave here.”

“Oh wow. You know my name and I didn’t know yours. Awkward. This is just bizarre. Umโ€ฆ OK, How do you know all of this, Azahriq?” 

“Because they have forced me to work for them after the spacecraft that our parents and others like us were on crashed here. We were infants and survived only because we were in protective pods. Your parents here on this planet were the first on scene and found you first and took you. They didn’t want you to be subject to an experiment. They were executed when the tyrant operation found out they took you. I was left behind, because it didn’t take long for the military to arrive on scene. You were raised by the people of this planet. I was raised by the government and used as a lab experiment.
They’ve been using some of my energy to create new high tech weapons. The people here found early on that I have certain abilities that change things they can’t fathom. That their God isn’t even capable of. Their goal is to find the planet our family came from and enslave our people and use their energy to conquer the galaxy. They have placed me to live as an actor in your life, so they could generate even more energy to produce products for their operations.

“I just knew something seemed unusual about you. The way you just came into my dream out of random. I thought I was going crazy. I’ve spent YEARS trying to cut the connection from you. Why now?”

“When we are around each other, the energy is intense and strong, so they need me to stay at bay, but I can’t any longer. I long for you Auria. I watch you from their screens and I’ve been planning my next move very carefully.”

“What about the young girl? There seemed to be something there between you two?”

“She was hired to be my distraction from getting too close to YOU. They thought I took their bait by providing me with what they thought was the perfect match. I went along with it to keep things quiet. There was just one problem they didn’t factor in.”

“And what was that?”

“She wasn’t you.”

At thatIn that very moment a huge weight had been lifted off my chest and I started to cry. Everything I dreamed about, thought about and wondered were all validated. I wasn’t crazy after all and I could feel my soul set free within my body, and visions flowed wildly through my mind of our past lives together. He telepathically showed me our missions, our purpose, the world wars and in every life we’ve ever lived as if a direct memory overload was blasted through an invisible stream in thin air.

“Sir, are you seeing this? There’s something going on. The cameras are malfunctioning and I have reason to believe that Azahriq is behind it. I told you this was a bad idea!”

Send a team in there and lock them both up. Get on it fast, we won’t have long.”

“Auria, we don’t have much time, we must go now. They are on their way. I’ve dismantled their camera system so they can’t see us.”

Azahriq stood up from the machine he was sitting on and walked over to me. I turned to him with tears of joy still streaming down my face. He grabbed my arms and pulled me close. His bright blue eyes gleaming in the evening sunset through the gym windows. His touch was electrifying. Every hair stood up on my body. I could feel the energy between us. The lights flickered all around us and I could see what looked like heat waves around our bodies. He brought one hand up to wipe away my tears and lifted my chin so that our eyes stayed connected.

“Please trust me when I say that I love you. I have always loved you in every life. You’re everything I’ve ever lived for. You’re the reason I keep going. I’m so sorry it has taken this long to come for you, but I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I knew one day our time would come. Are you ready, my love?”

“Ready for what?” I whispered.

“To go home.”

“What about here? What about the people, the wars, why did we come here?”

“We will be back. You’ll feel it when the time is right.”

“OK. In that case I’m ready. I’m so ready.” 

I smiled as I laughed and cried at the same time. The energy felt so good. As though I was high on drugs and I felt that euphoric feeling you get when you’re in pain, but recieve pain relief and feel physically good. I have missed him so much. All the pain I thought I would die from. I didn’t know such pain existed. I didn’t know such love existed until he reminded me of it at this very moment.

The tyrant operation arrived at the gym and started rushing in with high tech weapons while pushing everyone else out of the gym. 
Just then Azahriq slowly leaned in and we kissed. I suddenly experienced a warm sensation throughout my entire body. I could feel every vibration. My senses were being enhanced and just as the tyrants raised their weapons, it was as if time slowed down and a massive golden vibrational globe engulfed us and quickly shot outward, blasting everything around us into dust particles as Azahriq and I ascended towards the sky.

“Don’t worry my love, they cannot find us where we are going.”

We ascended deep within the cavity of the universe to a place no one could reach. I felt safe with him. I felt relieved and knew without a doubt in my mind that destiny wore armor, because there wasn’t anything the world could do to stop two souls destined to be together. No matter where in the universe, destiny will prevail.

ยฉ 2021 Riva Gijanto All Rights Reserved.


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