Authentic Starseeds

No time to read? Then listen!

Are you a TRUE & Authentic Starseed?

Do you find yourself to be a unique being on the outside looking in at all the chaos in world? Wondering why it’s you that feels like the outsider?
Do your moral and values on the planet, animals, environment and the way society built their pyramid on life align with those?
Do you find yourself suffering from anxiety, depression and feel as though you’re a huge empath to all that goes on around you?

Maybe you don’t have all the answers and that’s why you’re here. To better understand your existence and what to work on if you find yourself to be a Starseed and how you can become an awakened Starseed.

Starseeds are a VERY important group of chosen entities to help awaken humans and show them a better, caring and more loving life here on Earth.
Starseeds are of the highest quality of human entities on a mission to better the way of life on Earth.
Starseeds bring love, light and order to Earth and many other life filled planets in need of proper direction.
You may have born with these traits or find yourself with consistent “awakening” moments, starting with your earlier years.

Starseeds are a direct descendent of the constellation sent to Earth where they are reborn into human bodies to continue bringing essential order needed for the survival of Earth and ALL of Earth’s creatures. We are here to be sure Earth stays in balance, because like all things, negative things have a trickling affect to all that exists around Earth if Earth dies.

Below is a detailed check list on what you may currently be experiencing and or looking forward to taking the next step into understanding what you’re going through and what you’ll need to consider as a Divine Starseed.

Let’s get to it!

1.) You’re Spiritual

This will burn your inner soul. It’s like an itch you can’t reach. To be spiritual comes more natural to you. You’re open minded and your idea on spiritualism far stretches past basic religion.
You may find that Buddhism or Wicca aligns more with your spirituality. While you may claim a different religion, you certainly have questions and search beyond what you’ve been taught.
If you belong to a religion, it is absolutely OK and encouraged to broaden your spiritual interests. This will certainly help you tap into your third eye Chakra.

2.) You’re a HUGE Empath

I just don’t mean you feel some things. I mean you feel EVERYTHING. Starseeds are equipped with high senses in order to make things right. You may find yourself sobbing over a deceased animal on the side of the road, because you’ll know that animal was living a daily routine minding it’s own business and just didn’t happen to make it across the road. You’ll feel defeated knowing that humans use vehicles for transportation, so you know it’s our own fault that the animal had lost its life and someone just left its lifeless body on the side of the road not having a single care for it.
Empaths FEEL everything and try to understand it or help.

3.) You Have Severe Anxiety

You know that pain you’re feeling right in your bread basket (your sternum) when something doesn’t feel right or goes against what you truly believe is wrong? That’s your instinct trying to retreat because you may be too afraid to stand up for what you believe is right. Many Starseeds whom go through phases of their awakening will start to experience unbearable anxiety. There’s so much you’ll want to do or say, but may be afraid of the repercussions or judgment from non seeds. Starseeds don’t always suffer from this or often don’t suffer from this the rest of their lives.

4.) You’re Naturally Creative/Talented

Have you ever wondered why things you seem to do or put your energy into come naturally to you? As if you’ve been honing these skills for a life time or life times. This is because Starseeds are incredibly creative and organized entities. Their energy has an inner memory card with an added external hard drive for every life lived and the education that has been absorbed during that seeds life. We come to Earth with these equipped talents and skills to teach humans and bring peace, love and ideas from our past lives and from our other home planets in the universe to help fuel our purpose here on Earth.

5.) You’re Vegan/Plant Based

Friends NOT Food

Starseeds soul purpose is to bring order back to Earth and for thousands of years many humans fell off the herbivore bandwagon for various theories. However, you’ll find an intense connection to all animals and life. Starseeds do not want to bring harm or abuse to any living being and we make it part of our mission to find ways to eliminate hurting them. You could be educating yourself on the matter and realize that it’s just something you no longer want to contribute to and may even find yourself speaking out and volunteering to liberate animals. Starseeds find other beings equal and will not put themselves above the lives of others. You will or maybe already are learning about the mass destruction consuming animal products has done and still is continuing to do to our planet.

6.) You’re Environmentally Conscious

Since Starseeds are here to provide heartfelt order, you’ll find yourself wanting to help and contribute to a cleaner planet. This includes being conscious about your trash consumption, where it’s going, the need to reduce and inspire others to reduce. You’ll certainly find yourself picking up trash you see on the ground as well and can’t seem to walk by it. Drive gas saving cars, electric cars, bikes, foot or taking transit. You’ll be conscious and open to learning about water resource consumption, how is utilized and how you can use water for its intended purpose and not abuse it by creating swimming pools and other acts of abuse. You may find yourself sitting in meetings about the environment and finding ways to reduce your footprint, making a life goal and inspiring others to follow suit. A clean planet is crucial for Starseeds!

7.) You’re a Minimalist

Starseeds are equipped with everything they really need. Knowledge. Knowledge to do good and bring good. Starseeds will grasp onto the knowing that everything that’s possessed by humans are essentially discarded into a massive pit where mature trees important to our eco system and where the natural grounds are destroyed in order to bury unwanted items the humans created, invented and now no longer want. Starseeds know materialistic things cannot be taken with them when they move on from this life, therefore they find that they are only accumulating the essentials needed for survival purposes or essentials to their destiny of helping, teaching and guiding humans and animals, BUT should seek out eco friendly items.

8.) Unique Numerology Synchronization

Does your birthday fall on a special day or include numbers from the Divine? Perhaps many things you do in life you find the clocks are often on Angel numbers or you find that things seem to add up. When you see these numbers, these are messages you need to be aware of. Many Starseeds and humans have cracked codes to numeral meanings and should pay attention to the messages that have been linked with certain numbers. A Starseed will have a numeral meaning during their existence.

9.) Rare Blood Type

Since Starseeds aren’t naturally from Earth, their blood type is rare, much like other seeds and species that originated from elsewhere other than Earth. An example would be AB+ & negative with about 4% of the population having this blood type and also Type O-.
Over the many years through evolution when blood was mixed with different species, it’s not known today who carries DNA of a rare entity. You may be a descendant of a pure Starseed.

10.) True Psychic Abilities/6th Sense

Starseeds are equipped with high senses. This purpose is to gather a much information from Earth and its creatures in order to help and guide life on Earth into the right direction. Starseeds can feel the energy of living things and or have the ability to be psychic. The limit is endless when it comes to different senses you’re gifted with. Non seeds are able to equip certain abilities as well due to their mixed genes. A Starseeds abilities are heightened more than a non seeds.

11.) You’re NOT Materialistic

Since Starseeds are here for the purpose of keeping Earth tidy, they don’t contribute to the materialistic destruction that humans participate in. The material world is destroying Earth and Starseeds are working hard to motivate non seeds to reduce, reuse, recycle and eliminate anything that isn’t an essential need to their existence here on Earth. You may find yourself looking for used things and repurposed items to contribute to a cleaner Earth.

12.) You’re Honest

Starseeds are honest beings. While it’s hard on Earth to be perfect, Starseeds are the most honest beings on Earth. This is due to their nature and purpose. Starseeds really avoid gossip, drama and are honest to bring a deeper truth to the underlying issues brought upon Earth due to dishonest and greedy human wants.

13.) You’re Health Conscious

Starseeds are health nuts. Their diets usually consist of pure, raw and unprocessed foods. Since Divine Starseeds don’t believe bringing harm to other living beings on Earth, Starseeds eat relatively a clean diet. You may find yourself eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, gains and seeds. You may find yourself transitioning into a healthier diet and inspiring others to do the same.

14.) You’re Organized & Clean

Starseeds are usually clean and organized or when given the chance to be they won’t bat on eye on perfection. They are here to guide humans towards order of their planet. Keeping things neat, tidy and orderly is important to a Starseed. They use this trait to inspire humans to wakeup to their current living situation. From space, Earth looks much like space’s garbage can. Starseeds find themselves cleaning up after infant babies, a.k.a humans. Humans only use 10% of their brains. It’s noted that humans are literally still infants. It’s why they make reckless choices.

15.) You’re a Natural Leader


Do you like to teach, coach, motivate or inspire others around you? Are you outspoken with facts and positivity? Do people gravitate towards you and listen when you speak? There’s a natural aura around Starseeds that gives humans a comforting feeling and they are drawn towards their radiance. Young Starseeds may be complete opposite as they grow into their purpose. Young seeds may be introverts as they sit back and watch all that goes on around them. They are young observers. Once information is collected, Starseeds start to come out of their shell and participate in activities they were sent to Earth for.

16.) Toxic Relationships Aren’t Tolerated

Since Starseeds are on a mission here on Earth to teach humans and bring balance back, you’ll find that toxic relationships are incredibly draining to your existence. You’ll feel a deep sensation of wanting to leave, but either can’t or something tells you to stay. Starseeds are here to help people and that could mean you’ll experience two things. You may be set to help, fix and or guide those in your personal life like a relationship, friendship and or family. Often times we are stationed in relationships to help people. They may need to learn something from you in order to become their best selves for a greater purpose and reason.
However, you may have a time limit with these people and will need to listen to your intuition to move on from them before they completely submerge your light and your destiny as a Divine Starseed.

17.) Decline Vaccination/Drug Usage

Aside from ones personal feelings behind the idea of vaccinations, Starseeds themselves don’t contribute to human made drugs. There are often too many long term side effects and deaths associated with the injection of unnatural chemicals. Starseeds are here on Earth to inspire humans to get healthy and stay healthy by using Earth’s most natural resources for their health aliments. Now, remember that humans have chosen their path here on Earth, so they have developed a very unhealthy lifestyle that has caused generations of damaged genetic makeup. Therefore, a Starseed avoids the use of vaccines and drugs. They are naturalists and use homeopathic remedies. Drugs and medications fall under the same idea as vaccines.
However, this may be subject to change if a Starseed was or is in a survival situation ONLY or if the Starseed was exposed to an irreversible disease. The Starseed will need to determine their situation for further survival purposes.

18.) You’re a Volunteer

Do you find yourself wanting to give back to the community? Are you or do you find yourself helping others or wanting to help all the time? Do to feel like you’re not doing enough? Are you donating your time and money to charities, causes and organizations to help? Starseeds are here to help, therefore they are very much a part of the local community or worldwide causes. There are many human and non-human organizations to be a part of and Starseeds are drawn towards these opportunities to help out in any way they can.

20.) You Question Everything

Do you ask a lot of questions? Are to constantly trying to decode why humans do what they do? Are you eager to learn and understand things that don’t even pertain to your life? Are you intrigued by the life of others? Do you lose sleep thinking about important things at night? Starseeds are observant creatures. They don’t usually fall into traps and if they do they learn rather quickly from them. Starseeds absorb a lot of info and experience a lot and analyze a situation in order to reroute the course onto a better path. Starseeds are curious by nature.

21.) You’re Open Minded

Starseeds are sponges to their environment. They need to absorb as much information as they can in order to assess the situation and proceed with their purpose on Earth. They are open to positive ideas, but often find themselves learning the human ways, so that they can figure out their next course of action. They are eager learners and eager teachers.

22.) Animals Gravitate Towards You

Because Starseeds are usually the most pure beings in existence, animals naturally gravitate towards them. Have you ever been able to pet an aggressive dog? Have you ever been able to bring comfort to an abused and scared animal? Do you find yourself caring for sick and abused animals? Since Starseeds don’t eat animals, animals sense that Starseeds are there to help them. Starseeds are humane, caring, nurturing and loving beings. They do not hunt or inflict pain or contribute to the pain and suffering of any animal, nor do they even purchase products that have animal ingredients or have been tested on animals.

23.) You Love The Outdoors

Starseeds find themselves in outdoors more often than not. If you can keep a Starseed inside it would make them uncomfortable. They prefer to be where they are most comfortable and that’s in nature. We spend time observing, grooming and spend time reenergizing outdoors. Most activities are done outside with weather permitting, but even when it’s raining you may find yourself just wanting to stand in the rain. Natural resources like the sun and the rain are really good for the body, mind and soul. Starseeds are natural caretakers, therefore you may find yourself outdoors in natural settings to gain peace and serenity that nature has to offer. This is also a driving point to inspire humans to get back on track and reach their roots in order to save what’s left of Earth’s natural habitats and restore habitats worldwide.

24.) You’re a Naturalist

Do you find yourself using homemade or natural hair and body products? Making soaps? Juicing? Making smoothies? Gardening? Homeopathic remedies? Starseeds really try and stick to the basic essentials and steer away from chemicals that harm the human organ and planet. You may find your clothes are recycled or come from second hand. On rare occasions you may buy new things, but are aware of the resources used. You may even find yourself needing to be free of clothing when given the chance. Perhaps home or a nude beach. Starseeds are likely to enjoy natural beauty and freedom.

25.) Intelligent in Various Ways

I’m not just talking book smart, but Starseeds have a natural ability to learn and teach. You could be an artist, musician, architect, engineer, good with numbers, whatever it is, you’ll be incredibly good at it and every Starseed has a different area they are good at and are smart with. Starseeds will have the ability to utilize their natural given talents they are good at and share it with non seeds. It’s a Starseeds absolute one and only job to seek out what’s best for Earth and ALL the living things on it. Teaching non seeds is an essential to Earth’s future.

26.) You’re Into Crystals, Chakras & Sage

Crystals have many benefits due to their natural state. They are pure and organic objects that are a direct link with thousands, millions and even billions of years of energy stored in these crystals and stones. Every one of them tell a different story in time and no one rock is the same. Every crystal and stone are made up of the area they once were a part of. They travel through weather and like a written book, develop traits along their journey. They absorb the sun, rain, minerals and everything else in between that molded their creation. They are powerful tools when surrounded by them and Starseeds will find much use for these. Sage is an added bonus to bringing on positive vibes and cleansing. You may find yourself indulging in any way you can to bring peace to the mind.

However, buying crystals that are mined from the earth is a NO-go. Plucking free crystals and stones from the earth is best, so that the earth isn’t being damaged and habitats aren’t being lost from the massive crystal industry.

27.) You Use Relaxation Methods

Starseeds need as much clarity as they can get. The human world is full of chaos and congestion. It’s easy to fall into a mental relapse when sucked into the humans idea of life on Earth. It’s draining, exhausting and can be physically demanding. Not all seeds are resilient to trauma, especially those who are strong empaths. It’s more likely you’ll feel pain and become drained from it.
Starseeds find enjoyment in participating meditation, yoga, rieki, and whatever it takes to bring clarity to the congested mind. You may gravitate towards clarity sessions.

28.) You Have An Inner Voice

Do you listen to that inner voice inside your mind telling you to choose the answer “D” on your exam? Starseeds are equipped with something similar and when given the chance to grow can become much greater than the average human. I’m talking about a walkie talkie voice straight to your cranium. Starseeds are able to tap into the frequency of receiving advice, ideas and help from where they originated from by using what humans refer to as “Telepathy.” Often, everything is positive and organic. Don’t be afraid if you receive messages about things you weren’t even interested in or never would of thought of. These are important telegrams from the Divine.

29.) You Have a Strong Sense of Purpose

You may feel as though you know why you exist. You may feel a deep connection as to what to do and why you’re doing it. You may feel compelled to start a sudden change or start up something right away in order to fulfill this drive within you. Whatever the feeling is burning inside you, it’s time to move forward and follow your purpose. It’s why we are here. Don’t be afraid. You have all the guidance to need from the Motherboard.

30.) You Long for Your Constellation Home

Feeling a little home sick? It’s totally normal for a Divine Starseed. Are you a star gazer? Are you constantly looking up or asking the sky questions? Do to feel comfort when you’re looking into the sky like something is watching over you? Do feel a deep connection to the galaxy and often try and learn about it. Do you feel like you don’t feel at home on Earth? These are just a few signs a Starseed will experience while on Earth.

31.) You’re Conscious About Everything

You’re conscious about trash consumption and destruction.
You’re conscious about water uses like washing your car and question why we urinate and poop in what should be our drinking water. With water being such a vital resource on Earth, you are VERY aware of this and make changes needed to eliminate unnecessary use of water.
You’re conscious about the environment. You’re conscious about land destruction. You’re conscious about what to buy and what to wear.
You’re conscious about how things are made and what resources are used to make things.
You’re conscious about the animals, their treatment and their habitat.
You’re conscious about clean air, renewable energy and resources.
You strive to be better than you were yesterday.
You strive to understand and change where it’s needed. You strive to learn, teach and grow.
Starseeds don’t participate in regular human activities.
When given the chance to learn and positively change something, you do.
Starseeds are constantly trying to improve their self awareness and are consistently trying to become enlightened so that they can become the best versions of themselves and live out their purpose here on Earth.

You may find yourself splurging at times. Starseeds are trapped in a human body after all, so don’t beat yourself up if you have an impulse. You may find yourself participating less and less in the material world and the destruction of it.

Now, you may not be able to do all these because of the life you were born into or the life you chose, but just know that these are strong traits of a Starseed and you’ll have an inner voice screaming to open your consciousness to your purpose. When you experience this you have to make a choice. Either you live out your purpose or continue living in the human world while contributing to the destruction going on around you. A selfish mindset will only get Earth so far for so long. Eventually all “good” things (meaning the human way of life) come to an end.

“Once you wake up from reality you realize you are not in your body, your body is in you. You’re not in your mind, your mind is in you. You’re not in this universe, the universe is in you.” -consciousdimensionss

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