Our Little Secret…

Our Little Secret

SONGS that Inspired this story:
CamelPhat “Easier” | Avoure “Aura" | Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski “Heart of Darkness" | Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski “The Power of One” | Zack Hemsey, “Vengeance” | Dua Lipa “Want To" | INZO “I'm Dreaming” | SYML, "The War”

I cannot bear the intense feelings I feel when I see you. You hardly notice me, but I notice every little detail about you. What you wear, how you smell. I wonder what it would be like to spend a day with you and how the day would end. Would you have fallen for me like I have fallen for you? I had hoped that one day my fantasy of us would come to life. I imagine what it would be like to be held by you. You’re so strong and I think about how tight you would hold me from behind. I imagine you moving my hair away from my neck and lightly kissing it. The wetness from your kisses you leave behind become chilled by the air and make my nipples hard. 

Your hand gently reaches and grabs my neck as you tilt my head more to the side. Your other hand slowly caresses my body as it makes its way down to the bottom of my shirt. Your fingers tease my pant line before you slowly make your way up to my breasts. You’re lightly digging your fingertips into my abdomen As your breathing becomes heavier, and as so mine. You start to caress and massage the underneath of my breasts. Squeezing my neck and allowing me to fully lay back up against you. As you grab my entire breast with your hand, you squeeze my nipple between your fingers, sending chills all throughout my chest and neck. You’re sucking hard on my neck as I imagine you viciously ripping off my clothes and making love to me right there and then, but no, no you’re really enjoying every moment we share together.

I press my ass up against your penis. I’m wearing thin leggings and so I can feel that your penis is already excited for me. This turns me on so much. My visions tease me of what you’ll do to me next. You’re patient, even though I know you want me. I’m moving my hips as I dance against your penis. My  hand is grasping the back of your neck. Your pace picks up and you reach for the top of my pants again. You slow down as you enter the brim of my pants. It’s already warm down there. I can feel the heat escape. Your hand slowly reaches the outside of my underwear and you slide your hand all the way down to my vagina and you press into my vagina with your fingertips as you slide your hand back up. You know I’m already wet. You can feel it through my underwear. This makes you drive your penis further into my ass. I know you want me. Your panting while kissing my neck. I’m panting heavily. I’m excited and hot for you.

You’re so gentle, but you know I like it when you caress my vagina harder. You’re going down slow, but coming back up with more force. Over and over again. You can feel my wet labia through my underwear and knowing you made me wet turns you on and your visions of making love to me intensifies. I start to unzip your pants. I want to feel how hard you are for me. I want to feel how ready you are. I want you to want me so bad. I want you to be fully erect. I want to please you like you’re pleasing me. When I unzip your pants your excitement intensifies. You are waiting for the feeling of my bare hand to caress your penis. My labia slips out of my underwear as you’re rubbing it. The feeling of my bare wet vagina on your fingertips sends sparks of excitement throughout your body and you go under my underwear. You’re slowly going down and I too enter your underwear with my hand. We are going at the same pace. You’re no longer kissing my neck, but you’re very focused. From the side of my eye I can see you clenching your jaw.

You reach my clitoris with your middle finger. You are doing circular motions gently around my wet clitoris. I’m so horny right now. I just want you inside of me. I reach for your penis with my hand. My hand is so warm, but your penis is warmer. I’m stroking your penis gently. I can hear you making moans. It feels good to you. Your hard penis really turns me on. I’m imagining the moment when you’ll put it into my wet vagina. I want you so bad I don’t think I can wait any longer. Your fingers reach further down to the entrance of my vagina. You feel that it’s incredibly wet, just for you. You did this to me and it makes you horny. It makes you want to make love to me right then and there. The thought that you made me wet is empowering to you. You love me so much and you just want to please me. Your middle finger teases the entrance of my vagina. In my mind I’m screaming for you to enter. Your hand no longer holds my neck, you’re caressing my breasts underneath my shirt. Your head is up against mine and we are merely lost into the abyss of pleasure.

I’m waiting for you. I want you so bad. My heart is racing. As I stroke your penis, you’re teasing my wet vagina at the same pace. I’m waiting for you. My entire body is hot. Our chemistry has us physically wet by now. I know how to get you to give me what I want. I stop stroking your penis and I slowly pull my pants down to just below my ass. I’m wearing a thong. I pull the front of your underwear down and press my ass up against your bare penis. Your penis lays perfectly in between my ass cheeks. Everything is warm down there and this drives you mad. You love my ass. I hear you whisper the words, “fuck” under your breathe. You take a deep breath and entire my vagina with your middle finger, but just a little. I’m so wet, but fuck this feels so good. I’m moving my hips. I can’t stand still. As you enter my vagina with your finger all I can imagine is your hard penis in it. I want you so bad. Please take me. I’m so ready for you. Oh gosh I can’t take it anymore. My light moans trigger and tease you too and you’re having a hard time controlling yourself. 

You know I want you so bad. I know you want me so bad too, but we’ve never done this before so we are embracing the moment. You’re caressing my ass with your penis. You remove your finger and start to rub my clitoris again. Your penis is so hard, the hardest it’s ever been. You grab your penis and put it in between my legs, rubbing my vagina with it. I can feel the warmth of the head of your penis touching my labia. It feels so good. Your penis is so warm. I’m so wet I can feel the wetness running down my leg. Your penis becomes wet and it becomes easier to rub my vagina with it. The more you caress my vagina with your penis it pokes through my underwear and into the entrance to my vagina a little and we both become excited. I’m moaning. I want you inside me so bad. It’s a pleasurable tease for me. With every poke into my vagina I feel waves of shock and excitement throughout my entire body. I feel as though I’m about to illuminate a light as we cause friction between our bodies. In my mind I’m in a madhouse going crazy screaming for you to drive your penis deep into my vagina. 

You can’t take it anymore now. You pull my underwear over to the side and continue caressing my wet vagina with your penis. Every other caress the head of your penis enters my vagina on accident, but it feels so fucking good. I bend over more for you at the foot of our bed and this is the cue you were looking for. You turn me around and lift me up onto the bed and lay me down. You’re strength turns me on. I love it when you’re dominant. You slowly pull my pants and underwear off. We both make intense and deep eye contact. The candles flickered and filled the air with a beautiful aroma. The smell alone intensified my sexuality. In my mind I’m begging for you to take me. I’m imagining your every move with me. I can’t wait for your next move. What are you going to do to me? What do you want to do to me?

You look me in the eyes with such love. As if there’s nothing else in the entire world that matters but this very moment. You want it to be perfect and so do I. As you’re laying over the top of me you lean in for a romantic kiss. It’s hot and it’s passionate. We look into each other’s eyes again. You spread my legs open and grab your penis. You’re watching for my reaction. You caress my very wet and very warm vagina with your penis. You circle my clitoris with the head of your penis and tease the entrance of my vagina. I grab the back of your neck and grab the sheets with my other hand. I’m so hot for you, please take me. You love watching me squirm for you. You slowly insert the head of your penis into my vagina and take it back out, rubbing it against my clitoris again.

I just can’t take it anymore. I grab your face for an intense kissing session and just as I did you drove your penis deep into my vagina. Fireworks ignited within you and I. In that moment we both could have cum. We both weren’t expecting to feel such an intense and deep feeling. You kept pushing into my vagina harder before slowly backing out and slowly bringing it back in. I’m moaning so loud right now. “Oh yes!” as I let out my inner voice. This surprises you and you start to go faster and harder. I’m incredibly horny and I just want to cum all over your penis. It’s everything I imagined it would be. With every caress into my vagina I lose my breath. I whisper “harder” to you. You look at me for reassurance, but you don’t hesitate to deliver. You drive your hips deep into my pelvis. With every thrust I can hear a smack between us. I can hear how wet I am. I feel it dripping down my ass. 

I want to cum so bad. I’m already there, but I want to last longer for you. I can’t lay still. I’m squirming and my body is trembling. You want me to cum for you. You want to feel me orgasm on your penis. You want to please me. “Do you like my penis inside your vagina,” you whisper to me as you thrust deeper into my pelvis. “Yes,” I moaned. “Your vagina feels so good. It’s so wet for me. It’s so tight,” you whispered to me.” You talking dirty to me really turns me on. I imagine even more dirty thoughts as thrust deep into my vagina. I feel so electrified right now. I can feel the hairs standing up throughout my entire body. The smell of you drives me wild. The chemistry is intense between us. Nothing either one of us have ever experienced before. When I look into your eyes, it’s a feeling of home. I remember you. I know you. We’ve done this before. Our eyes can’t look away from each other. We want to watch the other experience the pleasure we bring to one another. It’s beautiful. A 5D reunion in the physical world.

We telepathically exchange thoughts about our love for one another. We are slow and gentle now. You want to make love to me. I’m not just anyone to you. You know I love you so much and my desire to be with you is strong. Your thrusts have slowed down. You’re right over the top of me now. I can feel your energy. It’s as though my soul has left my body. I’m ready to climax. You can see that I’m holding out and it drives you wild. Just knowing you’re pleasing me really turns you on. You want to cum so bad inside of me. You turn it up a notch and tear the waters. You kiss the inside of my neck and make your way down to my breast. You suck on my nipple. I can feel your tongue make circles around it as you caress my other breast.

I can’t hold out any longer. My body is giving in. I’m ready. I touch the side of your face and guide it towards mine. You look at me with eyes of excitement before you lean in to kiss me passionately. Your thrusts become steady as your hips elaborate their ability to pleasure the inner depths of my vagina. My body becomes increasingly warmer as I reach climax. I can feel every part of my body start to tremble uncontrollably. You notice and watch as I clench the sheets with one hand and dig my nails into your back with my other hand. With every thrust of your penis into my vagina my orgasm becomes insync. I can’t help but to let out an uncontrollable moan as I squeal trying to grasp air. My heart flutters and skips beats in between. I can feel my eyes rolling back into my head. Every bit of my performance is enough to let loose and join me in this trip to pleasure. “Oh baby” you whisper to me. Your masculine groans of pleasure are so sexy. It turns me on even more knowing you’re about to cum inside of me. I’m suddenly feeling light headed and everything becomes euphoric to me. I can feel you begin to orgasm. With every thrust of your penis you let out a moan. I can feel your penis pulsating inside my vagina as my vagina pulsates on your penis. My body squirms and so you grab onto me and drive yourself into me harder and hold me in place. The sensation is as if I’m experiencing internal fireworks. My mind seems light weight with an internal release. My soul has left my body and I beg you to go harder for that slide into home run. “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes!” I yell loudly. You know I’m feeling good, because I never swear, but it suddenly seems appropriate. We exchange moans and passionate kisses. It’s incredibly beautiful. It’s illuminating. Our orgasms are in sync with one another, it feels as though we are experiencing each other’s orgasm. 

I’m so hot for you. I feel like my entire body releases all worries, fears and doubts I have ever had. In that moment nothing else has ever mattered. In this very moment it’s just you and I. We are caught in the universal dust where our subconscious leaves our bodies. It’s blissful and beautiful. Like an intense instrumental show elaborating our movements and our intensity, we have officially become lost in the love for each other. As your thrusts slow, your hands cup my face. You kiss me passionately and observe my entire face. You crack a side smile. Just in awe of my beauty and how lucky you are to share this beautiful moment with a beautiful human, inside and out. I smile back at you.I have never felt such a deep connection with any soul until now.

You slowly pull your penis out of my vagina and grab me to pull me close to you again. I’m facing you now. As we lay side by side face to face, we start to hug one another in a deep bonded cuddle. You kiss my forehead and caress my hair. You are so good to me, like a gift specifically made just for me. I feel alive in your arms.I feel safe and loved. I want this moment to last forever. Before I closed my eyes I whisper to you, “Please don’t ever let me go…” 

©️ 2021 Riva Gijanto. All Rights Reserved. This is my hard work. Please do not steal, copy, recreate, manipulate or use its authenticity in any way.

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