A Cure for your Headaches.

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For those of you suffering from headaches, I thought I would share a story about mine, that I hope you find of some use.

After giving birth to my last child a year and a half ago, I started to get headaches. They became more frequent throughout the months, to the point of having a headache every single day for a well over a yr.
These headaches would vary from mild to severe. At times I would have to lay down when my husband came home from work and rest my eyes or take a nap, which sometimes lead to going to bed early.
I thought it was from the stress of being over worked, kids, home, moving to another country, etc, so I brushed it off thinking it was what I was doing to myself and tried to fix my life problems, thinking playing so many roles in my life were the cause to them.
After the longevity of headaches and no relief managing my life and never wanting to go to the doctors, I decided to research my headaches.
I searched everything and almost everything I found was based off of some illness that I knew for certain I wouldn’t have, because I come from a really healthy family! Nothing made sense to me! I thought that maybe having 2 Epidurals from both c-section babies of mine, that they were the cause of my headaches.
I kept researching for months, then finally it happened.
I came across articles about my headaches and solutions to getting rid of them the most natural way! Now, I drink water everyday, I used to drink a lot back in my day, but these past few years I have been slacking big time.
These articles expressed how important water can be to your health and body (which I knew already), but went on with facts about drinking water.
It read that if you want to rid headaches, that water should be the first thing you should drink in the morning, before breakfast, before your coffee, juice, tea, your vitamins, medications, whatever, to drink at least a glass before anything else.
Then, throughout the day you should drink about a gallon of water a day, which most of us already know, right? But, we don’t actually drink a gallon a day, it’s work remembering to drink that much!
However, I thought to myself, “What do I have to lose?” If this didn’t work, I was convincing myself to go see a doctor.
I started with drinking water first thing in the morning, then drinking up to a gallon of water throughout the day.
It took a few days for my body to re-hydrate, but within a few days, I had already noticed a difference in my headaches. They were bearable! And by the end of the week, my headaches were completely gone!
Now, I did not want to get overly worked up about it, so I put this to the test for the past 2, nearly 3 months and still NOTHING!
Well, I lied. Just last week, my liter bottle I was drinking out of (easy to remember to drink 4 liters to add up to a gallon a day), broke. I was drinking out of a small 8 ounce bottle of water, but because I ultimately became too lazy to keep refilling these tiny bottles, I slacked on the amount of water I was supposed to drink. For 2 days I slacked and did not drink the nearly amount of water as was said needed and found that INSTANTLY I had a headache. For those 2 days, I had a headache, both days I slacked on drinking water.
I expressed this to my husband, that my bottle had broke and I wasn’t drinking the amount needed, and he bought me a new 1 liter bottle on day 2.
I didn’t hesitate to jump back on the bandwagon of drinking the needed amount of water and the next day, day 3, my headache was gone again and everyday since then, as long as I drink 3 liters to a gallon, they don’t come back.
This solution worked for me! I don’t drink coffee, tea every now and then, I don’t drink juice, soda, so I don’t have caffeinated induced headaches, but simply not realizing how much water my body needed everyday!
I am here to tell you, if you don’t drink water, drink a glass first thing in the morning and be sure to drink 3 liters to a gallon every single day! EVERYDAY! Did you hear that last part, EVERYDAY!!!
It made a huge change in my life, a huge difference! And I wanted to share with you all after testing these theories and these articles, I wanted to be sure it worked before I shared my experience with you all.
So please, if you are suffering from headaches, please try this. I mean honestly drink a glass in the morning, EVERY morning, drink a gallon everyday, EVERYDAY. If you slack, you will end up like I did, back to having an instant headache. This must be everyday!
It is honestly crazy how much our bodies need water and how it can help with our health.
Now, I guess I should tell you, that since drinking the said amount of water everyday, I have noticed a greater amount of energy, clearer thinking process, less stress and lastly, I am 30 years old and thought my skin looked older than I was, until I started drinking water that is, now it looks young and rejuvenated, hydrated and smooth again and I feel great inside and out!
Drink water until your pee is clear, and keep drinking. It’s the key!
Please try this and be honest with yourself everyday! Track everything, the amount you drink everyday, drinking water first thing in the morning and see if you find a difference within the first few days to a week of trying. What do you have to lose?!


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