Come with Me ( a song by MissRiva )

“You are the energy that grows one with this universe.” -MissRiva

There’s nothing like expressing your inner depths to the universe. Every unique thing about you can be heard and seen far beyond what we could ever imagine. The best part is knowing we came from the depths of the universe and everything unique about us was created from this matter we call Earth.

You’re unique and beautiful. No one should ever make you feel like your light isn’t worth the explosion that deserves to be felt from deep within the depths of your internal self.

Singing for me has always been an outlet. My style are usually forced urges to release this unique parts of myself. I express myself through singing. It aligns my chakras. I release this need to sing like a wolf howls to the moon or when it hears other wolves howl.

When I sing, it’s organic. I don’t usually sing other artists songs. To be honest, they just don’t sound as good as the artists themselves and if I’m being honest I think there’s this genuine respect for their work and I’m not interested in copying others. What I sing is never written down beforehand. I sing on the spot. I go along with what moods, tones and tunes come from my body. I sing nearly every single day. My children love it and I get requests to sing to them. Just tonight I played this song I share with you all and my son was mesmerized by it. “Is that your voice mommy? It sounds so beautiful!” My son said to me. He really enjoys it when I sing.

So this week I bring something entirely different for you. Something a little about me. This will allow you to become a little personal with me as I let you in on a part of my world I keep private. Although I enjoy writing, I also enjoy being organic and allowing my readers to get to know me. It’s important to make connections. I enjoy being personable.

This song is called, “Come with Me.” I sang it the last day of work when Covid just hit and everything shut down. I worked at a gym on APG in Maryland. I was feeling incredibly sad that day. I knew I wouldn’t get to see all the people I’ve met and grown to become friends with. It hit me pretty hard that the lock down was going to take a lot from many people and so during this time I felt lost. Would anyone miss me as much as I miss them? Would I see these people again? Will the disease take the lives of those I’ve come to know? I grew increasingly worried. So while I was working and cleaning the racquetball court, I let it all out. It was a way I could cry, because I wanted to. You can hear my boss come in at some point to check on me and I exchange it with a giggle.

I promise you, that this won’t be your style music. However, I imagine being in other realms calling all the souls to come home, looking for the lost ones and awaken those who’ve been asleep. Think of kulning meets Lord of the Rings. It’s chanting and mesmerizing.

And so here it is.

“Come with Me”

Copyright ©️ lifewithmissriva 2020

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