Dream Lover

You finally came to me in my dreams last night. It was a surreal experience that I tried to convince myself wasn’t real, but it was one of those dreams where you try to wake yourself up and can’t, therefore believing your dream is real and accepting your fate.

We instantly appeared together. We were at your place, in your room on your bed. It was dark outside and dark in your room. You lived with your dad, because he couldn’t live on his own and needed help, you’re kind like that. There we were, on your bed. I was laying in your arms on the left side of you. You were laying on your left side and your left arm was underneath me, you were propped up on your elbow with your right knee bent towards the ceiling. I was laying on my back, looking up at you as we seemed to be talking about something that didn’t matter. Time was frozen then. Your skin was soft, but you were strong. Your voice was orgasmic to listen too, it was deep and charismatic. The smell of you makes me weak. A sensation I thought I had already discovered in all my years of love, but this was purely different, it was sensational, something I knew I wanted more of.

While we were talking I couldn’t help but imagine myself kissing you endlessly into the abyss. The anticipation seemed endless, that the energy shared between us was pushing us closer, but we still weren’t sure or maybe we were waiting, building up our energy, building up the anticipation between our yearning energies. With every touch from you my hair stood up. With every glimpse of eye contact my heart fluttered and my soul was rejuvenated. I saw a soul as unique as mine. I saw a future of happiness. I saw a fairy tale that truly existed in your presence. A man of his word, a man with the same desires as mine. We could be a team and we both knew it…

Just as things were heating up between us, our laughs and giggles filled our surroundings with sparks of love. The energy we shared was intense and it was as though nothing else existed around us. It was just you and I against the universe. Two light forms reuniting after ancient times that kept us apart. Two souls found each other against all odds, in real life and in our dreams and through the endless journey through the universe.

Our souls are old lovers. They have been patiently waiting for their reunion, so that they can conquer the universe. I’m incredibly head over heels and have every intention to play out this fantasy I’ve been given. My body moves in ways that can’t be controlled and all I know right now, is that I want you. I can barely control my desires, the energy between us is fire. I’m begging for you to engulf me.

But no, you’re not like that. My soul is screaming “take me,” and eyes are locked on yours. But no, you are very disciplined. You are a true gentlemen. You know deep down inside that once we engage intimately the mystery will be unlocked and the doors will be opened. You’re ready to explore a new galaxy, but you’re respectful and genuine. We both want to lose ourselves in each other, but we wait for when the moment is right, when it is perfect, because we deserve the fairy tale we are both looking for…

You are more amazing than I’ve ever dreamed you’d be. Your energy is incredibly powerful. You’re an old soul, a wise one at that. You aren’t quick to judge. You aren’t quick to fall. You aren’t quick to be tricked and you know what is good and what is bad. Your vibrations are intense. You gleam in positive energy. Your smile lights the paths of all those you open your arms to. How could anyone not be crazy about you. But this is different, this is an illumination when two souls combust when they meet. An unexplainable feeling driven throughout our entire body. All I know is that I need your light in my life. I need you by my side. I need you. I want you.

In the moment when you were leaning in to kiss me, a startling noise was heard outside. It alarmed us both, but you being the strong protective lover, you leaped out of bed and told me to stay where I was. I watched you leave, but unfortunately that was it. You did not return to me…

I vanished from the scene without a choice when I realized whatever was out there, was out to get us. You left, but I know you’re still out there somewhere. You’re not gone forever, you took a leap for love and I know we will find each other again, because destiny always has a way to collide its purest light energies together.

Thank you for your strength. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your undivided attention and thank you for your love. Your light still consumes my soul and therefore I know that i’m never alone, even if our destiny isn’t to be together now or in the future or in our dreams. Our souls know the truth now and I will always be lite by your light.

My soul awaits for your return, my love…

Copyright ©️ 2019 Lifewithmissriva

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