30 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

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I wonder beyond the limits,
Something that’s not allowed,
I reminisce every minute,
But I’m not sure if I should feel proud.
This feeling has taken its toll,
I try so hard to forget,
I just want to feel whole,
But maybe I should reset.
-Riva Gijanto

Only Twin Flames will know for sure if they have met their divine counterpart and how similar their traits are to one another or in some cases their complete opposite experiences magnetically charging their energetic state. Not everyone will get to experience such high love. Twin Flame love is ancient and of high royalty of the Divine. Only those who awaken and put in the work for themselves, the animals and the planet will be paired with their Divine partner during their lifetime.

Humans are like infant babies with using such a small capacity of their brain of only 10%, so this creates a lot of toxicity in one’s life and the life of others. Divine love needs Divine love. It’s paired when the timing is right and both humans have hushed their egos and have allowed their higher selves to energetically bond in a union.

Twin Flames are paired as the Yin and Yang.

Have you met “The One?” Let’s get started.

  1. They’ll have similar features

Twin Flames are said to have physical features that are similar to each other. This could mean the same shape: nose, smile, eye shape and other similar features. You could be tall and your counterpart rather shorter than you or exactly the same height. One can be bald and the other one has a lot of hair or long hair. 

  1. Same Colored Eyes or Opposite

Your Twin may have the same colored eyes or Yin and Yang opposite like one has hazel eyes and the other has brown, or one with green and other blue.

  1. Same Interests or Polar Opposite

Maybe you’re a soccer coach and your TF played soccer. Maybe y’all like volunteering, helping animals, meditating, yoga and or working out. This could also have an opposite effect where one likes sports, but the other does not. In any case, if it were opposite interests both lovers would need to be absolutely OK and or be ecstatic of opposite interests, or they could find themselves bored, and unsupportive. This would cause tension and problems and in the Twin Flame journey this doesn’t happen. 

  1. Compliment Attire

 You ever show up somewhere and here walks in your Twin, wearing the same color or the complete opposite color that compliments what you’re wearing? Yep, Twin Flames are on the same energy frequency, therefore they actually make a lot of similar decisions, even little things like what color to wear in a day. Black on black? Perhaps black and the other one white? 

  1. Material Similarities

Do you drive the same colored vehicles or perhaps polar opposite like black and white? Another Twin Yin and Yang scenario. Maybe you both have the same material goals as well or perhaps coming from opposite things, like one Twin lives in a large house and the other lives in a tiny house.

  1. Complimenting Jobs & Hobbies

Are you a Real Estate agent and your TF is a Real Estate photographer? Perhaps a car dealer and the other an auto mechanic? What about a photographer and the other a model? A fitness instructor and a gym junkie? Yin and Yang are opposite in nature that are supposed to compliment one another. Your Twin Flame will most likely have a job or hobby that compliments yours. 

  1. Like The Same Music

They say music is the key to ones soul. In most cases Twins like the same genre of music, but don’t completely count out opposite music interests like one likes rap and the other likes country depending on the stages of their journey, because people change throughout time in general. However, in most cases true Twin Flames are on the same energetic field, so it’s more likely they’ll like the same taste in music, because music triggers their soul and everyday living and choices. Obviously listening to music with inappropriate lyrics will not raise your vibrational frequency in order to reset or awaken your spiritual awareness, and set forth positive choices and changes in your life or attract high vibrational love.

  1. Same Upbringing

Twin Flames have similar childhoods. This occurs because they are set on the same path, then awaken because of that path and eventually make similar choices based on their upbringing which eventually leads them to each other. Perhaps you grew up in a very toxic household like your twin or you were both raised in very wealthy homes.

  1. Age Gaps or Close in Age

Twin Flames have been said to have large age gaps, but age itself isn’t relevant, because being reincarnated together in the next life or the life after may not happen at all. Your spirit is an energetic form and your purpose together is a destiny that’s needed from the divine. It’s likely you’ll be MUCH closer in age, so you have more time together to perform your divine duties, but don’t count out age gaps, your Twin Flame may have not been able to reincarnate around the time you did due to their duties, and quite frankly age is just a number. Age gaps have been said to be 20 years or more apart. Usually the youngest being around 30 years old. Either way, don’t count out any age as long as your journey is a healthy one. I have heard of more Twins that are practically the same age than having any sort of gap.  

  1. Same Facial Expressions

Do you find that you and your Twin chew gum the same way, lift your eyebrows the same way when excited, get nervous the same way, smile or smirk the same way. Usually Twins that are really Twins often find it hard to communicate with their Twin and express how they feel, because they suffer from the same form of nervousness and fear. Having the same facial features is a mirrored expression for them and seeing this in action is quite a baffling and unique experience when interacting with your Twin.

  1. Feel Their Energy

With your Twin, there’s a high sense of energetic sharing, even when you don’t want to feel their energy you absolutely will, whether they are near or far. It’s a phenomenon you can’t ignore. We are all made up of energy. You can read their minds through their energy. You may feel sudden sadness, happiness or fear. When they are close it may be too unbearable to even be around, more so when you’re not in union yet. No matter where you are, you can’t deny what you feel and once you feel it it’ll likely be felt because it’s coming from your Twin. You may even say the same things and think the same things. This is much different than any other relationship you have had with those similar coincidences. Telepathy is incredibly vast and real with Twins. It’ll become overwhelming at times. Near or far they are there. Your souls bond together and THAT is unbreakable no matter what situation or relationship you’re in. This is not including thoughts that maybe you’re certain about your Twin Flame, but suddenly feel like you’re second guessing and scared. Yep, likely not your thoughts your having, but your twins!

  1. They Resemble A Past Relationship

The Divine wants their needs met, so it will slowly work its magic to bring you and your counterpart together throughout your life. You’ll take on many relationships to get to where you need to be to meet your TF. Your TF will resemble your last or a more recent relationship in most cases. They will typically have similar looks. Maybe tattoos, brown hair, no hair and tall. You’ll be drawn to certain people in your life to set you up for your Twin Counterpart. Again, we often believe that the spouses we pick are the ones we are going to end up with, but the lesson isn’t about marriage that was created by human ego or controlling our outcome, but rather the spiritual lessons and union we experience with our Twin. We ascend because we’ve succumbed to knowing that our purpose is unity, love, equality and peace on Earth, and rid our old habits of manipulation, control and the rules our egos have created for our species over time. Twins break all they have learned and relearn awareness and teach each other to do the same. They will venture onto a new path, see with a new perception and their own mind will lead to awakenedness.

  1. Ready For Anything

Your Twin is your counterpart. The other half of you. When you meet your Twin, you inevitably dive into all the things you have been asleep to your whole life. When you break down the barriers and awaken, you’ll experience an entire new and uncharted world. You’ll experience this new phenomenon like a child in the stars. You’ll want to learn new things and relearn what you’ve been taught. Your TF awakens you from a deep sleep, so when you awaken from this coma you’ve been in, it’ll be such a blissful experience relearning all you’ve been taught.

  1. You’re Energetically Lifted

When you’re with or around your Twin you’re energetically lifted. It’s a high that not even drugs can produce for you. Your energy is addictive. You absolutely cannot deny this energy. Once in union this energy does not fade like all other soulmate and karmic relationships. Before union the full potential may not always be felt, as there is a lot of confusion going on, but once you both give in to this energetic phenomenon happening to you, that’s when it kicks in. You can be fearful, but still feel happier seeing this person, even if you pretend there’s nothing between you two. You will feel inspired, motivated and ready to take on all these new and mysterious things happening to you. 

  1. You May Be In A Relationship

Oh yes. The Twin Flame journey is a Divine phenomenon. Marriage does not apply to the universe, because it’s a human ego choice to combine two humans together for life by a piece of paper. It’s highly likely you’ll be in a relationship, even a happy one and then all of a sudden it’ll literally hit you out of nowhere and kick you straight off your high horse. You’ll be completely blind sided and when this happens it’ll feel like the “Dark Night of Soul.” Everything you thought you knew, all the plans you’ve been making, your goals, your dreams, everything will get a wakeup call and disturb your slumber. It’ll be an incredibly painful experience. Everything will change in an instant and when it does it doesn’t slow down. You’ll be repeatedly hit over and over again with lessons and realizations. You’ll likely lose a lot of sleep, daydream in your own thoughts and daze in confusion as the shock sets in and the universe forces you to get out of your relationship and work on healing. Oftentimes, people stay in their relationships because they believe they have a duty to fulfill with their spouse. While that’s noble of you, it’s far worse for your spouse to become second best and you’re ultimately living a lie which doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s likely you will not reach your full potential. Your Twin Flame energy will be too strong to ignore. You’ll feel like you’re in the wrong relationship and that can become toxic. 

Also, Twin Flames are likely going to have the same amount of children OR they will be opposite all together with one having children and the other may not. However, life decisions will not matter to the universe, because every choice made throughout life is what ultimately brings you a step closer to your Twin Flame. Remember, you must see the bigger picture than the human body and its ego.

  1. You Can’t Break The Connection

No matter how hard you try to forget your TF, no matter how hard you don’t think about them, no matter how much time you spend trying to move on from them, you won’t be able to. If anything the more you push away the energy, the harder it’ll come back. You will think you’re doing good, minding your own business, moving on, working on yourself and then all of sudden a huge slap in the face will come out of nowhere ( from the divine of course ) and all that hard work will go out the window in an instant. Same goes for if you end up in their presence again, if you suddenly see them after awhile it’s likely you’ll experience a heart collapse and everything will cave in, including those walls you were trying to build and suddenly a burst of energy will blossom in the rubble and be shot with all those divine butterflies you thought you captured and bottled up. They’ll all be released in an instant. There’s no covering up what was meant to shine above all. Twin Flames in denial will often find refuge with another person, just to continue denying what they have with you is real. This distracts them for a while, but no matter what they do, everything will generally wrap back to you. The universe will not let down on giving you signs. 

  1. No Strong Sexual Desire

I know, you’re like “What?!” Hear me out. When you meet your Twin, it’s a spiritual connection before it’s ever a physical connection. It’s highly likely you’ll long to be in their presence long before you imagine them sexually. Sexual energy is physical, where spiritual energy is felt within your spirit. It’s your spirit that recognizes it long before your body does. You’ll likely meet the eyes of your TF and before you notice anything else about them, you’re sucked into the depths of their soul where your energetic forms dance for the first time in an incredibly long time. It’s an instant bond. It’s not something you work on to make happen and feel later as you get to know each other, it’s nearly instantaneous. Once the bond has been made from the spirit and your energy, there is no where to go but forward. The physical elopement comes as a desire to be in the arms of your TF grow. You may think about kissing them or having sexual thoughts, but it’s likely it won’t be as often as some others have suggested. Your eyes opened the window for your spirit and formed a bond, your physical desires come later or not as often. This is a Twin Flame union, not a sexual 3D karmic and soulmate scenario. Twin Flames are considered a higher universal experience, so you’re one with the depths of the Abyss and beyond the skinned life in the 3D world. However, yes, when the love is made it’s completely out of this universe. It’ll be nothing like you’ve experienced before. Sex will ultimately be incredible. Making love to your Twin will be a truly romantic and loving experience. It’ll be absolutely incredible.

  1. Looking Into Their Eyes

When you make eye contact it’ll be an incredibly unusual experience unlike any other experience you’ve ever encountered in all of your life. It’ll be like you’re looking at yourself, because Twin Flames are mirror images of each other. It’s a locked bond you can’t unlock or run from. It’ll be a part of you for the rest of your life, no matter what life you should choose ( staying in a karmic relationship or moving on ). When you look into the eyes of other people, you won’t get the same sensation ever again. It’s a soul bond you can’t break and therefore seeing anyone else in a romantic way will not be satisfying whatsoever. Their eyes will sign their soul to yours and there’s nothing your physical body will ever be able to do about it. You don’t get to choose this route, just remember that. The universe is FULL of magical phenomenons that are completely out of our control. The only way we control it is by thinking if we stay in our karmic relationships or think we can just walk away and therefore we do think we can control it, when in actuality we have completely lost control from the moment our eyes connected and our energy collided within that very instant.

  1. They Show Up

Are you ever just minding your own business, having no contact with your TF and then suddenly they just show up where you’re at? Coincidence? I think not. That’s Divine timing hunny. You may experience timing and coincidence happens often throughout your life, especially in other relationships as everything preps you for this moment and sets you up for your future. However, they’ll show up and eventually you’ll find that if you’re a regular somewhere, they’ll be a regular too.

  1. They Are NOT Toxic

Yes, your true Twin Flame will not be toxic. It defeats the entire purpose of the Twin Flame journey all together. Why would it be worth your mental, physical or emotional health to endure such pain, suffering and agony over any human? There’s plenty of karmic and soul mate relationships you participate in to bring these challenges into your relationship to work on and when you do, it’ll be then that you’ll be ready for your Twin Flame. Your true counterpart will not bring such suffering to you. Twin Flames bring an abundance of love, peace and tranquility to your relationship. Remember, you can make any relationship work and hope at some point you tame the lion, 5, 10, 20+ years down the road, but in reality if you don’t work on your shadows, you’ll always be a victim to them.

  1. Separation is Painful

Interestingly enough. Meeting your TF is exciting, but the universe has more work for you to do, so it’s highly likely you won’t see your TF very often or at all for awhile at some point in your journey. This is due in part that one of the twins may still need to do work and they ghost the connection in fear of feeling something they don’t feel ready for.

You will long for them, but it’s really so that when this burst of love and energy knocks you quite literally out, you wake up feeling like a new person with new goals and the universe needs you to get some stuff done in order for it to bring you two into full union. It’ll be a tease and one of the most painful experiences your heart has ever endured. It’s like the universe playing puppets with you two and from that very first encounter, it starts laying treats here and there to keep you motivated and focused. 

  1. Your Energy Will Be On & Off

Do you ever feel like one day you’re full of life, energy and confidence when you see your TF? You try to interact with them and the nerves seem to have finally subsided? Then suddenly days later you see them and it’s fear, nerves, unsure, stressed, shyness, “maybe they don’t like me like I like them,” and not feeling very confident now for a conversation? Everything is a projection, so whatever you’re feeling it’s highly likely they are feeling it too. When you meet your TF it’ll be during a weird time for you, so you’re likely to experience all sorts of feelings that you never knew even existed in you. TF’s are like chameleons, they become their environment or in this case their TF’s and suddenly their energy is meshing with yours. You may even leave feeling much different than you did before you even arrived.

  1. You Dream of Them

Dreams connect us to the phenomenon of real experiences we endure in them. There are true meanings to your dreams and the more you tap into your dreams, the more lucid they become and the clearer they become. Messages are in your dreams. You’ll see them often in your dreams. It’s not just a subconscious thought. It’ll be much different than any relationship you’ve been in, but never dreamed about. They’ll be intense. The messages will be strong. The visions will be clear. The telepathy will be real. You’ll be able to connect with them and converse, even if only for a brief moment at a time. There’s a strong connection that’s unbreakable. The bond is stronger than any other relationship you’ve ever been in. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Every detail. Out of the entire universal existence, you’ll find each other in your dreams no matter what. You will travel here and beyond to meet with them and the dreams will be far different than your ordinary dreams.

  1. There’s Curiosity

Your Twin is going to want to know everything they can about you and visa versa. They are pinging with curiosity. They’ll keep up on you through social media. They will want to know more about you and take interest in who you are, what you do, your joys and hobbies. If you’re a writer, they’ll want to read your stories to understand your mind. If you’re a singer, they’ll want to hear all your songs to hear your voice. They want to learn about you and they want to get to know you in any way that they can to feel closer to you. If your Twin isn’t trying to “stalk” you in a good way, they aren’t interested, nor are they likely to be very supportive if they aren’t doing their homework on getting to know you on a more intimate level.

  1. Intense Intuition

Usually there’s a deep and unexplainable feeling that two people feel the same way about each other without a single word spoken. If you’re intuitive, it’s likely you’ll feel their energy and their chemical makeup. You are likely to see it in their body language as well. You just know when someone isn’t interested vs someone who is and the TF journey may be confusing to many as they figure out their feelings and their current life situation. It’s a feeling of home when you’re around your TF. It’s like an intense cosmic energy never before experienced in any relationship you’ve been in before. It’s like being able to read each other’s minds whether you’re close or far apart. It’s sharing the same vibration and frequency that allows two souls to only pass through each other and not over or under, you can internally feel a sensation as though it has ultimately taken over every vessel in your body and has taken control of the driver while leaving you as a hostage to your own car. You won’t be able to deny it. This must be mutual and more so shared energetically and telepathically before it’s ever shared verbally through the ego.

  1. Envisioning Life Together 

Can you actually picture living a life together? Attending events together, kissing, hugging, intimate moments, disagreements and adventures together? Can you see them looking at you, smiling at you, holding you and having a conversation? Can you actually feel their skin, even if you’ve haven’t touched them before? Can you feel their body, even if you’ve never felt it before? Can you taste them, even if you’ve never tasted them before? When you summon them in your thoughts and dreams, do they come or show up instantly or eventually? Can you hear their voice? Is there usually a sense that they are around even when they are not? Envisioning and feeling that vision as if it were the 3D reality, is a sure Twin Flame sign.

  1. Not a Toxic Encounter

When you’re in the presence of your Twin Flame, there’s never any toxicity. It flows. Things may be confusing going through the motions and trying to understand if you’re crazy or not for the feelings you’re experiencing, but Twin Flames are set to be the best versions of you and the purpose together. The human ego only has the ability to use about 10% of its brain, while the conscious and your higher self is unlimited in its access on earth and all of space. Our energy connects us together, but we often attract our vibrational level when it comes to soulmate and karmic relationships. When we are awakening more we attract higher vibrations of energy and eventually you’ll come across your Twin Flame. Twin Flames may be just a name we use to describe something higher than any experience we’ve ever experienced in a counterpart, but the energetic vibration cannot be denied. It’s blissful, beautiful and certainly not of this world nor time. It’s beyond us. It’s beyond now. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

  1. Spiritual Freedom

Again, don’t forget you’ll be incredibly inspired to be beyond yourself and search for something greater than what you’ve believed your entire life. You must understand that human life isn’t just this, it’s an internal and external experience beyond how we live on earth. It’s eloping with the universe. It’s getting in touch with yourself, the earth, the creatures and true love. It’s allowing yourself to unlearn from what you’ve been taught. To understand the damage of the material world, the deaths of animals and plants, the drive to be successful no matter who we hurt or how we get there. It’s peeling away these egotistical material burdens and stripping down into the depths of the Spiritual experience without the need for things. Things are causing mass destruction on earth and the Divine needs awakened people and Twin Flames to create change amongst its planet, which affects the universe as well. Twin Flames will also bring a strong higher love and show others it exists, which will also create change in the way we think, how we treat things and the outcome to our behavior, wants vs needs in this life. Diving deep and healing is the first step and is inspired by this incredible new joy in your life.

  1. Feeling Inspired

You will be on a non-stop role. Sudden movement for a new career? Wanting to volunteer? How about getting rid of things you no longer need? Signing up for yoga? Joining the gym? You’re on a path of the change you need to be doing in order to align with not just your Twin Flame, but also to better the world around you. There’s a generous amount of positive energy, positive thoughts and positive movements during a Twin Flame journey. All in which the universe really needs, so believe the power of the positive you’ll experience with these new inspirations.

  1. A Lot of Work

You may find all of this to be a lot more work into something you weren’t even prepared for, but it’s all for a greater purpose. It’ll be a 24/7 experience. Your thoughts, your actions, everything you do and say will ultimately take over your life and leave you as a passenger. The only thing you can do is shit back and watch it all unfold. It’s a conscious awareness that’s working on awakening. You’re going to feel tired, but energetic at the same time.Β  Life may seem repetitive, but if you look at everything laid out it’s rather an invigorating experience. It’s watering areas of your life that have been dehydrated far too long. When you blossom, you’ll see each one of your petals in a new light. If this entire process has been a breeze for you, then I would question whether or not this experience is a Twin Flame journey. Some things come easy in life, but something so beautiful and fragile can take time and patience. Be sure to wear a sturdy pair of working gloves.

It’s not going to matter what your life wants and goals are, because these are the wants and goals of the human ego. The ego will also destroy connections to seek out it’s own interests. The ego won’t allow for a spiritual connection, because the ego is selfish and tries to get what it wants in its lifetime. Hence why humans make terrible decisions and the Earth is suffering. It’s important to remember that as you are truly working on yourself, you’ll find that your limitations and wants are no longer driven by your ego, but by your spirit.

Imagine your life with your Twin in 10, 20, 40+ years from now, rather than “Well I want this” or “I don’t want that.” Allow yourself to have a higher connection. Crush the ego and embrace change. Our life path and choices lead us to our twin, but if they are a true twin they will change the way you think or thought about how you wanted to live your life.


Don’t mistake any of these signs for someone you may be currently with and in a committed relationship with for a long time. Oftentimes two people who join together develop all these signs over time, because instinctually you essentially become “one” regardless of who you are with or how long you’ve been with someone. When you’re with your Twin Flame this is nearly an instant reaction that energy, your spirit and your higher self creates without the consent of your human ego.

This may be an intimidating process, but just know it’s not just for your best interest, but the best interest of all the earth and all of the universe. You are theirs and they are yours in the higher realms. Your souls will dance in union and create an unbreakable bond.

Again, everyone’s experience is different. These are just what’s been recorded from Twins in active union and if you understand the definition of Twins, then you will get a much deeper understanding about the phenomenon of what your experiencing.

You should know that anything is possible in a universe of limitless expressions. If we stop controlling the uncontrollable experiences then we can embrace the opportunities meant for us.

If you’re interested in a good read about where Twin Flames originated, this link breaks it all down HERE.

Also Check out “Understanding Twin Flames!https://lifewithmissriva.com/2021/07/06/understanding-twin-flames/

Copyright 2021 to Riva Gijanto All Rights Reserved.

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