Love at First Sight.

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I imagined us meeting at a club…

I’m wearing a black cocktail dress exposing my back, but conservative in the front. My hair is down and slightly curled. I went to the club alone, my first night out after finally leaving an emotionally draining relationship. I sit at the bar and order a water, since I don’t drink. I’m really there to relieve pent up stress.

A slower song comes on, it’s “Gods and Monsters” by Lana Del Rey. This song lights a flame within me. It touches my soul. I and many others feeling this song take it out on the dance floor. As I step off my stool, I make my way through the crowd in my black stiletto heels. The crowd slight breaks to let me through unknowingly. I make it to the center and everyone meshes together.
I’m really moved by the music. I caress my body as if it were the first time it has ever been caressed. My head is down and I run my hands through my hair picking up my head. As I do the crowd slightly shifts and opens an area to the lounge section and its then at that very moment my eyes meet yours. Instantaneously a fire lite from within my soul. You were sitting there, staring at me as though no one else existed in the room. You couldn’t stop. You slid forward on the seat with your elbows on your knees with your hands together up against your mouth with your chin resting on your thumbs.
The energy was a feeling of fiery chills between us. A magnetic force of vibration frequencies. I continued to dance, looking back at you with the “come to me” look written in my eyes.
The crowd meshed together again. The song seemed endless, a beautiful remix that seemed to have lasted forever. Everyone was feeling in tune with one another. Your face raced in my mind. I couldn’t be certain I could allow myself to indulge so soon.
My back was turned to you as I continued to think about you. I just danced and moved with music, allowing it to consume the pain I endured.

It was then you saw your moment. You got up and made your way through the congested crowd. The room was dark with the floor being the only thing lite. As I brought my hands up the sides of my body, I felt your hands wrap themselves around my waist. I knew it was you and the energy was incredibly tense. As you moved your hands up the sides on my body, my hands rested on yours as cold chills arose with every touch from you. You rested your head on my shoulder and wrapped your arms around me. Although scared and certain at the same time, I turn to you and our eyes lock. The energy between us intensifies. An unexplained feeling within my body, heart and soul increases the longer we stare at each other. In all my years of what I thought was considered love, it was safe to say I was instantly in love with you.
You pull me closer to you. Our hands are wrapped around each other as we merely slow dance to this song. Our bodies engulfed in this energy and it felt unreal, but incredible. I could feel your heart pounding up against mine. It seemed louder than the music. It was then I realized I couldn’t let you go. I needed this in my life. You pulled me away briefly to look into my eyes again. The look in your eyes explains everything you’re feeling right now. You reach up with your left hand, as your right hand stayed wrapped around my waist. You caressed my jaw line and just as the beat to the song dropped you came in for a kiss.
It was the most incredibly powerful kiss I’ve ever experienced. Tingles throughout my body arose from every part. Intense vibes in my stomach make feel light headed. I see fireworks behind my eyelids and my ears are on fire. Our lips stayed locked what seemed like forever. When we released, it was as though all the air had been taken from my body and replaced with an unknown happy gas.

It suddenly felt like no one was there. I felt as though we were in space, in another time, another dimension and nothing else existed but you and me and our love for each other.
I never wanted to leave. I never wanted to break this incredible energy. You pulled me in close to you again and took your right hand to the back of my head as it rested on the right side of your shoulder and your left arm wrapped around my entire back, pulling me in tight. My right hand came up under your left arm to your shoulder and my left hand rested on your right shoulder.
If I could imagine what our energy looked like between us, it would be this colorful electrifying mass of swirls and we’d be in the middle as the energy would run between, around and through us.
I’ve never felt anything more beautiful in all my existence. A permanent image forever embedded into my human memory system.
And at that moment, we were encapsulated and our energy became one. A permanent notion in time and space.

We traveled and explored all we could dream. We lived out our fantasies and emerged in moments of energy and love. No one existed. Nothing existed but you and I and what we dreamt up together. A unified magnetic powerful energy, that is completely limitless to. It was pure serenity. It was a fairy tale come true. It was energy unexplained. It was 2 soulmates destined to rule all that ever existed. It wasn’t just a dream, it was love in its most purest and truest form. Forever and into eternity…

Copyright ©️ 2018 Lifewithmissriva

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