Fight for Her

Chapter 1 (1 of 5)

Awakened Dream

You wouldn’t know it existed until it hit you right in the face. You locks eyes, heart starts to flutter in shear panic, palms start to sweat and your body suddenly starts to act in ways you had no idea you couldn’t control until that very moment. It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience in your entire life. This is different than anything you’ll ever experience.
At first, you’ll have no idea what’s going on, what to do or how to even control yourself. Your voice may become high pitch, you may fumble over your words and or maybe you’ll say something that made absolutely no sense, or worse you’ll completely freeze up and stand there inevitably awkward.
Your mind wanders and you have an incredible urge to say something sly or cute, but your physical capabilities have failed you. You grow eager and frustrated with your body as it seems as though your body, mind and soul are clearly not communicating with one another. All you can seem to do is smile, awkwardly that is.

Instantaneous chemistry…

Astara (Ah-star-rah) awaked from a dream confused. She pondered on the idea of what she had just dreamed about. “Why?” She asked. “I don’t understand.” This dream stuck with Astara all day and she worried the outcome to this dream, because she was about to face it’s reality.

Astara worked at a local book store called “Book Haven,” located right in a busy town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was relatively busy everyday and she saw the same customers every single day coming in during their lunch breaks or after work to sit and enjoy some time to themselves and read. Astara saw the same faces daily and grew friendly and meaningful bonds with her customers.
She was bright, vibrate and outgoing. She enjoyed helping people and giving them advice on what books to read next based on her customers wants, needs or moods. She was really good at what she did, because she thoroughly enjoyed books and connecting the reader to the writer.

When Astara came to work that morning of her dream, she knew something was incredibly off about how she felt. She grew nervous and even tried to ignore her thoughts and feelings, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t shake off what she was feeling and she knew she wasn’t in control and THAT scared her.

As she entered the book store, she mentally prepared for what was about to be an unusual encounter. She tried hard to reset her mind, but her body, mind and soul were made up and they weren’t going to budge. Astara went around cleaning off some dusty books and started on paperwork while the time seemed to fly by today. Go figure as she braced for impact. Astara hoped that things would inevitably go back to normal before THAT time came.

As Astara prepared for the lunch crowd, she also tried to keep her nerves in check. She became fidgety and her stomach turned as the clock neared time. Her mind began to race and she emotionally couldn’t keep up. Frustrated, because she hadn’t a clue as to why she was feeling the way she was. No previous signs, interests or acknowledgment in any previous encounters have ever had her questioning her encounters.

It was that time. Astara’s customers started to make an entrance. She greeted them at the door as she did everyday. A few customers were chatty and she knew she needed to give them her time. One gentleman named, George talked about how he felt after a dog groomer had sheered off too much of his dog’s hair and merely butchered it. As he showed her before and after photos they shared a giggle.
In that moment when everything seemed relatively normal, the door bell hanging above the door rang as the door opened.
Astara looked up to greet her customer and when she did her eyes met his. For a brief moment time just stopped. She was clearly unable to hold her composure, but her inner introvert kicked and she gave a “good morning,” in a relatively cool and calm manor. After all, it’s certainly only her that’s feeling this way. Her heart raced and her ears became warm. It was suddenly as though she could no longer hear George talking about his dog. It was tunnel vision. She wanted to so badly understand why she suddenly felt the way she did and all honestly she was truly frustrated she did feel the way she did, because it quite literally just happened over night, literally!

Astara had a dream about one of her customers, Skylar. In her dream he had saved her from an emotional episode where she had given up and crumbled to her knees in defeat. She was incredibly weak in her dream. She was tired and emotionally distraught. Skylar came out of no where to her in her dream. He was wearing black warrior clothing from another time from another place. He had large black winscalls, which look similar to wings of an Angel from many religious stories, only these were larger where the arch of the winscalls reached a foot over their heads when not flying. They have two sets of winscalls on each side of their back, the main winscalls are larger than the others. They are close together, but can move separately or in sync. The shorter winscalls rest on the sides of the body and often look like a long dress. Winscalls are beautiful and their translucent abilities keep the camouflaged amongst humans. These special beings are the warriors of the universe. They bring love and order to corrupt worlds. These special beings are called Algarnians. Only special people whose ancestors came from one living planets and migrated can see Algarians, because they worked together long ago. Skylar stood tall, nearly 6 foot. He had a clean shaved head and he had the most beautiful and memorizing blue eyes in all of the universe. Skylar was strong, built like a true warrior ready for battle. His heart could be felt through vibrations with every pounding beat through his chest.

He assured her everything would be OK. It was as though it was a moment in the “Twilight” series where Edward saved Bella from a car sandwiching her. From that moment, Bella could not shake the thought of Edward afterwards. It was as though even though he was always around her, that he was tuned in to her without her knowing until that very moment.
Astara’s dream played the same scenario. It was as though Skylar could sense her pain and met her in her dreams to let her know that it’ll be OK. Skylar, like an Angel from above came over to Astara, knelt down in front of her and tilted her chin upward towards him. He didn’t say anything. Astara and Skylar locked eyes and spoke telepathically.
The problem with that is, it was that very moment shared between them that made Astara fall deeply in love with Skylar. The eye lock between them was intense. It was as if they were looking into the eyes of someone they have known for many life times. Another time, another place, their eyes locked and they imprinted. It was as though Skylar was just waiting for Astara to look up and notice him. To notice they were destined to be together. He waited patiently for her and when Astara looked up into his eyes it was then that suddenly everything made sense. It was as though it hit her like freight train. Her third eye chakra opened up and she inhaled information from Skylar and brief visions of their souls dancing in unity from all the lives they’ve once lived together.

Skylar grinned ever so gently, because it was that moment he knew that she knew. Skylar scooped Asatra up in a cradling position and walked off into the darkness with her in his arms.

Very confused as to why she was feeling this way, because Astara had seen Skylar on numerous occasions on and off work, but never thought of him in any other way. Skylar had a very introverted personality about him, but there was something calm and mysterious about him that Astara couldn’t quite figure out about him. When they spoke briefly to one another from time to time, Skylar made eye contact with her. He never looked away, he never checked his phone, he was always tuned into what Astara talked about and said. Astara wasn’t used to this kind of attention. In a very distracted world where everyone hears noise but aren’t listening, Astara isn’t used to eye contact and she shy’s away when Skylar makes intense eye contact with her and although it makes her uncomfortable, there’s something unusually comfortable about looking into his eyes.

Astara had a hard time concentrating on anything that day. Skylar was on her mind and she grew excited but yet exhausted from the thoughts of him. She tried incredibly hard to not steal glances at him while he sat in his own corner on the one seated chair by the window. He sat in the same place every day. As long as no one else sat there, it’s where Skylar sits. Oddly, he doesn’t come in to read like most others do, Skylar brings a laptop in and does something of the unknown on there. He’s private and discreet. Although he’s calm, private and focused, Astara couldn’t help but become intrigued by his demeanor. Astara kept receiving little visions of a life with him. Every time a thought of him would come to her it made more sense. That’s when she fought hard to forget him. She didn’t know him, doesn’t know his relationship status and the worse part in all of this, is that Astara has a boyfriend!

To be continued…

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