Understanding “Twin Flames”

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“When I look at you, I feel home. A love so strong, it’s as though we’ll collide with every brief encounter. Your energy is intense. I feel confused, but certain. Certain it’s you. I feel like you feel it too. Please come home to me, my love. I await our soul reunion and to fulfill our life’s purpose.”

Have you ever heard the term “Twinflame” before? Maybe you have, but feel conflicted whether or not you’re experiencing it or maybe you haven’t, so let’s break it down.

There’s a lot of conflicting information online about Twinflames, right down to its origin. People have written about their Twinflame journey, but more often than not they have the entire concept backwards. You hear about the pain people express about their supposed TF. Abuse, neglect, abandonment, mental and emotional pain and traumas, are a few things that are listed in someone’s story who truly believes to be on their TF journey.

The Twinflame journey is not nearly as complicated, lonely and aggressive as confused people make it out to be. A lot of the stories you find online are painful to hear. I would never want to imagine or feel such pain from those who have been waiting many, many years for their lover or have been used and abused, but they still wait. No. It’s not truly like this and the longer you keep your head in the fog, the longer it’ll take for you to reach your real Twinflame.

Twinflames are where one soul has been split into two parts to pursue a destiny here on earth. Your other half is a mirror image to you. The Yin to your Yang. It’s said that TF’S may even look similar and live similar lives.

You’ll experience many soulmate and karmic relationships throughout your life and that is because you will need to LEARN and grow from them, because the enlightening process you go through is setting you up for your ultimate divine purpose and that’s to meet your Twinflame, so that you both can gravitate towards a better understanding of why you were brought together with your divine counterpart.

When TF’S actually connect, it’ll be during a time that both you and your TF are living happy lives, maybe happily married and maybe kids. It’s like a huge wakeup call. A universal reminder that we aren’t in complete control, even when we think we are or want to be. Our body’s are designed to expect the unexpected and it’s proven during a time like this. Religion’s are often the reason why people stay in their current life situations, even if they are incredibly unhappy. Even if they are happy, there’s no controlling how they’ll feel for you…

It’s said that Twinflames bring the worst out of you. That it brings out many things in you that trigger your inner child that you need to work on in order to enter a union with your Flame. However, it’s quite the opposite. Your Twinflame helps to heal those triggers and traumas, giving you a much more blissful experience than the dark ugly parts people point out. Yes, to the sense that the parts about you that are triggered and filled with trauma are things you suddenly feel the need to work on to become a better person for your counterpart, but in reality we ALL do some cleansing when we are in our feels for someone, so this is part of a natural preparation process. However, your TF will heal your wounds without much effort. You are two halves connecting as one, so when you connect the healing properties kick in instantly. You’ll still have a strong urge and drive to do your own work, but it’s really your TF’s counter reaction to your traumas that are rather soothing and healing. They do not trigger you in a bad way.

When you meet your Twinflame and REALLY notice them, it’s an instantaneous soul connection you will never quite get out of your mind. You can’t shake it. You can’t unfeel it. You can’t pretend to ignore it. It’ll completely captivate your every single being, and from that very moment on you’ll suddenly want to become the very best version of yourself to dance with your Twinflame for as long as this life on earth shall allow you too. 

Karmic and soul mate relationships are the ones that bring out your traumas and triggers for you to work on. Your Twinflame will heal the parts you weren’t able to, because they’ll be the better parts of those relationships that made you sick. 

When you meet your TF you’ll experience the following:

  • You’ll have an instantaneous connection that doesn’t die after a few months or within a year or two and or much longer like a karmic/soul mate relationship does.
  • Your Flame will inspire you to do and be better in life.
  • Your TF will be incredibly supportive of you and your dreams, none are too big or too small.
  • Your TF wants you to succeed, because it’s part of your growth and purpose and then your growth and purpose together.
  • Your TF will help you with ease.
  • Your TF won’t make you chase them, unless there’s a few things they want to work on within themselves before entering a union with you. They want to be better for you. 
  • Your TF won’t make you chase them while IN a relationship with them. It’ll be equal.
  • You’ll never question the love and faithfulness of your TF, they are devoted to serving your purpose together.
  • You’ll suddenly feel an urge to pursue a career, dream or goal and they’ll fully support you. Nothing is stupid or small to them about what you want to do.
  • You’ll have a strong desire to help the planet, creatures and humans on Earth.
  • Your Flame will motivate and inspire you.
  • You’ll devote a lot of time focusing on how you can become a better person for yourself, for your TF, for the planet and for the universe.
  • You’ll achieve goals.
  • You’ll easily be inspired.
  • You’ll become happier in life in general.
  • You’re TF will not make you feel less of yourself, abuse you verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically. EVER.
  • Your TF connection will feel as though you’re finally whole, even when you’re not close.

They will NEVER leave your mind. They’ll fill your thoughts, your heart and when you see them it’ll ignite an intense flow of emotions where you become uncontrollable and may freeze in their presence and or make a fool of yourself. You may also feel incredibly comfortable with them at the same time.

If you try to stay away, your soul will long for them. It’ll feel lost and hold your body accountable for running.

It’s highly likely you’ll dream of them before even meeting them and or you’ll find that after meeting them you’re dreaming of them a lot, if not all the time. When you dream of them specifically, this is your higher consciousness reuniting with them after a very long journey to find them. There are messages behind your dreams, but more so if they are Lucid dreams and not just dreams from your obsessing over them. There’s a HUGE difference. Truly. 

You will not likely meet your TF or likely experience a union with them if you’re incredibly toxic and have childhood traumas you can’t work through. Your TF will instantaneously heal a lot of traumas by their gentle nature, but if you’re easily triggered or have issues with control, manipulation, abuse and narcissistic tendencies yourself, you’re not ready for your TF and unlikely to meet them this lifetime or even next if you don’t do some deep inner work. The universe will simply not allow such relationships to occur, because NO ONE deserves pain and suffering in a relationship. The universe has set in place two parts to unite and make a whole, not to set two parts to make a whole that are toxic and unmotivated in their destiny and purpose. Your awakenedness will only go so far without working on the parts of you needing tender, love and care to have a truly healthy and authentic union with your TF.

Your TF is essentially divided into two, because two can conquer more in the world than one, but they become more powerful and overcome many life obstacles to pursue a destiny on earth, which is to awaken, help and guide human kind and all creatures, and come together to amplify their power and unite all those around them. It’s not just a fairy-tale, but a divine purpose to the madness.

Often, when we believe we have met the REAL one, it’s actually a decoy to the ONE. This is usually a final step in the learning and growing process that preps us for our real TF. The issue arises when we stay committed to the decoy and are convinced that it’s the TF when in reality it’s not and people experience tremendous pain in the process. Real TF’S are much less likely to get together in this lifetime, because neither you nor them are ready for a healthy union. You both are still making choices based on what your ego desires in life and how your life choices are affecting yourself, people around you, the earth and the animals.

Think of it this way, you are more likely obsessing over someone than it actually being a TF connection. All creatures on earth will quite literally do anything to win over the mate they desire. They fight to death or near death, they build elaborate nests and dens, dance, sing, and create symmetrical patterns in sand to attract their mate. Another behavior to note is that commitment has stopped humans from freely loving whenever they are feeling it like most animals on Earth do. Humans tend to spend their entire one life together and even go as far as staying in a relationship even if they are unhappy, but if they are unhappy, it’s likely they’ll be drawn towards another feeling for someone else at some point.

Ask yourself a question, are you even TF ready? Are you ready to receive them and willing to do a little work that’s necessary for a positive outcome in your union? 

Truth is, you’ll experience an honest and unique connection to a human you can’t explain, but you should ask yourself if you believe you’re in the infatuation stage and therefore chase them in order to win them over by human instinct or is the connection beyond a universal phenomenon you truly and wholeheartedly cannot explain? The universe without a doubt is unique and every experience has a purpose, maybe tune into yourself and meditate. Ask the universe for signs, but don’t distrust the signs it gives you and keep asking.

The best way to know when you meet that supposed person, is to simply ask, which may not be that simple. A vast majority of humans cannot ask someone if they are feeling it too, because they suffer childhood trauma and or are afraid of rejection. Something that needs to be worked on and certainly don’t leap into something you’re not ready for, especially if you’re unstable. No one deserves such pain in life and I mean no one. Lastly, when you have asked them if they are feeling the vibe between you two and they reject you, don’t keep pushing or try and convince someone you’re their Twinflame or have an unusual connection, because it’s likely they truly don’t feel the same way, but you’re convinced they are feeling something or will come around to feeling something for you.

Allow yourself to heal. This is an important process to focus on you and your growth. It’s incredibly important that you find peace in something that just wasn’t meant for you and if it is, trust me the universe has it all planned out and within Divine timing everything will come together when and if it’s supposed to. 

In the meantime, work on yourself. Focus on yourself. Heal. Grow. Become the better version of yourself and you’ll attract your true Twinflame when the universe thinks you’re ready for a divine commitment, whether friendship or lover. Don’t mistake your journey for a toxic one. You can use this energy to break the shell on the old version of you, because as we know we are really vibing and in our feels right now. 

I wish you all the very best in this one and only life this time around. Remember, time is inevitably short, so utilize it to your very best ability. Take what you’ve been given and use it to your advantage. You’re glowing. You may think you’re a mess, but you’re motivated and inspired right now with your potential TF in your life. Really use this time to take things slow, trust the process, learn as you grow and take notes. The universe is always sending you signs to communicate with you. This is a great time to awaken and step out of the box you’ve been living in.

Good luck my little earthlings! May a love so great be with you and may you find all the strength to endure a phenomenal journey and of course all the strength in the universe to move through this dead end you may be convinced isn’t a dead end at all. Lastly, may you dance a dance that only your true TF knows the moves to.

Check out “30 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame!” https://lifewithmissriva.com/2021/09/04/signs-you-met-your-twin-flame-coming-9-14-21/

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