Approval for being Unique

Beauty comes from within.

Have you ever wondered why it is that people disapprove of tattoos? A vast majority of the world has tattoos, but yet, no matter your color, your race, your looks, your culture or heritage, people always find a reason to judge you, based on what you look like. It is literally like being racist. If you don’t like them, then that is OK, but when you feel the need to belittle someone with tattoos, it goes beyond judging, goes beyond racism, but leans more towards bullying.

I feel like these people weren’t taught respect and we all know that elders demand respect, “Respect your elders!”
However, those same elders are quick to judge, quick to say something negative, quick to make you feel as though you are the size of a tiny ant, floating in the universe with no way to reach Earth.
Young folks are just as gnarly. Most judging is done behind a computer nowadays, but when they are out, they are the first to look at you and squish up their face, like they are about to take a massive shit.

I kinda of laugh about it now and it’s one of the reason why I started a tattoo magazine. I am trying to shed the light on normal everyday individuals and show the world what they have been so blinded by hate, to see.
I hear we are disgusting a lot, but you want to know what I find absolutely repulsive? Your negative attitude…
I guess I never understood why folks were always disapproving. “Do you know what your tattoos will look like when your old?” Yes, yes I do and as a matter of fact, my tattoos will be the only damn thing that still looks good on me, while the underneath is scarred, wrinkled and withering away along with life. And quite frankly, I will be old, not so cute anymore and by then I may need someone to wipe my ass, so what will I honestly care about what I look like. I will be more worried about what my body will turn into, than what my tattoos will look like, because let’s be honest, tattoos are the only thing that still look good, if done professionally, for life.
You people need to get over it, accept you are, learn to accept those around you, live your life and spread the positivity in the world, this world has no time for ghastly negative opinions on what has nothing to do with you or where the world is going.
It kills me. Everyone looks at us like we are another race, aliens and that we are all no good, that we are all drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves, liars and criminals.
It hurts my heart, it really does, that we try to enforce not to bully to our kids in school and how wrong it is and those same hypocrites turn around after having that conversation with their kids and go on-line or out in public and judge people for who they are, without having any actual facts or knowledge about the person they are judging and bullying.

Yea sure, not everyone has a professional tattoo artist do their, but it doesn’t make them a bad person. A person is just bad. It is not like ink posses you and turns you into all the listed above and as a matter of fact, every tattooed individual I have ever met, was a really great person!
I also know of tattooed Dr’s., Nurses, Movie Stars, Inventors, Builders, Firefighters, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Singers, Farmers, Engineers, Military members, Mom’s, Dad’s, even Grandparents, all have tattoos. Well shit, everything you eat, shit on, read, lay on, watched on TV, walk on and drive in, has all been made by someone with a tattoo, but somehow we are all still bad people and look bad? Get a grip, we aren’t whats wrong with this world, we are rising in high numbers, we are smart, funny, hard-working, caring, romantic and unstoppable, so let us not pretend as though tattooed individuals are just low-life trolls, wastes of skin and waste of air. We ARE superiors, creative minded and smart. We are also less likely to judge someone else for their “Flaws” seen by those who can’t sweep the “Bully” out from underneath their bed.
Yes, it’s the monster in your closet, it’s the monster under your bed, the demon that religious folks speak of, a negative entity wrapping it’s arms around your soul. YOU are paralyzed by negative energy.

And to be honest, I see a vast majority of tattooed individuals put charities together, like the, “Hells Angels” and MANY industry professionals

Would you honestly judge a Dr. If they were saving your life? You would probably judge them if you saw them in public, but if you were in pain or dying, you wouldn’t bat an eye, would you? Do you know why, because even the INNER you turns off the part of the brain where you negatively judge and as a matter of fact, it turns off everything and leaves you with the, “I don’t care, just help me,” mind-set, isn’t that something? When you’re begging for help and GOD isn’t around or even if it is, they brought this tattooed individual to you to save your life, to help you!
If everyone stopped judging and found the positive things about all those around them, all the races, all the cultures, all the religions and homeless people and we put in the same amount of effort we put in towards hate, to put in towards positive reenforcement.
Life doesn’t get much longer, you have not a clue when your time will end, when it ends the way it does and if there is really life on the other side and you really aren’t promised today, so live on this beautiful planet and consume what is easy to grab, which is hate, the negativity surrounds everything and everyone, but reach into and grab the positive out, you will be surprised to see what comes out.
We should never have to hang our heads in shame, feel out-of-place or feel as though we will never be accepted, for the pure innocence of being creative.
Many artists paint on paper, create molds with their bare hands and tattooed folks are just another creative, showcasing the best artists from all around, on their skin.
But hey, we are the corrupted one, right? No, sadly, the world we live in today isn’t of the inspiring, supportive kind, it’s the, who’s better, smarter and more successful than the person next to you. No one seems to grasp the concept, “Do to others, what you want done to you.”
Much like respecting my elders, I go by, “Respect and be respected,” but some how I am still finding that only half of that is true and I have grown quite sick of catering to the adolescent acting folks I share this planet with and I am finally taking a stand, if you want respect, you better be respectful.
I run off many manors, I am kind, hard-working, drug free, alcohol free, vegan/vegetarian, spoil my kids, I’m friendly, forgiving, understanding, faithful, loving, creative, successful, driven, funny, brave, imaginative and by the damned, I refused to be looked at any other way, than who I really am.
I shouldn’t have to over work to prove myself to people who act like the worlds parasites, judging and weighing you down in life. Life is short, when is the human race going to learn to sit down and shut up?

“If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” A key phrase I learnt off the, “The Little Rascals,” and I have heard many folks since then, go by that saying, because it’s true!
If everyone stopped to thin about what they are saying, before they say it, people have not the slightest clue as to how much nicer it would be to live in this world.

Do a great cause, just because, no reasons needed. Those same people who judge, are most likely to not help a homeless person or donate to a charity, because they are too busy being judgmental, they cannot accept people for who they are and everyone just needs to take the few moments out of their day and trade hurtful words for positive words, it can make a world of difference.
But, who am I to say. The world nowadays only cares about the newest iPhone, the most expensive car, having the biggest house, the best job and doing less with caring about those around them, even if they don’t totally agree with what they are doing or their past and or who they are as individuals today.
How about we drop the race card. It’s getting old, blaming everyone for their background, their pasts, their color, their race, their culture, ect… How about we just stop. If everyone put as much effort that they do towards hate and put it towards something positive in life, learning from each other, teaching each other, laughing with each other, learning to respect the planet we live on, the creatures that live on it and each other, maybe, just maybe we an unite and change the world to be a better place for our friends, family, kids, grandkids, great grandkids and the future ahead of us.
Humans spend a lot of time being greedy and the cost of living a life has brought us to rebel, turn against one another, to forget each other instead of forgive one another. We have fallen on hard times, but we should never feel the need to belittle the person next to us, you just don’t know their story in life, where they have been, what they have seen and who they are as individuals.
Let’s stand up, hold hands and go forth in life together. I know deep down inside, there is a good person, someone who is better than you are now.
Find it in your heart to turn your cold heart from stone, to warmth, to beat, to feel, to understand, to go forth with positive thoughts and progress into a better future for not only the people you share this planet with, but yourself.

Let’s understand, you only create more hurt, pain, confusion and misunderstanding , with your negative comments. Whether you believe it or not, you can drive a person to suicide, all for making a negative comment on something that made them happy doing. You could drive that person to be negative towards the person net to them, you can push that person to stop caring about people, loved ones, friends, family and they could stop caring about themselves and life around them.
Just STOP. You have to stop, this isn’t the way through life, this isn’t the answer, this isn’t how you should treat another human being, whether you like them or what they do or not, it’s simply caring more about those around you, than to bully someone else into hate. Could you imagine what this world would be like if everybody fell into the negative state of mind? It would be tragic!
Stand away from your parasite and join us, unite with us, understand, find the guidance towards a better, happier life.

Stop the hate, stop the pain, stop the parasite within you and find it in your heart to grace others with your positivity. The world may be slowly getting rid of man-kind and personally, I don’t blame it, look at what we have done, look who we have turned into, but it’s never too late to do right and die with a conscious mind.
Please help bring positive change to the world and those around you, and it all starts with you.

Copyright ©️ 2016 Lifewithmissriva

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