The Parental Work War

The war between the “Stay-at-home-working-parent and outside-the-house-working-parent,” but it seems like no matter what, the home-work is overlooked as no work at all.

Let me go ahead and tell you about SOME of my personal past work background and today’s work, brace yourself, I may rattle your brain a bit with my lengthiness, but it’s really to set the story I’m going with to get to my point.

I have personally worked various jobs and at one point worked 5-6, maybe even 7 part time jobs at the same time, and with working various jobs, it was obvious that I would feel tired or rather extremely exhausted (so I thought) and felt well, over-worked.
I have done house-keeping work at many places, where I’ve spent countless times cleaning another humans urine, feces and occasionally puke, cum stained sheets, food in places that make you question humanity, sink full of dishes, tub full of dead skin, oil and pubes, whilst making the disgusted face, hoping I don’t catch a virus or a disease. I have worked in a hotel that had no AC throughout in the hot summer days, fully clothed. I’ve listened to the commands, demands and complaints of unappreciative customers, day in and day out and realistically this is just one room among the 15 (more or less) that we are forced to clean within a certain amount of time.

Another hotel I worked at should have been shut down. I have never in my life, EVER seen as many bugs and maggots as the one hotel I worked at in my hometown. All the linens, coffee and bathroom supplies, all came from one area and it was in the unfinished basement.

It was also the same place to pile garbage, which was right next to the linens and when I mean next to, I mean practically touching. It smelt so bad down there, the employees would hold their breath and make a run in and run out. Even with the door open, it never cured the smell of rotting old garbage that would sit for a week before it was ever taken care of.

The older woman who worked there, she would be the one to stay down and do the laundry, fold the laundry and she would also be the one to sweep up the maggots all over the floor. I mean, it was so bad at one point, the maggots made their way upstairs on the lobby floor somehow and we had to clean them up, they were just coming in under the basement door, it was beyond unsanitary…

One room had a leak in the radiator, it would literally drip hot water and left a burn mark on the floor, you could hear it sizzle when it hit the floor, but apparently it wasn’t considered a hazard.

It was too bad, it was a cute place, but the owner was a slob and could care less about what went on, other than it bringing in money.

I couldn’t even believe I worked there, in those conditions. Cleaning all day isn’t fun in general, housekeeping is the worse when it comes to all the surprises that humans leave you when they check out.

Luckily, the property was sold to a family member and I haven’t heard any horror stories since.

One more place I’ll make mention of, I actually enjoyed working at as well, I just hated cutting corners and they praised on corner cutting. Don’t scrub the bathroom, just give it a quick wipe down. It was ludicrous!

The thing that bothered me the most about doing housekeeping, is that ALL the places I worked at, they only washed their comforters once a year for spring cleaning… I could never grasp the thought of ever laying naked on the same comforter that a thousand other people laid naked on, had sex on or had their pets on. It truly grossed me out and I have a very hard time till this day, sleeping with a comforter at hotels.

I worked at a paper mill as fire-watch. One would think it’s not work, but I assure you it’s rather difficult to stand a near 12 hours in one spot, staring at welders. I have nearly fallen asleep with boredom and legs entirely too worn out to walk myself back to my car every night. Not to mention the wacky weather during the Mill shut down, either too hot or too cold, making the work atmosphere more miserable.

What was worse was that the company I worked for made fire-watchers stand and the other company that was hired to work at the mill, let their fire-watchers sit AND they got paid more. I never understood standing, some of the welders felt bad I was standing and would tell me to sit, but that happened maybe 2 times and I always had to be on the watch for the managers.

One year I worked for them, I dislocated my knee, again, but still went to work with my brace and all. If I could lean on something I would, but I would never sit. A manager came by and told me to stand, I expressed what I had happen to me and she wasn’t happy to hear what I said and told me to bring in a Dr’s note. I thought to myself, that I am clearly not faking and I’m actually not even sitting, I was slightly leaned up against a wall, right by my welder. It killed me, but I trotted around what seemed like forever to get around with a limp leg and all together a few miles to and from the front gate, back and forth to here and there and everywhere else in there!

That was my last year, I just couldn’t deal with the strictness, unappreciative high horses, always gleaming down on you and making note of how horrible of an employee you are, even though you know you are good.

I worked as a machine operator at a bristles making factory and as a box cutter. Everything had to be quick and precise. It took patience, care, attention to detail, all my focus and the while being quick on my feet, but let’s not forget to mention careful, the liquid was boiling hot!

Box cutting consisted of me being quick with my hands and strong enough to lift different sized boxes.

I worked at a place called, “Stewart’s.” It’s a gas station with your every need. I personally enjoyed the ice cream and the food. The work environment was also quick and if you were opening, so help me lawd, coffee had to be hot and ready and you better stay on top of that shit or someone was going to those theirs! I was insulted for not being fast enough to make breakfast sandwiches, put them out, cash people out and put coffee out at the same time! I had wished I had many arms needed to please those who needed me for something and I swear I spent most of my work day in the dang cooler, restocking shelves and grabbing out ice-cream, all in which had my young bones aching like a son of a bitch and had me waddling like a 90 year old, but keep moving, faster, faster and faster. It was the only time I ever felt happy to do dishes, so I could soak my cold limbs in the hot water!

Answering phones, counting money, running the register by yourself, so that at least the other employee can do the dirty work and when I mean dirty work, I mean mopping, cleaning the bathrooms and wiping down tables. I will say this, my manager was awesome, she was super sweet and very understanding, all in which made it so much easier to come to work on shitty days to deals with ungrateful humans.

I worked as a bar tender, waitress. Mentally and emotionally draining. Serving either the too drunk, the jealous, the over flirty or over-drunk whom threw up everywhere.
I’ve been yelled at when I stopped serving an already drunk asshat. I had my ass slapped countless times. I’ve been told I was lazy because I sat down after dislocating my knee just a few days earlier and had a brace on my knee, over worked my knee and sat for roughly 1 minute when a customer saw me, stormed by me into the bar and made a complaint that I hadn’t come over to his table yet. I couldn’t afford to take any days off of work and I really plugged my energy in to go to work and be as mobile as I could be. No one saw my pain, I guess I did a rather good job covering up what I felt, because apparently I made customers believe I was just fine.
I’ve been called every name from good to bad, been hit on by men old enough to be my grandpa and all the while, cleaning up a mess that humans can’t seem to do themselves. You know, miss the damn toilet when they pee? Seriously? Are you 2? I could never wrap my head around how filthy and disgusting a human being can be. It’s literally like working in a nursing home, only working in a nursing home is more rewarding and giving, but cleaning up after capable adults is not.

I worked at a nursing home, it was physically, emotionally and mentally damaging. I wiped the asses of folks who were obviously not capable of doing it themselves. I felt sick and sad for these folks who’s families did not want to take care of them, couldn’t afford to take care of them, weren’t around to, so on and so forth.
You have no idea how hard it is to lift an adult bigger than myself, try to hold them up to pull their pants down so that they could use the bathroom, then wipe them clean in an ass that seemed endless.
A lot of them were in diapers, so changing folks with smeared shit in every wrinkle, crack and crevice was way more than I could handle at times. I’ve bathed folks who’ve asked me if I could touch them… I’ve had to be strong enough to lift them in and out of tubs, dress and undress, do makeup and hair, feed and hand feed folks. The place had no real AC, the summers were atrocious and people called in often, leaving me with double or even nearly 24 hour shifts at times. I knew if it was my day to work, it was a guaranteed that I would be stuck with at the very least a double shift. I worked so much, I ended up terribly sick with a yeast, bladder and kidney infection, on top of having my period. I was so sick during my double shift I got stuck with, I was buckled over on the floor in serious pain, I honestly thought I was going to die, the pain was that sever. I had hardly made it through my 1st shift when I realized I should really go see a Dr, that my problems were only getting worse, but then to get stuck with another shift, it was truly a slap to my health. I literally dragged out as long as I could before I had uncontrollable tears and pain. I couldn’t get a hold of any employee (go figure) or the boss to come in and relieve me.
I literally called my boyfriend at the time, who wasn’t responding to my calls, his mother answered though. Luckily we lived next door, she was able to reach him and they both came to get me, because I couldn’t even drive myself up the road to the hospital, just a few hundred feet away.
It was a horrible mess. I left all the residents at the counter waiting for their meds. The 5AM cook was the only one that was there, but she was just the cook.
When I arrived at the hospital, they gave me my stats, meds and sent me home. They also told me if I had waited any longer, that I would have ended up in the ICU. My boss was really never forgiving of my walking out. She was told I only had a bladder infection, but I wasn’t about to tolerate how I was being treated, so I sadly grabbed my last check and it really broke my heart, I just couldn’t physically work in that environment, not because of the people, but what it was doing to my health for the 9 months I worked there.
I’ve chased naked folks out the door, forced meds on patients just wanting to die, been attacked by a man 4 times my size and a woman 4 times my age and nearly forced to have sex with a younger newbie…
I’ve talked to baby dolls for the patients that love and cared for them like real babies. All the meanwhile, mopping floors after sending and forcing everyone to bed, doing endless dirty, shitty laundry daily. It was an endless day.
What hurt me the most when I left, was knowing the other employees didn’t take care of them. I would mark diapers when I grew suspicious that they weren’t being changed and by marking the diapers, I found out they weren’t being changed by the time I came back for my next day shift. I would then have to cream their chafed, rash covered bums. It was truly heartbreaking…
I watched a man slowly die with a medical problem the boss never took serious, befriended an old woman who was the kick start of my day and watched grown adults become babies again.
Life is so precious and so isn’t the time we have here on earth and those who are in it.

I have worked at McDonald’s, for nearly 2 years! Gosh for bid I mess up your order, I am the worse person on the planet because you are running late, tired, hungry or are having a bad day and I guess listening to you and how you are treating me isn’t supposed to mess my day up at all? How could I possibly go on with my day with a “Real” smile? Sure, I brush off what I can, but when that hammer comes down on the nail until the nail finally embeds into its forever slump, it becomes rather hard to keep making your way out of something you’ve been driven into every day. You grow tired, you question yourself and your abilities to do something you would think was easy to do, that maybe everyone should be able to do and would with no mistakes, I mean, we aren’t human and all, we are robots built into a perfect society, to serve and be used beyond our abilities and capabilities.

I mean, working there wasn’t as physically hard for me as it was mentally and emotionally. It was a fast paced work environment on really greasy floors, that applauded the quick and perfect. I mean, you minus will be rollerblading, because the floors become dangerously greasy and you literally have to teach yourself how to walk on grease in order to get around!

“Customers are always right,” blah, blah, blah, even when they are legitimately wrong. Sure, I was on my feet for hours, but we got our breaks and folks held down the house while we used the rest rooms and took breaks, but for another human to think that they are any better than you and to make you feel so uncertain about yourself, can really put a person in a corner, hovering in the dark, rocking back and forth and shut the world out.

Listening to a customer, really makes you question, how one can become so overly upset about a wrong order that they must truly be having a bad day or are unhealthy mentally.

I strive to be perfect, to be the best, because I was competitive, but someone makes claims about their food, that you were sure that they did not mention that they did not want pickles, but make you feel like it’s your fault for a wrong order, does things to a person.

If you are not politely coming forward with a concern or with an order made by mistake, you are an angry bully! You all need to get off your high horse and start caring a little more about those around you, instead of putting another human down for their mistakes.

I worked as a cashier at Wal-Mart, so help me lawd! I literally lasted maybe 2 weeks at Wal-Mart. The customers have NOTHING on the employees during the time I worked there. I hardly had a rotten customer come through, but so help me, the employees in power were just mean. They treated you like you were stupid, incapable and overall like a child. They talk about everybody and how they do or don’t do their jobs, they complain about everything and everyone and the stress in that environment would be enough for someone to get diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. At this point, making taking meds would have helped me tune everything and everyone out, but I will never forget my last day at Wal-Mart.

When I applied to Wal-Mart, I wrote on my application that I could work Monday through Saturday, any time. I marked Sunday as being the day I was not able to work, because during the summer time, I would go to the Raceways with my Ex’s family and help them in the pits since they raced. It was a family day and a tradition in their family, so I defiantly did not want to disappoint by not being a part of the work load.

Even upon my interview, it was clear I was not going to work on Sundays. I personally did not care if they had me work every Saturday right up to retirement, I just needed the summer season Sunday’s off.

I came into work and checked the schedule and noticed my name on Sunday to work. I thought to myself that I thought it was ridiculous, but I went ahead and put in my “Note” that I was not going to be able to work on Sunday’s. Well, let me tell you, when the CM got my note, she come storming down the aisle lined up with my register and as I am cashing a customer out, she THREW the “Closed” register sign on the conveyor belt, which of course fell over and in her frustration she picked it up and slammed it down on the belt, demanding I go to the back and talk about “Sunday.” She was angry when I spoke out to remind them I don’t work Sunday’s and I wouldn’t have taken the job had I known I would have been stuck with Sunday’s and she expressed how I have to come into work and yelled at me in front of everybody! I was embarrassed, frustrated and beyond angry at this women! I literally stormed away to the back, threw off my ugly blue vest and the Manager tried to talk to me, but I was honestly so frustrated and upset with my work environment, I knew that I did not want to work with those types of people and what was my work environment going to be like now, after the CM having the audacity to yell at me in front of other customers and employees like that woman did? I wanted nothing to do with it, with them and as I was in near tears, I belted out that I was done and walked out.

I would of rather of been broke, then to feel like a life sized ant working for ungrateful, disrespectful asshats like them, and to me they did not deserve my hard work and dedication anyway.

I worked as a care provider for a family member, paid by the state. I provided care for 3 children, ages under the age of 5. Let me go ahead and tell you that watching and caring for someone else’s children, even when they are a family members, is beyond strenuous, day in and day out.

You can only do so much discipline to a child, especially when they are NOT yours, like calming yourself when you start to raise your voice, stomping your feet, demand time outs when talking calmly and explaining things that never get processed in a child’s mind. The constant, “Stop doing that, leave him alone, why did you do that, come here now, what were you thinking, I said no, I thought I said no, what are you doing, you need to listen, please eat your food, stop playing with your food, please pick up your food, don’t hit him, don’t hit her” (and all these apply to my own kids now), when really in your mind, you feel like you may just lose it shit. I love kids, I love my family and my family’s kids, but when you are in charge of someone else’s kids from morning to night and sometimes over night and you have no kids at that time, it’s a very good form of birth control 101!

I was sure I would never have kids after watching my families. The work was so over-whelming. I was having to get up early, get them ready for school, breakfast, clean-up, get them dressed, get their school stuff together, load them in the car, drive them to their schools, send them off, come back clean, take care of the littlest one, changing someone else’s poopy diapers, give him everything to make him happy when he would cry, naps, feedings, lay in bed with him, play time, clean up time again, then back to the schools to pick up the other 2, then back home for dinner and baths, then be and repeat the next day. Usually going to the grocery store was even funner with three kids, says NO ONE! Strap them all in a cart, listen to them squeal about wanting everything, then having to carry groceries up a flight of stairs with groceries stacked on one hand, baby in the other, while rushing the other two up the stairs so I didn’t fall! What a work-out that was! I do hand it to apartment living parents, not to mention you’d be lucky some asshat didn’t take your parking spot, because then you would park down street, with groceries and kids. I couldn’t even imagine if they couldn’t get all the groceries in one trip, the thought of leaving them in the house, just so that you could quickly grab the rest? Get out of town!

To me, having no prior experience like this, I was in my 20’s and thought that mother’s should be given special awards for never losing their minds, their cool, their stature and status.

Moms were powerful to me, I never understood how a little human being could wear an adult out through the wringer and back, it really set me back and I grew to appreciate and understand what mother’s went through at home and at work.

I’m currently a stay-at-home-mom and in-home working house wife. All in which are full time of course and 24 hours a day. I am an actress, model, photographer, photo editor, makeup artist, hair dresser, writer/blogger and I own and operate a magazine company, and recently started Vlogging (video blogging) on You-Tube.

I live on the computer most days, emailing, reading emails, sending emails, browsing through casting calls, updating portfolios and resumes often, promoting ALL fields I work on a daily basis, editing the magazine throughout the week and when I am not at the computer, I am commuting and working on set, and all the meanwhile, taking care of my very needy 1 ½ yr old and 3 ½ year old, oh, and doing the house thing.

I literally have an office, which has a playroom in it for the kids to play while I am working. On a daily basis it gets destroyed as I type away my work day. I do not get breaks, ever. I listen to my kids fight, scream and cry over everything possible. They are either hungry, thirsty, need more to drink, need more to eat, need to use the bathroom, pooped in their underwear, spit out all their food on the floor, stepped and smashed all their food into the floor, scream about jamming a toy in a tight spot they can’t get it out of, scream as if a limb was severed when a tablet dies, when a sibling gets too close for their liking, play-dough and kinetic sand in every crevice and crack, toys and mouth. I mean really, this is just the playroom, this doesn’t include the upstairs where they get into dog food, over feed the dog and themselves, even though they ALL ate and have access to snacks, plus clean up the occasional cat puke on the floor, on the carpet and often down the stairs all over the kids power wheeler’s, and cat shit that was stuck to the bottom of their feet and laying in random places on the floor. Don’t forget the daily cleaning up the toys in their bedrooms, living-room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and where ever the hell else they can possibly put a toy to add onto your workload, plus the endless laundry, breakfast, lunch and dinner and THANK GOODNESS GRACIOUS for a dog, he ate least does his part by cleaning up all the food on the floor that the kids drop and purposely drop. Let’s clean those mirrors and windows for the thousandth time this week, sweep, mop, vacuum, load dishes, unload dishes, put dishes away, load more dishes and repeat. Scrub toilet, bathtub, floor, pet beds, pets need bath, vacuum cat hair off EVERYTHING and everything else in-between and repeat with the other 2 bathrooms and rooms. Garbage, don’t forget about separating your recyclables, taking out the trash, clean the damn kitchen, dining room, living-room, kids room, your room, hallways, stairway, office, gym, storage room, the attic, the gardening, the moon is purple, the time is yesterday, put the dog in the fridge, milk in the cupboard and static membranes… Wait? What just happened there?

They try to drain my Culligan water tank, pooping their pants and trying to get rid of it by themselves, which ends in total failure with poop all over the floor, the toilet, their hands and clothes. I am constantly being distracted, I am never able to focus on my work. I am always being pulled away and something that really should only take me a certain amount of time, ends up doubling in time or tripling in time.

My one kid goes to school, I am having to load up and drive 20 minutes each way to drop off and pick. It’s a lot of work when loading a car as if you are planning to go on vacations, I need diapers, drinks, snacks, extra clothes, jackets, hats, toys and all the meanwhile trying to hand food back while driving because they like to throw containers on the ground, which they then cry about. The car ride is fun in itself, they totally dislike car rides and about 80% of the time, a car ride consists of constant screaming, yelling, crying and trying to break free. I am trying to talk to them, clam them down, hand them food, sing, you name it, I do it, but it is so unpleasant to do anything or go anywhere and I feel discouraged when we literally cannot go anywhere on my days off of work.


Shopping is the same. I have very unhappy, cranky kids. I have those kids that everyone gawks at, at the store and looks at me like, “What the hell is wrong with you, take them out of here,” look. They are always trying to out yell each other and when one acts out, so does the other. It does NOT matter if I bring all the food and drinks in the world, it is just how they are and I can’t say I blame them, I hate shopping too.

While on the shopping topic, this goes for clothes shopping. I have not the slightest clue as to how a woman can do any sort of shopping with a clear mind with children? I have tried a few times and within the first ten minutes my kids are trying to rip themselves out of the strollers, screaming, crying and throwing anything in reach. I don’t know about you, but when you listen to as much as I do on a day in and day out basis, it attends to leave you with a twitchy eye. Don’t forget parking, ah yes, parking what feels like a mile away, just so you have enough room to open both doors to get your kids out of their car seats, but somehow when you come back, every Tom, Dick and Harry has not only parked next to you, but parked so close, that it is unrealistic to being able to open the doors enough to get your kids in and pile in groceries. OH, don’t forget to pack the house to go shopping in the first place, wouldn’t want to forget something and have to turn around.

I find it far easier to shop online now and avoid the hassle and mess with kids. It does make me wonder about how folks have such quiet, well-behaved kids, because it seems like I have hit every avenue of parenting my kids, but come up with no solutions.

Speaking of twitchy eye, ah yes, makeup is impossible. Ya know, I used to look good, so I thought. I had all the time in the world to care about myself, my health, my appearance, but now I cannot and do not take showers alone, let alone go to the bathroom alone, my toddler does not nap, luckily my 1 year old does, but she’s needy, and what baby isn’t and that doesn’t bother me, I am still a mom and I will slave to my children as best as I sanely know how to and let me tell you how awful I feel when I hit my breaking point and have exhausted all hope, the crazy demonic side of mom comes out and the voice gets deep, eyes pop out, face gets red and I get across what I was trying so hard to do before I went insane. I hate how I belt out with frustration, I never knew my voice could go so deep until having not one, but 2 kids! I thought I was ready for this, isn’t watching other people’s children supposed to give you experience? Somehow, I have seemed to have lost what I learnt when I had children.

It wasn’t always like this, but having 2 kids really doubled my work load and this is all done pretty much on a daily basis. I am the working stay at home mom, while the husband actually leaves the house to pretty much do what I am doing at home, only he works with adults, not toddlers, but yet somehow my job isn’t hard and I don’t get any sympathy when I am tired, exhausted and no energy to care more or less.

I lean on quick meals, no phone conversations or very many play dates, because it is extremely hard to have any conversation when your kids are as loud as an atomic bomb going off. I literally cannot hear myself think, let alone drag another poor family over to have a pointless conversation when neither of us can hear each other.

I let my husband sleep through the night 6 days a week. He leaves the house to work and since he makes more than I do, he is the sole provider, so I get to be the one to lose out on sleep, which in return, has made me beyond miserable day in and day out. My youngest sleeps through the night about 85% of the time and even when she wakes, I get a bottle for her and she goes right back to sleep. My oldest, he still gets up in the middle of the night and makes his way in our room and into our bed, so I do not get much sleep at night and often find myself sleep deprived for sure. Not to mention, when I do leave the house, I find myself running to get back into my pajamas, because it’s the closest thing to relaxation!

I am a military wife, therefore we are always moving, which means it takes quite a long time to get comfortable with strangers in order for you to allow someone to watch your kids. I do not trust anyone and the people I do trust are lucky, but they don’t come often and they are busy with their own lives and cannot be there to help me in mine. I am away from family and good friends, I don’t believe in Day Care, because as you already know, I can’t trust anyone and it is far too expensive to have someone else watch your kids.

I would like to add, that the work doesn’t stop for the home spouse once the working spouse comes home. The out-of-the-home-working spouse seems obligated to be able to take a break, since they worked all day, right? Maybe they will help with something, even if it’s little, but only if you are lucky. But, the work load does not stop with the stay-at-home-parent. The-stay-at-home-parent continues to clean up after dinner, do baths, bedtime and possible story time, folding clothes, picking up dinner, taking care of the dishes, feeding the pets their dinner and picking up the blasted toys that certainly look like a toy world dismembered by a Tornado called, “Toy Torpedo!” All while the outside-working spouse relaxes, the home-spouse’s mind, is hardly in the relax state and by the time bed time comes, you fight with yourself whether or not you want to finish up on your emails and messages, all the meanwhile, when you decide to go to bed, your mind races with what you forgot to do, what you have to do and that you could of sent those emails since you are still up thinking about every damn thing! Ugh, damn it, I forgot to switch the clothes over to the dryer… Zzz…

On a side note, it’s literally taken me 4 days to write this really long ass blog, that no one will probably read all the way, but just to give you a bit of visual on the reality of how I manage to get anything done with work and kids, at home.

It may seem like I am complaining and this is not at all my point. I am expressing my daily struggles as a stay-at-home-working-mom and out of the MANY different styled jobs I have worked and among those of doing daily laboring work, and so be it there are in fact may be harder jobs out there I am sure of it and add kids on top, schools on top of that, and I personally, have NEVER in my life of working, which has been most of my life with family owned businesses I was raised in, have I ever worked so damn hard physically and all the meanwhile effecting me mentally, emotionally, and whilst creating anxiety in public and skyrocketing blood pressure on a daily basis.

And although I do not go to college as of right now, because I am literally head over heels busy, I know there are many moms that add to their workload by going to school, working and being the best parent they know how to be.

So yes, do I believe that people out of the home working parents under estimate in-home working and or stay at home moms/dads. You bet your ass its hard work in its many of ways and should be respected as work no matter what or how you look at it. If neither can be respected for what they do in or outside the home then there will clearly be more issue’s in the house, because the saying is true, “When mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy,” and I do believe this to be true! It surely takes two to create life, and if you are lucky to have 2 parents, it should take two to help one another with the in-home workload, kids and house, and unless you work both a physically and a mentally strenuous job and your “stay-at-home-parent” does literally nothing other than take care of kids and home, may they still be understanding about what each other does in their daily life and learn to respect one another and the other should return the favor and that spouse will do all they can for you.


Copyright ©️ 2016 Lifewithmissriva

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