The One…

SONGS that Inspired this story:
Craig Connelly “No One Like You” | Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen “Obsessed” | Lucky Luke & Ema “Drug” | Craig Connelly & Jessica Lawrence “Stay” | Jan Blomqvist & Elina Pitoulis “More” | Jan Blomqvist & Brn Bohmer “The Space Between Us” | Aviarask & TRNFN feat. Siadou “Whiskey” | Lane 8/Outro “No End in Sight” | Missio “I See You” | Halsey “Not Afraid Anymore” | Kaskade “Last Chance” | Seven Lions “Know You Before” | Echos “Saints” | Duke Dumont “Love Song”

It was nothing short of a regular day. I typically repeat the same routine with a few additional chores or tasks to do on occasion. Today was no different other than a slight hiccup from my sink overflowing left me running about 30 minutes behind my daily tasks. I felt a bit rushed trying to get around, but tried to make up the time as fast and effectively as I could in order to make it to work on time. One of my last stops I make is the coffee shop that’s located right in the middle of my busy downtown. My job is just up the road across the street, so I was in the home stretch when arriving to work quite literally on time opposed to arriving early.

As I entered the coffee shop, all the faces looked unfamiliar. Since I usually come here about 30 minutes earlier I see all the regulars that come in at the same time I do. This time would be different. All new faces and people in a rush just like I am. I quickly walked in to get in line. I stood behind a tall gentleman as I checked my email from my phone. I went to pull out the pen attached to my phone and it shot right out onto the floor. As I bent down in frustration I quickly snatched it off the floor and quickly snapped my entire body back up, only to have headbutt the underneath of the coffee carrier of the gentleman in front of me as he turned around with it. Coffee dispersed and the hard blow sent the whole thing flying through the air around us. What was worse, was hot coffee landed directly into him too!

“OUCH! Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Here, let me get that for you. Please allow me to buy you new coffees.” As I stood up to readjust myself and mumbled on to this poor gentleman, I finally looked up at him. I became completely speechless just then. He just stood before me still in shock, not saying a single word either. When our eyes met one another it was as if time stopped just for us in that very moment. Sound became muffled. I was lost for words. I couldn’t even think of anything to do or say. It was as though in that very moment, I knew exactly who he was, but I really didn’t. “There you are.” I whispered. His eyes come from a place I know. I know I know him from somewhere. I’m sure of it. “I’m sorry, but have we met before?” he asked me. “I don’t believe so, but it sure feels that way, huh?” I quickly snapped out of this trance to grab some napkins to help clean off his shirt. All I can think about is how I managed to make a complete idiot of myself in front of an incredibly handsome man. “Here, let me help you.” As I tried to dab his shirt dry, I could feel his chest muscle through his dress shirt. He felt rock hard and for a second I actually got lost in the feeling of his chest as I was practically giving him a deep tissue massage and for another second I could swear he was flexing. “It’s really no trouble.” He insisted as he suddenly tried to pull away. “Accidents happen.” He went on. 

We both gathered napkins and cleaned the area. I was embarrassed. He was super cute. A charming smile. He has beautiful and kind eyes, and I swear I’ve met him before. “I don’t usually come at this time, but ironically I was running late for work and here I am. Rushing. This is a fine example as to why we should slow down.” I giggled. “Ha-ha, I couldn’t agree with you more.” He replied.

I insisted that I buy his round of coffees. As I stood at the counter with him, he ordered and turned to me and said, “What’s more ironic about this situation is that I’m now going to be late to work.” He said this with a huge grin on his face. “Thankfully, my work is just up the street and I just happen to keep an extra set of clothes with me, because you never know when someone is going to spill hot coffee on you.” He teased. “Well, that doesn’t make me feel any better about this situation, however since I usually come earlier I suppose I won’t be spilling coffee on you again!” I said with sarcasm. “Oh? Really? Well that’s just too bad. I was just starting to enjoy this encounter after such an exaggerated performance!” He teased once again. “Ha! Well, I’m just relieved you’re so kind about my clumsiness and have allowed me to at least buy you new coffees.” I expressed. “No, really. This encounter has actually been a pleasure.” He said with a smile ear to ear. After an awkward stare into the depths of our souls I broke the trance. “Ah ok well again, I’m terribly sorry, but I really must be going now. I’m late for work!”

Before I could really allow for a reply back, I turned away and bolted for the door. I jumped in my car and headed just up the road to work. I couldn’t help but to think about the encounter with the man. He certainly caught my attention and intrigued my interest. I wonder if I’ll see him again? I parked my car and quickly headed inside. “Oh girl you’re late!” My secretary said. “I know, I know! Issues with my water caused an overflow at my house. I’m running behind.” I ranted on. “OK, well it’s OK. You just don’t have a lot of time to prepare now.” She said. “No worries girl, I got this!” But, did I really though? I feel like my brain is in a complete fog after that encounter. I’m not sure if it was the water overflowing at my house, the coffee spill, the handsome encounter or all the above, but I felt very outside of myself. This meeting I’m about to walk into has been one I’ve been waiting to participate in.

As I gathered my notes from my office, I headed to the conference room. When I entered the room, my boss stopped speaking. “You’re late?!” He said in a shocked voice. “I sure am. I ran into a few unexpected situations this morning. My apologies sir.” I quickly sat in my seat. “OK, well as long as you’re OK. Let’s continue shall we? While we wait for the new CEO to join our meeting, let’s go over a few things.” As my boss discusses the new processes that’ll occur when the new CEO takes over, all I could do was think about my encounter with the handsome gentleman at the coffee shop.


As I was lost in my own thoughts, I heard the door open. “Ah! Here he is and just on time. Team, meet our new CEO and his immediate team members.”  I turned in my seat and looked up. “Holy shit!” I thought to myself. “It’s HIM!” My soul left my body and I was suddenly starting to feel a bit nauseous. As he looked around the room he said, “I wasn’t sure I would make it on time, a beautiful woman spilt coffee on me at the coffee shop.” His eyes landed right on me just as he said that and he smiled. All I could honestly do was smile back. Then I snapped out of it. “He’s your CEO, don’t even think about it.” I thought. “I took the liberty in getting to know everyone I’ll be working with and asked for everyone’s name and photo ahead of time, so no need to introduce yourself.” He again looked right at me as he said that. He knows my name! He knew me the moment I spilt coffee on him! Oh my goodness. This may be a disaster!

When the meeting ended. I quickly grabbed my things and shot to the door in a rush. I was nearly in a mid jog to get to my office. “Are you alright girl?” My secretary seemed concerned as I busted past her. “I’m never better! I, I, I’m nearly just preparing for a marathon in the next, um, year? So I figured I would get a start by increasing my cardio by walking fast!” Ugh, that made no sense. As I finally sat down at my desk I tried to gather my thoughts. It’s been a very unusual day and it’s nowhere near the end. The new CEO is the same guy I split coffee on! I feel even more embarrassed. He must think I’m such a clumsy idiot. Now I’m really going to have to watch myself. 

“Knock knock.” I hear this man’s voice behind me. My eyeballs shot open and I spun around in my chair. “OH! You again!” I said nervously. “I figured I’d be the last person you’d want to see after this morning’s episode. I’m sorry, where are my manors? Hi! Hello! Come in. Please sit.” My heart raced. “Oh please don’t worry about this morning. However, you still seem like you’re in a rush? You left the conference before I had a chance to say hello to you again.” He said it with such sincerity. “Oh, yes. I have SO much work to do.” As I pile random papers together at my table. “Since I was running late this morning, which NEVER happens I assure you, I’ve been rattled today after my negligence this morning and spilling coffee on your what looked like to be a very expensive dress shirt! AND, you knew who I was which makes everything more embarrassing. Are you OK? How’s your chest?” I think I sound razzled still. “I see. Well, I assure you once again that I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. If anything I was interested in a general conversation with you. You seemed very interesting in that short amount of time, but before I could really say much more to you, you left in a hurry.” He started to laugh and by him laughing it started to make me laugh and relax a little. I can see he’s being genuine. He’s not out to mock me or shame me for being late. He seems laid back. I like that. I just smile at him. “Yes, OK. Well, I’m sure you have plenty of work to do on your first day being CEO, so you won’t be seeing me for the rest of today according to your schedule.” I said with confidence. “Well, actually I came in here to ask you if you’d like to go out to lunch with me? My treat? Maybe you can tell me about the company from your perspective? I would really like to get to know you. You left quite an impression. What do you say? Can you clear your lunch schedule?” His smile was ear to ear. He has such nice teeth. A smile says a lot about a person. His eyes gleamed in the sun that’s peering in through the window. His personality seemed warm and inviting. “Ah. Well, um… You know what? Why not! I’ll clear my lunch schedule and we’ll grab lunch!” I admit, I was definitely excited inside. I hadn’t been interested in anyone in an incredibly long time. I’ve been so work focused I just gave up on that part of my life. “OK Great! I’ll meet you here at your office and I’ll drive us to a place I know close by. See you at lunch!” He smiled and left my office.

Since lunch wasn’t far from the when he left. I had a lot to do. I wanted to prepare for our lunch and elaborate on the company and our mission. I wanted to show him how we are all like family here and what we do is most usually a team effort. I love my job and I want him to be able to see my passion for it. As work proceeded, the time seemed to fly by. It was nearing time and I actually started to feel butterflies in my stomach. There’s just something about someone coming to you and picking you up that’s so exciting. It’s as though time stops and you’re suddenly the most important person in someone’s life. Well, what am I even thinking right now? It’s not like he asked me out on an actual date. It’s more of a work related lunch. I should stop over thinking this. 

“Knock, knock! Hey! Please tell me you’re ready and not going to make an excuse to cancel on me today?” “Oh look who’s right on time? And no, I’m not canceling and I’m ready to go!” I said with cool excitement if you know what I mean. “OK great! Shall we?” He put out his hand as if he wanted me to lead the way. The lunch went fantastic! He took me to a cute Café just around the corner and surprisingly he wanted to know more about me and my life and kept work related interests minimal.  Throughout our lunch we shared an occasional laugh and smile. When our eyes met, it was an usual feeling. I’ve never quite experienced an encounter with another guy before quite like this one. I tried my best not to think too much of it, that I really needed to focus on that fact that he’s my boss and less on the fact that there might actually be something there. But, it’s the eyes. His eyes were mesmerizing. A window to his soul. When we make eye contact, it’s incredibly hard to look away. It’s as though I can see something inside of him. He exposes his truth in his eyes. He’s vulnerable. He’s vulnerable with me. I can see it and I can feel it. I don’t think I can deny the fact that the moment my eyes met his at the coffee shop, it was instantaneous that I felt like I already knew him from somewhere. As I was lost in my thoughts about him, I realized that he was lost in his thoughts too and we ended up just smiling at each other, lost in one another’s eyes. 

I felt as though we were downloading memories and information about one another. The longer I looked into his eyes, I could see visions. Flash backs. Snippets of memories. “I’m sorry, but I feel like I have already known you and this lunch is just like playing catch up after a long time away. “ He said to me. “I ironically was just thinking the same thing, but I really wanted to present myself as professional to you, so I kept that to myself.” I tried to say this with sincerity since he was still my boss, even though we may be vibing. “I would really like to do this again sometime. Perhaps without a work related meet up.” He asked with a genuine heart. I could feel his energy. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to excuse me. I haven’t done this in a long while. I’m not even sure I know how to anymore.” He went on. My brief moment of silence must have made him feel insecure or perhaps he feels in doubt of how I feel. “Well, I’ll have to know I haven’t done this in a long time either, so no need to apologize. I would really enjoy doing this again. Without work that is.” I couldn’t help but to smile at him. He was incredibly handsome and his eyes are an open book to his soul and being. “Perfect. I’m really looking forward to learning more about you. Perhaps we can grab a coffee sometime? No pun intended!” He laughed. “Ha! I have a feeling you’ll never let that go!” I laughed with him. 

Many weeks went by, that then became months that he and I became inseparable. Neither of us were in a rush, but the intensity of our energy when we were near each other, really had me feeling emotions I never actually thought were within me. A new experience awakened and I was embracing the time we spent together. I was looking forward to seeing him everyday. I loved my job and everything I did for my job, but getting to see him everyday was just a treat. He took me out and treated me like a lady he truly cared about. He was supportive to my job and my life. He actually listened not only to me, but to every employee. He truly cared. I’m not going to lie, but it is really sexy.


We have a date night tonight. He’s taking me to walk along the river. There’s a little restaurant that sits on the water and along it is a nice winding walking path. I wore a beautiful black deep V-neck dress. It was sheer and sexy. Mid thigh skin tight dress. I love dressing up, especially for him because his expressions are so ecstatic when he sees me, it’s as though he’s in pain it hurts so bad that I look so good for him. He gets more excited then even I do, which says a lot about him. It really brightens up my soul. This night would be no different. When my doorbell rang my heart jumped through my chest. His presence excites me and I can hardly wait to see his face. When I open the door, he never disappoints. “Oh my God. Wwooww! You look like a Goddess. You are so incredibly beautiful. I’m so glad you spilt coffee on me that day, because I’ve been hot for you ever since!” He opened his arms and cradled me in a hug. He has amazing hugs and when we hug it’s like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together. It’s always warming when he hugs me. He’s so respectful and loving. I can feel his energy radiate throughout my body. “And YOU look incredibly handsome, as always my Grace.” I joked with my compliment. “Shall we?” He gave me his arm. “We shall.” I locked arms with him and walked me to his truck and opened the door for me as he held my hand to help me up into his truck. He’s such a gentleman. Always thinking of me first. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was beautiful. It overlooked the river and even though it was dark outside, you can see the nearby city lights reflecting on the water. We sat outside. It was a nice and warm summer night. We ate and laughed and as usual we really enjoyed each other’s company. The tables outlined a dance floor and a band played tonight. As we were enjoying the night, a slow song came on. He just looked directly into my heart. “May I have this dance, beautiful?” We have yet to dance with each other, so this was a new experience. “I thought you’d never ask. Yes, I would love to.” He held his hand out for mine and guided me to the dance floor. The romantic lighting really sets the tone. There were pillars along the dance floor with large drapes over the top with dangling Christmas styled lights. I laid my hands on his shoulders and he rested his hands on my waist. We just gazed into each other’s eyes. Although we’ve hugged, we’ve never been so close face to face before and up until now we’ve been avoiding our emotions for one another. Our smiles slowly became full of intimate emotions. The Lights dimmed and I could really feel our vibe. I feel him grabbing on a little tighter to my waist. His jaw clenches. He brings me in closer to him until our bodies merge. “Is this ok?” He asked. “Yes.” I whispered back to him. Our dance turned into a deep hugging session. I could feel our energy. It was captivating at that moment. My heart began to flutter, sending chills of excitement throughout my body. I can feel his thumbs rubbing the sides of my waist. The smell of him was sweet and masculine at the same time. With every breath I took in, the smell of him was starting to drive me wild. 

As we glared into each other’s eyes it was as though we were exchanging intimate information. Our smiles to one another faded as the realness of our emotions started to surface for one another, validating the intense emotions we truly do have one another. He brought up one hand to caress my cheek. His eye contact had him in deep thought. I can see he’s trying to fight something. His thumb rubs the bottom of my jaw and brings it closer to my lips. He occasionally looks at my lips. I can see him clenching his jaw. I can feel his other hand slowly side up to my bare back. His bare touch to my skin was electrifying. His energy just dispersed throughout my body. My breathing seems heavier and chills illuminated the sides of my neck and warmed my ears. “I feel that you want to kiss me, but what are you afraid of?” Is a thought that ran wildly through my mind. I want him to kiss me. Am I not giving him enough signs? Is he waiting for something? Is he worried?

In that moment his thumb ran over my bottom lip. I wanted to kiss him so bad. I want to show him I want something more with him. I can feel him in the depths of my soul. This connection is like none other. I grabbed the collars of his dress shirt and brought him in so our foreheads touched. He is taller than I am, but tonight I wore heels just to get close to his face. I can feel his heart pounding through his and my chest. I can’t take it anymore. I slyly stretched my head up and gently kissed his lips. It was quick, but just as my butterflies started to flutter, he pulled me in closer and kissed me back, only he held the kiss. “Mmmm,” I can hear him moan. A moan of a deep sense of pleasure and relief that we are finally sharing our first kiss. Our breathing became in sync. His lips are incredibly soft and gentle. He’s genuine and taking his time as he kisses me. I can feel the energy dispense throughout my body. It’s electrifying. At this moment I feel like we are the only two souls in existence. As if we were kissing in the depths of the abyss. A universal explosion sends chills throughout my body. It’s no kiss I’ve ever experienced before. My butterflies make me feel weightless. It feels incredible. Two souls lost in one another. Drifted away to a place that only exists within one’s mind. No one would ever believe me if I had to explain this kiss. 

I wanted more of him. I squinted my eyebrows in pleasure. My eyes remained closed and I reached up to touch his chest. My hand ran gently up his chest. I can feel him flexing again. Perhaps he likes it. I slide my hand up to his neck and wrap my hand around the back of his neck, caressing it. He pulled me in closer, as if our bodies couldn’t become any closer. As we danced and kissed, I could feel his penis erect in his pants against my pelvis. I excited him and that excites me. I think he forgot where we were, because he showed no shame in being in the moment with me. It was incredibly sexy. I’m the only thing that matters to him right now. He’s not distracted or looking around to see who’s looking at me and watching us. We are in our own world.

When the song ended, we just stood there in each other’s arms with our eyes closed. Enjoying each other’s company. When we both opened our eyes, we looked directly at one another and smiled. His smile is so beautiful. The amount of energy in his smile will light even the darkest of souls. It’s so incredibly pleasing to see him smile and to bathe in his energy. “Shall we go now?” He asked. “We shall.” I said with excitement. As we headed out I stopped him. “ I know you had a nice walk for us planned tonight, but what do you think about coming back to my place with me and watching a movie instead? Maybe you could stay over, if you’d like?” I asked him. He smiled at me. “If that’s what you’d prefer to do, then I happily accept your invitation.” He reached up and caressed the side of my face with his thumb. 

When we arrived at my place, I kicked off my shoes at the door. Although he and I have been seeing each other for a few months, up until tonight we haven’t done anything. Not even as much as holding hands. We both were really enjoying where our connection was taking us. I went to the kitchen to prepare some treats. I couldn’t help but think about our kiss. I smiled as I prepared food. “What are you smiling about?” He said with excitement in his voice and totally caught me off guard. “Ah, well, um, I’m thinking about how much I’ve really enjoyed our night tonight.” I said. “I really did too, actually.” As he said this he walked over to me and hugged me from behind. There’s that smile again! I just can’t seem to stop. He moved my hair away from my neck and gave it a light kiss as he continued hugging me. It just felt so incredible to feel something. Not just anything, a mutual connection. A deep understanding of two souls joined together on Earth. A merge of the finer thoughts in soul connections. 


I really couldn’t concentrate if I’m being honest. I didn’t want to seem pushy, but I was really looking forward to our next kiss. Am I love drunk? Just as I’m having these thoughts, I feel his hand slowly rub my stomach. I stopped prepping and indulged in his touch. I swear we are on the same brain wave, because our energy has us really vibing tonight. I reached for his hand and slowly guided it up to my breasts. I wanted him to touch me. I want to feel his energy in my soul. As soon as I reach my breast, I forced his hand to squeeze my breast. I could feel his penis start to erect. I’m not going to lie, but I have imagined having sex with him. I imagined him deep inside of me. I imagined cumming all over his penis. Yes, I thought dirty thoughts about him. 

He began to squeeze my breasts without my guidance and it turned me on feeling him take lead. There’s just something about a man being dominant in an intimate setting that’s incredibly fucking sexy. I was wearing a one piece dress, but I can tell he wants to explore more, so I take his hand and slowly slide it down my abdomen and underneath my dress. “Mmmm…” I moaned. He slowly slid his hand up to my vagina and gently rubbed my clitoris. “Ooohhh…” My breathing increased with every moan I exhaled. “Mmmm… Do you like me touching you there?” He asked in a voice of soft masculinity, but not that he was asking for permission, which I liked. “Yes, I do. Very much.” I answered. Just then he spun me around and lifted me onto the counter top. He kissed me slowly and continued to rub my clitoris with his thumb with the rest of his fingers resting on my leg, while occasionally squeezing my inner thigh. I grabbed the back side of his neck and leaned back a little and opened my legs more for him. He came in closer leaning with me and as we kissed passionately, pulled my dress up and completely exposed my thong. He grabbed my ass and pulled it to the edge of the counter. He then held me into place and rubbed his penis onto the outside of my underwear. The friction caused a warming sensation on my vagina. It feels so good. There’s just something about this tease that drives my mind and body wild. I haven’t been touched in a long time and I certainly haven’t felt so deeply for someone that it generally made me nervous. 

I can hear him lightly panting as he kissed my neck. I can feel my vagina swelling as I became so aroused with his touch and with his kisses. I slowly slid my hand down his chest and unbuttoned his pants. He took the bait and helped me pull his pants down. Now in our underwear, he continues to rub my vagina with his penis. My labia is swollen and his penis is incredibly hard for me. I can’t take it much longer, but my gosh he’s so fucking hot. All I can think about is him inside of me. I’m so wet that my underwear starts to loosen. He notices and pulls my underwear to the side and slowly slides his middle finger into my vagina. “Oh God…” We both moaned. He looks up at me to catch my expression and I’m guessing he likes what he sees, because I can see him clenching his jaw. I know he wants me, but I can tell he’s enjoying pleasing me in other ways. He continues to finger me nice and slowly.  As he fingers me, we make eye contact again. It’s like a telepathic synchronization where our souls merge. Every time he puts his finger in me I feel like I’m going to cum, but I really want to cum when he’s inside me and as I’m feeling into him and into myself, he knows what I want.

He grabbed me up off the counter and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me into my room. He laid me down gently and kept eye contact. He had the most attractive eyes. Windows to his soul. Deep and passionate. The moon was full tonight and illuminated my room. It’s romantic and beautiful. He slowly took off my underwear and then his. He slowly came to me, kissing my stomach and moving my v-neck dress to the side to grab my breasts. When he got over the top of me he looked at me and touched my face before leaning in for a kiss. He reached down and grabbed the base of his penis and slowly started to enter the opening of my vagina. His penis was warm, hard and larger than I expected. It hurts a little, but it hurts so good, that kind of pleasure. When he went all the way in I let out an intense moan. “Oh FUCK, you feel so good…”  He whispered to me. “God, do you have any idea just for beautiful you are?” As he leaned in to kiss me passionately. He may be the most perfect man in my life. He took his time thrusting that I felt as though he was teasing me. With every thrust I felt an intense internal explosion. I ran my hand through my hair and grabbed it as my body trembled with excitement. Like, FUCK! he feels so good. His penis feels incredibly hard and it turns me on to know that I’m the one that’s turning him on. That I made his penis hard and that he’s hot for me. I want more of him now.

While we made love, I have imagined me showing him just how much I’ve been wanting him. I want to show him how I’ve been feeling about our connection. I want him to feel me the way I envision being intimate with him, so I wrapped my legs around him and guided him to roll over. “Oh?” He Exhaled. Being on top gave me the control I wanted. His penis felt even larger with him in the bottom and I was certainly enjoying this position. As I swayed my hips up and down on his penis, he rubbed my breasts. It didn’t take long for him to grab my hips and help to penetrate my vagina. He held me up and gave me a few intense thrusts before letting me down and gaining control again. The intensity of his thrusts had my vagina swollen, because I’m about to burst and cum all over his penis. With my hands on his chest, I can’t seem to stop moaning. “Awww! Aahh! Oh God yes… I’m going to cum.” I expressed aloud. He sat up and wrapped his arms around my body and I wrapped mine around his. This position really closed in our body parts and the friction to my clitoris increased. Every time I would lift up, he would slam me back down into his penis. He is strong and it’s like he knows just what turns me on and when to perform to match my wants. We are insync and our bodies mirror each other. I can’t hold my organism in anymore. I can’t control my shaking. You know, the feeling you get when you’re holding back an orgasm. My moans are vocal and loud and he’s quite expressive himself. He’s a gentleman and I have never heard him swear before, but I’ve unleashed the dragon in him and it’s an incredible turn on to see how much emotion he’s been hiding and giving me everything he’s been keeping to himself. 


He reaches down and grabs my ass and starts to scoop me harder onto his penis. Just when I thought I could hold out longer, I clenched onto his shoulders and yanked my head back. I let out a moan where the oxygen I suck into my is the same moan I let out. I feel light headed and my ears warm. My climax is like entering space where you hold your breath with what little oxygen you can inhale and you forget to breathe. As I start to cum, my vagina pulsates and he mirrors my orgasm by driving my hips into him harder. He looks me in my eyes before he starts to cum. It’s like suddenly everything is playing in slow motion. Our gazes into each other’s soul, our thrusts become insync, our breathing aligns, our orgasms mirror and we souls unite with one another. “Ffuucckk… I love you… I love you…” And that was the first time I heard him say “I love you” to me and it caught me by surprise. All my emotions finally released in that moment. I held his face in my hands and whispered, “I love you too, so much.” 

He rolled me back over and laid over me. “How are you so perfect? I’ve wanted you from the moment my eyes made contact with yours, it was as though I collided with a soul, something I’ve never done before. Your eyes, you were there. I just connected. Then, when I realized you would be working with me, I couldn’t say anything. You really just took my breath away and in that moment I realized I had all the time I needed, because I would be able to get to see you everyday, so I wanted to take my time with you.” He was so genuine and his words were so beautiful. How can a man be so tuned in and emotional? “I consider myself to be the lucky one here. I may have been happy, but you filled a part of me I never knew I had been missing until I met you. I have never experienced instantaneous attraction before, but not because you’re incredibly handsome, but because your soul stripped itself right before my eyes and exposed your vulnerability to me and it frightened me. The time I’ve spent with you has been nothing short of beautiful and happy moments. My soul feels like it exists and it has a purpose. Meeting you has been a gift from the universe. An unexplainable connection and I’m so grateful to get the chance to experience with you. Thank you…” As a tear ran down my face he said, “For what my love?” He asked so gently. “For seeing me…” I whispered.

He said nothing to me then. He was in the moment. I watched a tear run down his face. An emotion that moved me. We held each other. Our bodies intertwined. The moon light illuminating highlights on our body’s. We exchanged little kisses. Not saying another word, just allowing our energy in our body’s to do all the talking. It was a blissful experience. Our souls are colliding in the abyss. In the dead of silence I can still hear the sounds of our vibrations. Our souls dancing in union together. 

It is true. “The One” exists. You won’t know it’s the one until it completely takes you by surprise. You won’t have to force it. You won’t be able to fight it. It’s knowing without knowing. It’s a dance your soul does before you even open your mouth to speak words. It’s complete clarity. It’s understanding. It’s not a fight. It’s not painful. It’s simply the beginning to a grand adventure to being with “The one.”

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